***NEW SINGLE*** Oba Rowland ft. Tony Harrell DADDY (Produced by: 3rd-Shift)

2 10 2008



Yo whaz up.  As we are in the midst of the build up to the Coup d’Etat II I’d like to take some time out to increase the pressure that is around the necks of my competition.  I’d like to thank everyone who has been supporting me and how I get down and the music I’ve been dropping especially the music Oba Rowland and myself been dropping.  This time a year ago we were pushing “I Go Hard” like our lives depended on it.  It was our first SINGLE together.  Now, we been goin non-stop and THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG FEATURED ON THE COUP D’ETAT II!!!!!  This song is titled Daddy!  Oba originally wanted to call this the remix to Bring the Freak out but I wasn’t really feeling that and he agreed he then turned the beat into what you are about to hear now!!! The song is the shit!!!!  well at least I think so and it’s fitting that it gets it’s launch non-other than THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM.  So, click on the album art and get this song!  After all, it’s for you!!!  Check out Daddy ASAP!!!!



The Coup d’Etat II Front Cover and Tracklisting

30 09 2008


1. Coup Intro-3rd-Shift
2. Who Better-Oba Rowland ft. 3rd-Shift
3. Where You Been-Lil Bossy
4. ABC Bounce-Uncle Monster
5. The YFL-Famous Stranger
6. I’m The Bomb-Oba Rowland ft. 3rd-Shift
7. My Niggaz-Oba Rowland
8. 3rd-Shift Speaks About Instrumentals
9. 3rd-Strumental 1
10. Be With You-Oba Rowland
11. 3rd-Shift Talks I’m Focused
12. I’m Focused-G-Eazy ft. 3rd-Shift
13. Daddy-Oba Rowland ft. Tony Harrell
14. So 100-Oba Rowland ft. Pay Ray
15. Knockin-G-Eazy
16. My Dougie (Freestyle Interlude)-Lil Bossy
17. Young Black Man-5th Child ft. 3rd-Shift
18. 3rd-Strumental 2
19. Shout Outs-3rd-Shift

***Bonus Track***
TRY ME-Oba Rowland


16 09 2008


Wow, October 7th is SPEEDING HERE.  The mixtape is none the less done.  I’ve given out the last beats to the artists in which I want on there.  I’m through or I’d be sitting here still plotting away trying to perfect something that’s already done.  I’d be overkilling it.  Which isn’t a bad thing.  But, discipline has to quell passion at times.  So peep!  The new Oba Rowland song is available for download NOW!!!!!!!  It’s called “IM THA BOMB”.  I’m real excited about it.  Me and Oba argued about this song forever!  Like I had to beg this nigga to open his eyes and see how dope it was.  After he disagreed, I decided to excercise my executive power lmao and finish and release it myself.  This nigga is PISSED at me.  but, sometime it gotta be like that because this song is AMAZING!  But, now you don’t have to read about it you can actually hear it for yourself!  So just click the picture and get the song yourself!!!!!

1st Song From The Coup d’Etat pt. II OBA ROWLAND-WHO BETTER (A Milli 2.0)

3 09 2008

(Click The Photos to Download)


The Coup d’Etat II comes to a computer near you OCTOBER 7TH, 2008!!!  Check out a sample of what’s to come on 10.7.08!!!!  This is some brand new OFFICIAL Oba Rowland!  As you know the Coup d’Etat II will be ALL original but you know THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM keeps an ace up his sleeve.  DOWNLOAD THIS FREE EXCLUSIVE!  And, stay posted for the Coup d’Etat pt. II on October 7th, 2008.  


The Coup d’Etat II Back to Business features:


Oba Rowland

Lil Bossy


Pay Ray

5th Child

and more!!!!!