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1 10 2008


Everything I can possibly say is here so enjoy and once again thank you!


23 09 2008

Shout Out’s to Tyler Yee!  Tyler Yee and 3rd-Shift came together to mastermind and fully renovate The Cincinnati Monster.com.  The new layout and site will launch the SAME DAY as the mixtape making October 7th the biggest day in 3rd-Shift history!!!!!!  Below is a sample of the layout and what it will look like when it launches!!!!  Check it out, the the cream of the crop will take place when the new music is dropped on your face!!!!   The Coup 2 is ONLINE October 7th at midnight!!!!  Make sure you get it!!!!! 




16 09 2008


Wow, October 7th is SPEEDING HERE.  The mixtape is none the less done.  I’ve given out the last beats to the artists in which I want on there.  I’m through or I’d be sitting here still plotting away trying to perfect something that’s already done.  I’d be overkilling it.  Which isn’t a bad thing.  But, discipline has to quell passion at times.  So peep!  The new Oba Rowland song is available for download NOW!!!!!!!  It’s called “IM THA BOMB”.  I’m real excited about it.  Me and Oba argued about this song forever!  Like I had to beg this nigga to open his eyes and see how dope it was.  After he disagreed, I decided to excercise my executive power lmao and finish and release it myself.  This nigga is PISSED at me.  but, sometime it gotta be like that because this song is AMAZING!  But, now you don’t have to read about it you can actually hear it for yourself!  So just click the picture and get the song yourself!!!!!

NEW HOV!!!! New Jay-Z “JOCKIN JAY-Z” (Produced By: Kanye West)

12 08 2008



The world just stopped, Jay-Z has a new song.  Please don’t question my Jay-Z fanhood!!!! Lmao, but yea on some real shit, The Hov song is nice.  I liked the beat at first, but I so wanted it to be more dramatic.  None the less it was hott.  Kinda wanted Hov to spit harder (pause) but he came (major pause) like Hov does, OFFICIAL.  Just download it already!  COUP D’ETAT II COMING SOON!!!

What a Weekend! First Bernie Now Issac…R.I.P ISSAC HAYES!

10 08 2008


Wow, what is the deal?  Seriously, first Bernie Mac now Issac Hayes.  R.I.P. to the legend and pioneer Issac Hayes.  Two legends in two days.  We at The Cincinnati Monster.com send our condolences out to the family of Issac Hayes AND Bernie Mac.  Wow, just wow. 

Here’s the scoop from AHH.


oul music icon Isaac Hayes was found dead in his Memphis home early Sunday morning (August 10).


The pioneering R&B singer was found laying on the floor near a tread mill in his home.


Hayes, 65, was rushed to Baptist East Hospital in Memphis, where he was pronounced dead, around 2:00 am.


One of the main creative forces behind soul music in the 60’s and 70’s, Hayes made his name as an in-house producer and songwriter for Stax Records with formidable partner David Porter.


He became a recording artist and released the influential albums Hot Buttered Soul (1968) andBlack Moses (1970).


The former featured the seminal “Walk On By,” which has been sampled by numerous artists including the Notorious BIG (“Warning”), Tupac (“Me Against the World”), Faith Evans (“No Other Love”), and Compton’s Most Wanted (“Hood Took Me Under).”


One of the most popular Hip-Hop anthems, The Geto Boys’ 1991 classic single “Mind Playing Tricks On Me,” was powered by Hayes’ track “Hung Up On My Baby,” from his 1974 album, Tough Guys.


The loss hit Geto Boys’ founding member Scarface particularly hard.


“Wow, this is some cold news to get,” a shaken Scarface told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview.  “I knew Isaac Hayes personally, I actually got a chance to go into the studio with him.” 

Scarface continued, saying, “‘Mind Playing Tricks On Me’ was originally my solo song. I wrote three verses. I wrote my verse and then Bill took my last verse. Then Willie D. wrote his verse. I produced that song. I can’t believe this s**t. I been f**king with Black Moses forever. I grew up in a music household. That’s all we jammed.”


Also a respected film composer, Hayes earned an Academy Award for his work on Shaft (1971), which stands today as his most accomplished and well-known work.


“I am deeply saddened by the loss of Isaac Hayes, a true historic world music figure. Isaac Hayes was the first African-American to win an Oscar for a music score but never lost sight of his commitment to his community and the betterment of mankind,” Reverend Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network, told AllHipHop.com. “He was more than an artist he was a trailblazer, He was an innovator. He was a creative genius. I shall never forget how in the height of his career he still had time to work and lend his celebrity to those of us much younger and at that time who were totally unknown. Even in his later years he never hesitated to appear for a cause or endorse something that he felt was for the good of mankind. He will be sorely missed.”


Rev. Sharpton will dedicate his radio program tonight to Isaac Hayes at 9:00p.m. on KISS 98.7 FM in New York, where Isaac Hayes was the morning DJ in the late 90’s.


As an actor, Hayes has appeared in over 20 films including Truck Turner(1974), I’m Gonna Git You Sucka (1988), Posse (1993), and Hustle and Flow (2005).


An important figure in Hip-Hop due to sampling, his songs such “The Look of Love” have provided the musical foundation for Jay-Z (“Can I Live”), LL Cool J (“Hollis to Hollywood”), Mary J. Blige (“I Love You”) and many more.


“First condolences to Ike Dirty his son and his entire family,” Atlanta rapper Killer Mike told AllHipHop.com referring to Hayes son and producer Ike Dirty. “Thank God we were blessed with his music and his incredible work. He truly made Soul music bare to the bone. I’m a better artist because of my mama playing his music.”


In later years, he became known to a new generation of fans through the Comedy Central series South Park, where he voiced the role of the affable but raunchy Chef.


Hayes would leave the show in 2005 due to differences with the creators over their religious satire.


Hayes was scheduled to celebrate 50 years of Stax Records on Friday (August 15) at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia, where he headlined a bill that included performances by William Bell, Eddie Floyd, The Bar-Kays.

Bernie Mac Dies, R.I.P. to a Legend

9 08 2008


Wow, this is the news that I wake up to.  Bernie Mac dead, today.  Black Hollywood truly lost one today.  Wait a minute not just BLACK  Hollywood but Hollywood period.  Bernie Mac was the man.  Hands down the funniest person ever.  He was my favorite comic.  Wow, I can’t even write this.  I’m really in total shock.  I had read the reports that he was in the hospital because of (I know I’m not going to spell this right so don’t judge) phenomonia.  But, I ignorantly thought he was going to pull through.  R.I.P. to the Mac Man.  he had so many classic roles, to Kings of Comedy, to his own show.  He was a pioneer and will truly be missed.  Here’s the report from AHH.  Check it out.


Comedian Bernie Mac has died at the age of 50 after an extended bout with pneumonia, according to sources with AllHipHop.com.


Mac was in Northwestern Memorial hospital when he died on Saturday morning. No official cause of death has been announced by his family.


After rumors of his death, his condition seemed to improve. Mac’s publicist stated that he was “responding well to treatment” and that he expected to leave the Chicago-area facility in a few weeks.


The family has reportedly convened at the Mac household.


He passed away at approximately 5:45 am on Saturday, according to sources.


“Bernie Mac will not only be missed by his family members and close friends, he will also be missed by the thousands of people he touch through his laughter. Please keep his family in your prayers,” said Kendra G, a Chicago bred radio host that now resides in Philadelphia.

Mac also lived with sarcoidosis, an immune system disorder that results in swollen, inflamed lymph nodes, causes ulcers on the skin and also makes breathing difficult.


Representatives for Bernie Mac said previously that he was not hospitalized for complications associated with sarcoidosis.


“I’ve had sarcoidosis since 1983, and it has not altered or limited my lifestyle. No one knows where sarcoidosis comes from or where it starts, and there’s no known cause for this condition that effects primarily minorities,” Mac said in 2005.


Bernie Mac will be remembered for his brash, but frank comedic style that was a staple in the Black community. His on-stage musings quickly went mainstream through his television sitcom, “The Bernie Mac Show” and a storied music career.



Mac appeared in movies like “Who’s the Man?” (1993), “House Party 3” (1994) and “The Walking Dead” (1995), Spike Lee’s Get on the Bus (1996) and 1999’s “Life” with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.


The movie of “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) put him in a movie that catered to middle America.


Bernie Mac was born Bernard Jeffrey McCollough in Chicago in 1957. He was reared in a rough neighborhood with a large family that would eventually be the backbone to his comic routine. His professional career started in 1977, when he was 19, and he refused to alter his style to accommodate critics.


AllHipHop.com will continue to furnish details as they develop. 

Read The New 3rd-Shift Bio!

24 07 2008


There is nothing “lucky” about Kelvin 3rd-Shift Brown. Luck is simply when hard work meets opportunity. No stranger to hard work Kelvin adopted the name 3rd-Shift as a metaphor of working when his competition sleeps. And, because of that his efforts are beginning to pay off. Kelvin 3rd-Shift Brown is a producer who is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. He began producing music at the age of 17. He began producing because the rap group he was in couldn’t afford any beats. Brown fell in love with production so much; he stopped rapping and solely focused on music. He went to college and began to produce for several Midwest artists including: Akron, Ohio’s Lil Bossy, Detroit, Michigan’s Oba Rowland and began to send his music off to Damon Eden, then A&R for Atlantic Records. Damon liked his sound but not good enough to place him on any of his projects. Not taking one defeat to the heart, 3rd-Shift worked harder to hone his skills and master his craft. He relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana and transferred to Loyola University where he currently majors in Music Industry Studies. Instead of focusing on becoming an employee, 3rd-Shift wants to be the boss. In September 2007, 3rd-Shift formed his production company 7874 Productions to begin contracting work to outside artists. Multi-Platinum recording artist B.G. was the first artist to work with 3rd-Shift under his new company. After B.G. came the Chopper City Boyz, G-Eazy a fast rising independent artist from Oakland, California, 5th Child from Jackson, Mississippi and J-Leach from Long Island, New York. In the midst of building his own discography, Kelvin founded his own label 7874 Recordings in February 2008 and began to put his own records out. Through digital distribution he began selling his production mixtapes and started garnering a buzz online. His online distributor ranked 39th in their Top 100 selling songs. From his first production mixtape titled: The 3rd-Shift Project: Redefining the Remix, 3rd-Shift has amassed over 9,000 downloads of all of his songs. He was also ranked as a top label on EMUSIC.com another digital retailer. Becoming more and more independent from the conventional model of releasing records, Kelvin bought a domain THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM and began distributing his music through his own website truly becoming a worldwide beacon for Hip-Hop. Amassing over 1,600 a day, 3rd-Shift’s blog has become one of the fastest growing blog on Word Press.com and cementing his credibility. Kelvin 3rd-Shift Brown is a new breed of music executive. Not relying on anyone to give him a break, he makes his own lanes and executes his own plans to the T. With a focus and a vision like his, the top is his only destination.

Lollipop 2.0 Tearing Amazon Limb from Limb!

1 07 2008


Back on Father’s Day I released a track for FREE on THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM  for all the people who were supporting my website.  I was at 2,000 hits then.  Now, I’m pushing close to 5,000.  The track I released was “Lollipop 2.0”  the remix I made for Lollipop with a teaser of Oba Rowland’s new single DADDY in there, plus the verse from Kanye and the new one from Wayne.  i released it to Amazon.  And, it has become one of my most populare tracks on the digital retailer.  Out of all the tracks currently being sold on Amazon.com Lollipop 2.0 is currently, 4,194.  Pretty damn good considering the fact that Amazon is the #2 digital retailer behind Itunes.  It’s the fastest growing digital medium out there.  If you don’t have it download it from the FREE DOWNLOADS SECTION!!!!!!


I’m Focused Now Available in Free Download Section!

23 05 2008


G-Eazy’s I’m Focused is now available in the FREE DOWNLOAD section of The Cincinnati Monster.com!


Check it out

DJ 31 Degreez Presents: The 80’s Babies: Straight off the Block

19 05 2008