Game’s Cousin Replies to Funeral Fight…

21 07 2008


Usually when The Game makes accusations I typically side with the other side, even if it’s just to play Devil’s Advocate.  But, after looking at this video it made me wonder.  First off, he’s a rapper.  Loss of points right there.  Because this is most definitly a publicity stunt.  Second, the facts are so misjudged that I can’t see him being true.  Third, the way he describes his sister doesn’t resonate someone being truly remorseful.  Only, driven by money well in this case FAME.  The uploader only had three other videos before hand and none of them reached over 600 views.  Plus, in the video there were MULTIPLE refferences to his myspace page and record label.  Come on, this is what we stoop to to get fame?!  Terrible.  However, I would love to go against Game here, but he can’t go down on or like this.  This is trash.  BWS for Life!!! (You know I had to slip that in…..FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!! lmao!!!!!)

The Game to Replace Mack 10 in Westside Connection

16 07 2008


Really don’t have anything bad to say about this.  This seems like a good move to me, I just hope Game doesn’t take this opportunity to hug Ice Cube’s nuts and kiss WC’s ass.  Just stand up on your own two!   Good look for West Coast Hip-Hop.  I actually want to see this shit work out.  We’ll see!


Peep What DX had to say:


Early this afternoon, anonymous sources close to the Westside Connection camp revealed that Ice Cube has revealed to his inner-circle that famed trioWestside Connection will return after several years of hiatus.

Although not confirmed by either party, further details said that estranged member Mack 10 would be replaced by none other than Compton rapper The Game. Both are Blood affiliates in the group, formed in 1995 that featured Crip and Blood members.

Westside Connection originated on Mack 10‘s self-titled album on the song “Westside Slaughterhouse.” The group would release seminal coastal-war albumBow Down the following year, spawning the hit of the same name and “Gangsters Make The World Go Round.” The trio, also including veteran emcee WC, had public feuds with both Common and Cypress Hill.

After platinum success on their debut, the trio released 2004’s Terrorist Threats. The gold-certified disc was quickly followed with the group’s disbanding. WC subsequently signed to Ice Cube‘s Lench Mob Records label. There, he releasedGuilty By AffiliationThe Game appeared on “West Coast Voodoo” on that album. The Compton rapper also appears, with Cube and WC on Cube‘s upcoming albumRaw Footage on the song “Get Used To It,” perhaps an allusion to the upcoming group revival. Ice Cube is also on The Game‘s L.A.X. album, on the song “State of Emergency.” 

Young Buck and The Game to do a Mixtape! Am I Surprised…No!

24 06 2008


Ok seriously, I’m really not.  I knew some kind of collaboration was in the works.  Its really quite simple when I break it down.  You have two members who have been kicked out of G-Unit.  They both share some sort of scorn and now a common enemy.  The enemy of my enemy is always my friend.  Buck and Game not enemies?  Ok I dont care how long ago it was, Game was just ripping Buck a new ass on 300 Bars and Running…Buck was just going to LA to look for da nigga.  Got 50 to sign Spider Loc in response to Game leaving…hmmmm what else, almost fought then patched it up in Vegas…Hmmm…Buck dissing Game on I Got Money from Buck the World and now they’re doin’ a tape.  It makes sense though.  Because Buck needs to stay relevant and Game has an album coming out (which at time of this blog was pushed back for the SECOND TIME!)  I mean if I was Buck I would not be tryna holla at Game right now.  He’s playin’ the same games 50 played with Buck.  He’s using him!  Game needs Buck or his G-Unot campaign will fall through with his mavens.  What Buck needs to do is stand up on his own two and stop looking for handouts!  Keep doin yo own thing!!!!! I’m a fan of you Buck!!!!  I love the new music!!! Stop dick riding other niggaz!!!!  Game don’t need or want you, he’s using you!!!! 50 doesn’t need or want you, he’s using you!!!! Be a boss and establish yourself.  You started good with the label, clothing line and watches.  Continue to build that brand!  Continue to hustle, fuck deez niggaz man!!!!  If you don’t believe there about to do a tape, then peep the SOHH Exclusive below!!!



News recently hit the net that Game and Buck will be releasing joint mixtape next month. Game associate Nu Jerzey Devil hit SOHH up with the details.

“[The mixtape is] not gonna be totally Game and Buck, but Buck will have some features on there, couple of songs,” Nu Jerzey Devil told SOHH. “Not even on some disses or none of that, we just gonna go ahead and make good music, ‘You Know What It Is Volume 5.'”

Nu Jerzey Devil also confirmed that California’s DJ Skee will not be involved with the mixtape, despite prior reports that stated that he would contribute. As of yet there is no official release date but the producer offered his predictions for when the final project should hit the streets.

“We ain’t got an exact date, ’cause you never know what’s gonna happen,” he said. “Everyday is a new day and the music gets better. We’re shooting for the second week in July.”

Aside from the upcoming mixtape, the BWS producer also gave SOHH the inside scoop on how Game and Buck got together despite the constant diss records aimed at each other.

“I was reading online [about] Buck having shouted out ‘F*ck G-Unit’ at a show, and then the idea came to me,” he explained. “[I] hit up Game about Buck, saying we should get him on the mixtape. Then I hollered at Buck and he was more than happy to hear about that and I put ’em on a song. Real recognize real. They were the realest ones outta G-Unit anyway. So we went ahead and made it happen.”

In addition to the mixtape, The Game will also feature Buck amongst several other rappers on the remix to the Keyshia Cole assisted single “Game’s Pain,” off his new CD, L.A.X. The West Coast rapper plans to drop several regional remixes to the song, including a New York version, a Southern version and a West Coast mix.

“We gonna drop those on our XM Radio show this Friday.” Nu Jerzey Devil revealed. “You got Fat JoeBun B, Buck, Jadakiss – they all on there doing their thing. Until we drop it, we might just add more people to it. Expect it all.”


L.A.X. Pushed Back….Again…

24 06 2008


Not to be a game hater or anything, but I’m just stating the obvious before I give you guys the news but, if the record is hot, why does it keep getting pushed back?  Is it the timing? the climate of sales? the records aren’t ready? 50 blackballing? lack of press? What is causing this guy’s record to be pushed back if its so monumental?  Just my two cents before I get into the news.  Maybe someone can enlighten me?





(taken from) HIPHOPDX.COM



LAX, the highly anticipated third album from The Game has been pushed back to an August 26 release date, the Black Wall Street CEO announced at his album listening party in Los Angeles last night.
Joining Game at the party were producers Cool & Dre, who contributed five tracks to LAX, including “Red Magic” and “My Life,” both featuring Lil Wayne. Other producers to pitch tracks are NottzJelly RollJ.R. RotemKanye West and – not reported last week The Trackmasters. Noticeably absent from the early tracklisting – which has yet to be finalized – was a collaboration with Nas, which Game recently confirmed to be a track dedicated toDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Game arrived to the first listening session for his album before many of the guests, sitting outside in a black Bentley with his Black Wall Street affiliates in tow. In an emotional introduction, he narrated his life story to the audience – consisting of many VIPs in town for the BET Awards – from “a pretty smart little cool dude” to a basketball player, gangbanger and eventually drug dealer in Compton who survived being shot in the heart.