Gucci Mane Thrown In Jail

13 09 2008

Over the months, Gucci has become one of my guilty pleasures with songs like “Bricks” with Yo Gotti and “My Shirt Off” but damn looks like my nigga (pause) is headed to the slammer…again.  Yesterday, a Fulton County judge revoked one year of Gucci’s probation due to numerous violations including showing up to probation meetings rollin off X and high as fuck.  That falls into the WTF were you thinking catagory.  Plus, he violated his community service.  Gucci Mane Laflare was supposed to serve 600 hours stemming from a 2005 incident with him and a Big Cat Records employee that got him charged with assult when he allegedly attacked the employee with a pool cue.  Since 2005, Gucci has served only 25 hours of the 600.  The judge wasn’t pleased and Gucci pleaded with the judge but as usual he wasn’t having it.  Gucci was sentenced to a year in the Fulton County jail and still has to complete his 600 hours of service upon his release.  Damn, Gucci.  FREE GUCCI MANE!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA UHHHH! WELL DAYUM!!!



Probably the hottest Gucci song out rite now!




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