Hear The Cincinnati Monster Spit! 1900 Monster (Free Download)

24 11 2008


And so it begins!  On this day November 24, 2008, I 3rd-Shift The Cincinnati Monster have entered the realm of producer/rapper.  Who knows how long I will experiment with the MIC, but for now I’m really bored with Hip-Hop right now. I’m trying to find my next spark to push my production to the NEXT level.  I’m talking Drumma Boy, Kanye, Mannie status!  And, while my brain takes a rest from that I’m going to give you my latest creations in the studio!  One day I was listenin’ to The Dynasty and played 1900 Hustler.  Felt the Rainman moment hit and actually started writing (I Know weird).  This is what came out!  I hope you enjoy it.  It was really fun to make and I enjoyed myself holding it down!  So check out my first OFFICIAL entry into the realm of producer/rapper!  Its called 1900 Monster!  



Stat Quo Talks About Leaving Shady/Aftermath

21 11 2008


I always find it funny when rappers check out how I’m living lmao. But, I’m a really big fan of Stat Quo.  But, he always seemed a little out of the loop to me.  Maybe, it was because of this “clause” he spoke about when he said he couldn’t collaborate with any artists.  But, anywho I always thought he was a good rapper.  But, it seems like the death of his career.  I hope it’s not!  He out there and grind Stat!

***NEW SINGLE*** Oba Rowland ft. Tony Harrell DADDY (Produced by: 3rd-Shift)

2 10 2008



Yo whaz up.  As we are in the midst of the build up to the Coup d’Etat II I’d like to take some time out to increase the pressure that is around the necks of my competition.  I’d like to thank everyone who has been supporting me and how I get down and the music I’ve been dropping especially the music Oba Rowland and myself been dropping.  This time a year ago we were pushing “I Go Hard” like our lives depended on it.  It was our first SINGLE together.  Now, we been goin non-stop and THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG FEATURED ON THE COUP D’ETAT II!!!!!  This song is titled Daddy!  Oba originally wanted to call this the remix to Bring the Freak out but I wasn’t really feeling that and he agreed he then turned the beat into what you are about to hear now!!! The song is the shit!!!!  well at least I think so and it’s fitting that it gets it’s launch non-other than THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM.  So, click on the album art and get this song!  After all, it’s for you!!!  Check out Daddy ASAP!!!!



3rd-Shift on 9GiantSteps.com

30 09 2008



Wow, so the press is starting to pick up!  I’m really getting excited and humbled by the persons who are beginning to write about me.  It just tells me that I need to work harder.  To whom is giving, much is required.  I’m just putting in the necessary work to outshine your favorite producer lmao!  Thanks for the support GEORGE HOWARD. BTW, he’s a genius.

3rd-Shift Tells The Story Of Making: I’m The Bomb

17 09 2008


30 07 2008



It’s no secret that G is my homeboy.  Other than being my dude on the slick, I think he’s a case study of what rappers should be these days.  Everyone says everyone is rapping now.  The input cost is way down, everyone with a dream now is rapping.  Ok coo, that means we have 1,000,000,000 Jay-Z wanna be’s and 1,000,000,000 more lazy ass no drive ass nothing to offer ass niggaz rappin.  But, peep this.  This dude, records, produces and mixes his own music.  Wait, then does his own cover art, shoots his own videos and then sells it all himself.  He’s his greatest resource.  Plus, the music he makes is real to himself.  No shoot em up, bang bang, 1000 ki’s a week type of shit.  It’s real music that he makes.  Wait, he makes it for the love?  Exactly, I fuck with him on the strength of that.  Plus, he’s white.  Fresh concepts, different spin on hip-hop but keeps it true to the art, music and himself.  Datts what up.  So that is why his mixtape is up on here.  If you gonna hate, take it up with me.  Otherwise enjoy a free mixtape from G-EAZY.  The Oakland Fresh Slap Docta.  I fuck with the Bay too.  I ain’t never been but once these royalty checks clear.  I’m there with a fresh Cincinnati Hat on!!!! YOU HEAR ME?!?  

I also contributed to this mixtape.  I produced: Gettin Mine and I’m Focused.  Between the two, I’m Focused was the more fun track to make.  We had to put a group of haters in their place rite quick and come up off their hate.  Watch me make the beat for it right here:

But look, stop fucking around and download the tape.  It’s official.


T.I. No Matter What Video (My Favorite Song of 2008)

28 06 2008


After seeing this video, it makes me realize how much I really like T.I.  I love how this dude spit real shit.  He can make you feel his trials and tribulation.  He also inspires you to pull through whatever you going through.  I’m really on this song.  I know it came out months ago, but I love this record.  Its thick with content and the lyrics are amazing.  This is what makes T.I.P. better than Wayne to me.  He relates real life through his music better than anyone in the game right now even Jay-Z.  This is my favorite song out right now.  I love this song.