Lil Bossy-Who Da Fuck Is Lil Bossy Mixtape Comin July 4th

30 06 2008

Click the Album Art To Get The Single: Where You Been At Produced By: 3rd-Shift


Big Shouts to my nigga Lil Bossy and his brand new mixtape; Who Da Fuck is Lil Bossy R.N.M. Vol. 1.  My nigga straight from mutha fuckin Akron, Ohio.  One of the realest niggaz I know inside and outside of music.  He was the first nigga I hooked up with and started making music seriously.  My nigga gave me 10 out of 17 songs on the tape.  Thats what up! Including the single from his tape, Where You Been At? I think Where You Been At is the perfect song for this nigga.  When he hit me up, it was the first time I had talked to him in a while and he was hungry looking for beats to devour.  He hits me up like, “3rd (everybody calls me Shift or Monster cept this nigga) I know you got something, I need an anthem my nigga.”  I say ok, hang up the phone and go to work.  I wish I would have filmed myself making the beat, it came out so quick, easy and smooth.  And, it came out right.  I knew the sound he was looking for.  When I got the song back it gave me chills because I know how the nigga grinds and puts in work.  Our chemistry was restored.  he had gotten alot of my earlier work.  I kinda wish we would have worked more because the work he has from me on this disc is dated to me.  It sounds like two different producers honestly.  The work I’ve done with Oba Rowland and/or G-Eazy sounds more like what I would like Boss Hogg to have.  But, never the less this disc is gonna bang!!!  I think he deserves to be heard.  Everything about this disc, the rapper, his vision is all 100% him!  Nobody else, just pure!  I love that about this nigga.  Check back here July 4th, I’m gonna have the mixtape up so yall can peep it!  


-Shift Love the Kids!



15 06 2008


THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM has new music just for the fathers out there!!!! New shit!!! This is an excerpt from the NEW MIXTAPE from the COUP D’ETAT pt. 2.  Its LOLLIPOP 2.0!  How can 3rd-Shift have a remix of a remix???? Simple, put OBA ROWLAND on dat bitch!!!  Kanye, Oba Rowland and Wayne…WHAT THE FUCK?!? datts fiya rite there!!!!  Dont forget, that JUNE 17TH, 2008  Lil Bossy and his new single comes available!!!! WHERE YOU BEEN AT?!?  



The 1st Single from: THE CINCINNATI MONSTER!

1 06 2008



Click the picture to get the first single from: The Cincinnati Monster!!!


The Cincinnati Monster ALBUM will be out in August or September.  But, before then expect another mixtape and another single believe dat…  But, fuck the future its all about the single rite here!!!


It’s called Where You Been At? featuring Lil Bossy.  This is for EVERYBODY.  I’m in love with dis track (pause).  Click the picture to get it!!! Free Download exclusively @  June 17th, 2008 it will be available on Amazon and Itunes!!!!!  But, for the loyal readers of THE BEST WEBSITE IN OHIO HIP-HOP, its FREE!!!!!