Gucci Mane Thrown In Jail

13 09 2008

Over the months, Gucci has become one of my guilty pleasures with songs like “Bricks” with Yo Gotti and “My Shirt Off” but damn looks like my nigga (pause) is headed to the slammer…again.  Yesterday, a Fulton County judge revoked one year of Gucci’s probation due to numerous violations including showing up to probation meetings rollin off X and high as fuck.  That falls into the WTF were you thinking catagory.  Plus, he violated his community service.  Gucci Mane Laflare was supposed to serve 600 hours stemming from a 2005 incident with him and a Big Cat Records employee that got him charged with assult when he allegedly attacked the employee with a pool cue.  Since 2005, Gucci has served only 25 hours of the 600.  The judge wasn’t pleased and Gucci pleaded with the judge but as usual he wasn’t having it.  Gucci was sentenced to a year in the Fulton County jail and still has to complete his 600 hours of service upon his release.  Damn, Gucci.  FREE GUCCI MANE!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA UHHHH! WELL DAYUM!!!



Probably the hottest Gucci song out rite now!


New T.I. Video-What Up, What’s Happenin Video

12 09 2008


This has to be the greatest music video ever.  Especially, the scenes with TIP sittin’ in front of the BOWEN HOMES sign.  That was a great scene.  Peep the Black on Red Dodge Challenger.  Officially jeleous…But, with the beef bein’ over how does this look??? Lowblow, personally I dont think so.  Great  Video.

Too Hood To Be Hollywood FINALLY Gets A Release Date!

13 08 2008

The Cincinnati Monster and Gizzle


Shout out to my homie B GIZZLE!  The number one original Hot Boy will be making a guest appearance on my debut production album The Cincinnati Monster.  However, on a different note my nigga FINALLY gets a release date.  Well, he’s had like 4.  But, due to botched singles and other label differences he’s been pushed back “like Flo-Rida’s hair line”.  But, fuck all dat son.  NOVEMBER 25TH!  Gizzle is being release NOVEMBER 25TH 2008.  No, sadly there won’t be any production from THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM.  However, future production with Gizzle, the 80’s Babies and The Chopper City Boyz is on deck believe dat.  New Orleans Hip-Hop is coming back to the light!  Wayne held it down, but Gizzle gon hold it down nigga.  If you haven’t heard the new single, Ya Heard Me with the Hot Boys and Trey Songz, then check it out right here.

T.I. Album Cover For Paper Trail

15 07 2008


I’m really feeling the creativity in Hip-Hop.  I’m feeling T.I.’s idea on this album cover.  He’s making this album so personal and rich, it’s going to be hard not to accept it.  The whole idea behind the album cover, I’m a fan of and the music is banging too, especially WHAT UP!  Say what you want about me diggin T.I. right now.  Son is on his grind!!!!


Here’s the news!!!


T.I. is going avant-garde on his new LP, Paper Trail — and that’s not just in regard to the music we’ll hear. Tip revealed the cover of the September 9 release to MTV News on Monday (July 14). It features a conceptual drawing of the potent MC made of scraps of paper.

“We didn’t want to just do a typical cover, especially for my sixth album,” T.I. told us via e-mail. “I wanted to try something a little more different. The illustration for Paper Trail pays an obvious homage to my rekindled affinity for writing my lyrics down as well as displays my commitment to keep my art slanted towards the abstract.”

Several days ago, Tip’s camp released a two-fisted dose of his music: the street record “What Up” and his next single, “Swing Your Rag.” The latter was produced by Swizz Beatz, and Drumma Boy (Young Jeezy and Kanye West’s “Put On,” Rocko’s “Umma Do Me”) supplied the beat for “What Up.”

“Tip is just spitting about what he stands for, how he feels,” Drumma said about his collaboration. “He’s saying, ‘What up? Everybody is talking. What up to all my haters.’ We’re just giving the customer what they want. Accomplishing our mission.”

My Niggaz The Chopper City Boyz Prepping: Life in the Concrete Jungle!

3 07 2008

I’m glad to see my niggaz gettin it in.  The Chopper City Boyz droppin August 26, 2008!!!!  They support the CINCINNATI MONSTER and the CINCINNATI MONSTER supports them.  Nothing but love for my niggaz!

Rapper BG is paving the way to provide more exposure for his New Orleans-based group, the Chopper City Boyz, with a forthcoming compilation album.

In addition to featuring the former Cash Money Records rapper, the release, titled Life In The Concrete Jungle, will include appearances from the Chopper City Boyz as well as Lady Dolla, C-Murder, Alfamega, Blood Raw, Rocko, Hurricane Chris and Skip.

According to B.G., the timing couldn’t be better for the Chopper City Boyz to make a bigger impression on music fans.

“Everybody knows The Chopper City Boyz in the south because they’ve made appearances on my last four studio albums before releasing their own debut album, We Got This, so people were waiting for something from them,” the former Cash Money Records rapper said. “I decided to sign them to Chopper City Records because they showed me their loyalty as artists and they were willing to put in the hard work that it takes to make it in this industry.”

Although fans are familiar with the group’s musical style, a different side emerges on “Bubble Gum,” the first single from Life in the Concrete Jungle.

“We branded ourselves a whole lot more this time with this compilation and we’re gearing up for our sophomore album,” said Chopper City Boyz member Snipe. “Now that fans are more familiar with our music, I got a lot of people coming up to me and asking when will there be another Chopper City Boyz album, so I know they’re expecting us and we gonna give them some heat to hold onto until our albums drop.”

Life in the Concrete Jungle serves as a sample of the mind state of the Chopper City Boyz as B.G. and Chopper City Records CEO Carol Dorsey revealed that “a more advanced, more mature Chopper City Boyz” will be heard on the 17-track compilation.

“The Chopper City Boyz have stepped up their game since the last album,” B.G. stated. “We got enough banga’s for their second album that we could afford to put a compilation of even more hot tracks for the streets. The streets have spoken! They’re ready for more of Snipe and Gar, so as the head n***a in charge, we gonna give ’em a little taste on how they comin’ for their second album!”

The release of Life in the Concrete Jungle comes amid the group’s new distribution deal through Asylum Records and the imminent release of B.G.’s Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood on Atlantic Records.

Life in the Concrete Jungle is slated to hit stores on Aug. 26.

Atlantic Records Sues BCD Music Group, BCD Responds!

24 06 2008


I love the idea of an independent record label selling mixtapes, it is a great hustle and it takes power away from the major record labels to profit off another artists’ hardwork and dedication.  I will FOREVER be a fan of mixtapes and I am glad someone is standing up to them.  Check out the news below!!! Thanks HIPHOPDX!



Yesterday (June 23), reported that Atlantic Records was and the Texas-based BCD Music Group for copyright infringement and intellectual property rights issues over material from Plies and Gucci Mane.

Today, BCD defended their actions and business in a letter sent to HipHopDX fromH. Blakeslee, the music group’s managing director.

The letter stated the following:

BCD is a reputable Texas-based independent music and video distributor engaged in the distribution of finished master sound recordings. BCD has an excellent reputation in the independent marketplace and is well-respected in the world of independent retail. BCD has over 500 titles in its catalog ranging from urban, to rock and alternative, to classical, to country, to comedy, and to children’s titles.

BCD legitimately believes that it had proper authorization from the respective artists’ representatives as well as employees of Atlantic’s marketing department to distribute the Plies Real Definitions mixtape and the Gucci Mane’s No Pad No Pencil mixtape. However, promptly after receiving notice from Atlantic’s legal department (and prior to the legal action being commenced) BCD stopped selling both mixtapes – and BCD advised Atlantic that it would cooperate to resolve the dispute without the need for litigation. Even so, Atlantic maliciously filed suit againstBCD in Federal Court in the Southern District of New York alleging copyright infringement.

Although BCD cooperated in removing the mixtapes from the distribution chain,BCD vigorously disputes Atlantic’s position in the case. BCD believes that the marketing people at Atlantic condone the sale of mixtapes to build awareness of a particular artist’s forthcoming studio album but, in a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, the Atlantic legal department then comes to court with “unclean hands” and tries to punish BCD for doing precisely what Atlantic authorized it to do.

BCD fully expects to prevail in the event that Atlantic pursues the case any further.

Atlantic Records is home to DJ Drama and his Aphilliates Music Group, who went through a very highly-publicized federal investigation with theRIAA over similar disputes.

BCD recently released Devin The Dude‘s Smoke Sessions Volume 1. The group has worked with artists such as TraeLil Flip and others in the past.


New B.G. Single!!! Keep it 100 ft. Magnolia Chop!!!

11 06 2008


This is the only place you can find this on the net!!!


A Cincinnati Exclusive!!!!


B.G. ft. Magnolia Chop 

Keep it 100

from the new studio album 

Too Hood to be Hollywood

Atlantic Records!!!!!