My Take on the Rush Limbaugh Statements Concerning the Iowa Floods and Hurricane Katrina

22 06 2008


Before i get into ripping Rush Limbaugh from kingdom come I will agknowledge one truth that he said.  He said, “The aftermath of New Orleans would have happened with either a Democrat or Republican was in office.”  I believe that there is some truth in that statement.  What happened in New Orleans was a catastrophe.  No one could have imagined the devistation that Hurricane Katrina would have brought and I believe the aftermath of Katrina would have brought about some similarities in the way things were handled primarily the immediate aftermath that brought about mass confusion.  However, thats where this Rush Limbaugh goes hellaciously wrong.  Number one, how can the floods of IOWA be more devistating than New Orleans if only a handful have died?  When THOUSANDS died in the waters of Katrina.  Every single person in New Orleans has been affected in one way shape or form by Katrina.  At the church I attend a lady that I know has been diagnosed with chronic depression because when Katrina happened she sat in her house and laid in her bed and begged the waters to take her!  She had lost so much that she just stopped worrying.  She gave up, the military came and picked her up, breached her home and got her.  How can Iowa dwarf New Orleans if the entire infastructure of their government didn’t collapse?  How can Iowa dwarf New Orleans if all of their convicts in their holding cells did not die?  How can Iowa dwarf New Orleans if refugees were turned away from safe ground by soldiers and Military Police with automatic weapons?  How can Iowa dwarf New Orleans if it takes the biggest, most powerful government in the history of the world 5 full days to drop WATER at the Convention Center and the Superdome?  Ignornace is the new racism.  Please listen to the clip provided above.  Rush goes into some very politically correct RACIST statements.  He goes on to say, I WANT TO SEE THE MURDERS, I WANT TO SEE THE RAPING, I WANT TO SEE THE SAME THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN NEW ORLEANS.  What a dumb ass!  He says he doesn’t see that in Iowa, he sees Americans helping Americans, people aren’t waiting around for FEMA and BUSH.  As soon as Katrina hit, Bush and all of his 41 IQ makes a state of the union address and says WE WILL BE IN NEW ORLEANS, WE WILL HELP OUT, YADA YADA YA.  Nothing!  People are being ran out of their homes, six feet of water in some places, ten in others.  People are underwater, devistated, with NOTHING to hold on to, stuck without food, clean water, clean clothes for five days.  When groups of people are left without bare necessities CHAOS always happens, thats basic government you dumb ass.  So any logical citizen of the United States should ask WHERE’S BUSH?  Where’s FEMA?  What job are you doing?  I will admit that living in New Orleans for the past year and a half has changed my view on alot of things that have happened here.  And, let me say this I do not discredit anything that has happened in the state of Iowa and Illinois because you too are Americans and disaster is disaster no matter where it is or what kind it is.  My prayers go out to you and I wish all of you a speedy recovery.  But, since I’ve been in New Orleans I’ve seen the devistation.  I’ve driven past abandoned SHELL STATIONS three years removed from the storm, roofs caved in, abandoned homes, utter and sheer disgusting eye sores that still have not been recovered or rebuilt.  I’ve seen some of the horribleness with my own two eyes and for this ignorant piece of shit to say what he’s only seen on TV drives me up a wall.  America, what kind of country do we live in when our own brothers and sisters won’t even reach out a hand and agknowledge you?  What kind of country do we live in where we choose who is more devistated than the other?  Why do we allow such ignorance to be praised in our country?  Why do we allow racism?  The sad truth is probably its entertainment until someone gets hurt.  Rush Limbaugh’s comments will probably be taken lightly unless someone blows up a house in Iowa (God willing that doesn’t happen).  Yes, we have freedom of speech BUT with freedom comes responsibility and Limbaugh should have been more responsible when it came to making those ridiculous comments.  He basically said when disaster strikes, white people are better than blacks.   Case closed.  If you still are having problems with what I’m saying then look at the following pictures:






One response

22 06 2008

this guy is evil. either he is not human or he does it for the money because if he were a true american he would belittle other americans. yes he is racist but it would take the devil to nationally admit to being racist, ignorant and sick… you are right.. we pride statements that are shocking and good for tv ratings but i wish and hope not to this extent.

mentality of america..
M.O.M. money over morality

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