50 Cent’s Lawyers are Beasts…Own Taco Bell’s Lawyers!

20 11 2008



50 has been finding a way to stay relevant in my blog.  Hmmmm, only is his latest music was relevant.  Anywho this man really has animals for lawyers.  Peep whats going on with his lawsuit with Taco Bell.


Fast food chain Taco Bell has countersued rapper 50 Cent in response to a $4 million dollar lawsuit the rapper filed against the company in July.


50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, sued Taco Bell and the company’s CEO Greg Creed, accusing the corporation of trademark infringement for using his name and likeness during a promotional campaign to sell tacos.


The rapper claims consumers were duped into thinking that he endorsed the brand last July, when Creed sent out letters to various media outlets addressed to 50.


The open letter suggested that 50 Cent change his name for one day to “79 Cent,” “89 Cent” or “99 Cent,” prices that correlated with items for sale on Taco Bell’s menu.


In return, Taco Bell would donate $10,000 dollars to a charity of 50 Cent’s choice.


In the latest round of lawsuits, Taco Bell shot down the rapper’s lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court, claiming they are protected by the First Amendment.


The lawsuit calls the rapper a “self-described former drug dealer and hustler” who is “arrogant.”


“Jackson has used his colorful past to cultivate a public image of belligerence and arrogance and has a well-publicized track record of making threats, starting feuds and filing lawsuits,” Taco Bell lawyer Robert Lehrburger wrote in the lawsuit. “At the same time, Jackson holds himself out as a giver to charity and one who wants to give back to his community. This lawsuit is another of Jackson’s attempts to burnish his gangsta rapper persona by distorting beyond all recognition a bona fide, good faith offer that Taco Bell made to Jackson.”


50 Cent’s lawyer shot down the lawsuit in a statement to The New York Daily News.


“It makes me wonder why they would decide to use his name in their ad campaign if they think he’s such a bad character,” Raymond told The Daily News.

50 Cent To Be On The Next XXL Cover

19 11 2008



I guess when to you to 50’s status, you don’t really need a publicist.  Either that or the one he has is simply a monster!  Everytime dude breathes in the realm of relevance he has the cover of some magazine.  He’s all over BIG time blogs, such as MTV’s.  I mean he’s not really relevant in the world of popular HIP-HOP.  However, dude’s PUBLICIST is a mega monster.  My 50 Cent fanhood is sort of on the rocks lately.  With my deep, deep Jay-Z fanhood, combined with the fact that I’m focusing more on my music, listening to underground artists and him frankly falling off, I just don’t like 50 like I used to.  He’s stale.  He’s not changing.  He’s so stuck in his ways  if his music were anything like his business moves he’s be the top MC in the game.  But, it’s not and it leaves his real fans wondering what happened to the Guess Who’s Back 50 Cent.  I’ve made myself try to like Get Up…I can’t…But, here it is just for you to check it out…



23 09 2008

Shout Out’s to Tyler Yee!  Tyler Yee and 3rd-Shift came together to mastermind and fully renovate The Cincinnati Monster.com.  The new layout and site will launch the SAME DAY as the mixtape making October 7th the biggest day in 3rd-Shift history!!!!!!  Below is a sample of the layout and what it will look like when it launches!!!!  Check it out, the the cream of the crop will take place when the new music is dropped on your face!!!!   The Coup 2 is ONLINE October 7th at midnight!!!!  Make sure you get it!!!!! 




7 07 2008


The news that 50 Cent’s website covers is real.  Yes, I believe that the actual news of actual happenings in Hip-Hop and the world are real.  Yes, those are real in order to bait you into the site.  However, when it comes to him and the rest of G-Unit.  That shit is all propaganda. I can’t believe none of the G-UNIT news reported on THISIS50.COM unless it has been reported elsewhere.  Thats dumb as fuck.  Why are you preying on your fans like that. If you had a wack album, you had a wack album.  If you got bad press or bad reviews or blogs are hating on you.  Then blogs are hating and you had a bad album and so forth and so on.  What did it for me is when THISIS50.COM started running this report that they were going to do 700k this week.  I was like ehhhh, maybe I can see it happening because they have been killing the internet.  Then I thought why.  Because Buck left, 50 has been running everywhere and this and that.  Not because of the music.  Then the reviews came out.  2 starts, 3 out of 5, one 4 star.  I was like there is no way and hell this album is going to sell 700k in it’s first week and people are not cosigning it outside of THISIS50.COM  Then the real number projections come out and the first thing THISIS50.COM says is that there has been an Interscope sabatoge.  And, they will sell 100k.  The fuck?!  Is that the new way to blame your label?  They’re making money off of you so they undership you? Riiiiiiight!!!!!  T.O.S. is not an entire flop.  There are some really good songs on there (Straight Outta Southside, Casulties of War and Piano Man) but, it’s too bland.  Too far from what made G-UNIT hot in the first place.  Its running in place, its not boundry testing.  It’s regular and corny.  The bar is set to high.  and, if you’re going to be the bad guy in the game you have to be lights out everytime.  This shit was hot garbage.  Be real, make real music G-UNIT.  Come back down to reality and stop making up news to put on your site.  Thats so corny.  


-Shift Love the Kids

Funkmaster Flex Airs Out Buck, and Everyone Else…

1 07 2008



I actually feel what Flex is saying here.  Especially when he got into the whole thing about rappers writing for other rappers.  He said rappers who write for other rappers should shut up and stop trying to air out the people who they write for because its a reason why you aren’t on that record.  Yea, true plus you are playing your part.  And, you knew what you signed up for when you got in the game. This ain’t checkersor Twister we’re playing.  Personally, I think no aspiring artist should NEVER sign to another artist’s record label.  Because you will NEVER be the priority, no matter how talented you are.  There’s only one reasonable exception, Kanye West and even he has to go sit in a corner when Jay-Z comes out.  Signing to other artist’s record labels is ALWAYS a bad idea.  In Buck’s case I’m with Flex on this one.  Don’t be shouting out G-Unit every which way and forth, claiming to be bout ready to “ride” on Sloppy Joe and Game then when you get pissed say fuck em!  Thats not hot and it pisses the fan off (me)!!!!!  Ehh, here’s the news! (hiphopdx)


On air recently, iconic deejay and radio personality Funkmaster Flex gave a rare controversial siding with 50 Cent in G-Unit‘s recent conflict with Young Buck.

The Hot 97 mainstay said, “Unfortunately, I can’t move with Young Buck because I’m on that thing on loyalty, man.” He added, “A lot of you rappers, man, you get onto a label that’s smokin’ hot, and the guy at the helm is hot, man, pushin’ out units! And you want to come along and live because you know if you just stay at home, drink your hot chocolate and watch Rap City, you’re guaranteed to go gold without leaving your block.

The deejay expressed further skepticism to a class of newer artists, “And I watch y’all sell gold, when you should have sold 100,000 [units, and] start talkin’ slick. I’m not just talkin’ about [the Young Buck] situation, I’m sayin’ y’all do it all the time. Let me tell you something: it’s corny; that’s a small man’s world. You know what you show when you do that? That you was never nothin’, and you was never ridin’, and you was never on the team, ever!

Flex blanketed this statement in regards to artists underneath Jay-Z,DiddyDr. DreEminemJermaine DupriTimbalandFat Joe and Lil Wayne. Speaking to these moguls, he pleaded, “Y’all need to stop handing out these free meals to snausages [sic].

Speaking from experience, the deejay who has released several gold albums, added that he’s “very careful” about mentoring other deejays, and added that he was the biggest in the world. Flex attributed this to the legendary Chuck Chillout, a deejay who he considered to be a mentor.

The interview also alluded to Flex‘s displeasure with Gillie Da Kid‘s problems with Lil Wayne.

Further in the interview, focusing on the highly-publicized phone conversation withYoung Buck crying to 50 CentFlex commented, “He’s a good dude, and I know what happened.” He added, “Your son can never get older than you,” analogizing that whoever a rapper signs is inherently their son. “On Father’s Day, buy a gift.

On his 2005 Car Show album, Funkmaster Flex featured the song “Just A Touch” which featured 50 Cent.


Hov to Buy into the Yanks?!!?!

26 06 2008

It keeps gettin’ better and better for my nigga Hov.  He’s about to move the Nets to Brooklyn AND about to buy into the New York Yankees.  My nigga making POWER moves.  What’s next 50 buying the Mets?  Hope not…



(coutesy xxlmag.com)

First the Nets, now the Yankees? Hov recently revealed to Time Out London that he could possibly buy a share in the most decorated franchise in sports history. “Someone told me yesterday that someone else had a piece of the New York Yankees,” Jigga told Time Out. “‘We wanna talk to you, yadda yadda yadda.’ I mean, I love the Yankees so I’m in the middle of following that through, but sometimes it comes to be something and sometimes it comes to be nothing.

G-Unit Kitty Kat…Can’t Even Front…I Like This Bullshit!

24 06 2008


The beat set it off, i could really do without YAYO…Banks could have came harder (Pause) but surprisingly 50 came the hardest (Major Pause).  The beginning wit 50 doin a lil 4 bar intro was CORNY and I thought that this was going to be a POLOW throw a way track but when the beat changed up I was diggin it.  I guess what did it for me is when I cut it off and this shit was still in my head.  Truly microwave music to me (meaning it gets hot real fast then cools down fast lmao).  But, really 50 actually rapped on this….Im diggin it surprisingly…STILL TRYNA LET GO OF MY 50 CENT FANHOOD!

50 Cent Tells His Side in the Young Buck Fiasco

23 06 2008

hmmmm interesting…


My 50 Cent Fanhood is Officially Over…

19 06 2008

I never really liked Game, but when my nigga BUCK got “kicked out” of G-Unit I was hurt.  Buck was my nigga.  I bought both albums, listened to his mixtape shit and more recently became a fan of the music he was puttin out lately, especially the Phil Collins sampled “New York City”, Kill Me a Nigga, and I’m Out Here.  Buck was doing his thang I thought.  Even as an investment (thinking like 50 now) Buck was the shit!  He had his label, beginning to cascade his income with the Outlawz, C-Bo and the Cashville thing.  Then comes the Buck being kicked from the Unit.  WTF?! Yayo talking dumb shit, Banks being silent about everything.  Yayo pissed me off the most talking so reckless about this nigga and BUCK never did anything to that nigga!  NOT EVEN 50!  NEVER UNDERSTOOD THAT SHIT!  That was the beginning of the end of my 50 Cent fanhood.  The aftermath that ensued with 50 doing interviews saying Buck was on cocaine and unstable was like, BRA WHY YOU PUTTIN HIS BUSINESS OUT LIKE DAT?  You dry-blackballing this nigga.  YOU ON NATIONAL MEDIA SAYING A PLATINUM PLUS ARTIST IS HITTING ROCK BOTTOM, ON DRUGS AND UNSTABLE at a time when white people are looking for any type of reason to stop and shut hip-hop down.  Every promoter that was interested in booking YB now is looking at him like a liability instead of a good investment.  Then BUCK  comes out and makes an incredible song (in my opinion) and genius responding to the rumors as something he’s going through and going to triumph over.  The comes the FUCK G-UNIT video.  I knew 50 was going to say something with TOS being two weeks away and how he thrives off of FREE MARKETING.  But, what transpired was the lowest thing I’ve seen since man I don’t even know WOW.  It was that bad.  50 recorded and released a taped conversation of BUCK at his lowest moment tagging it with THIS IS 50.COM tags!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? This man is crying and spilling his guts and you get a kick out of kicking him when he’s down.  FUCK NO!  I’m glad BUCK aired his bitch ass out.  His song “Taped Conversation” drills 50 and is brilliant again (as far as I’m concerned).  Buck’s not stupid neither is 50, but this bullshit that 50 thinks that he has planned out is BULLSHIT as well.  50 WANTS you to believe that everything he plans is thought out and that he ALWAYS knows what’s coming.  NEWSFLASH!  He doesn’t.  He thought by airing that conversation, niggaz would see HIS point and see that BUCK is unstable and justifying him tossing him from the group.  He was looking for credibility because he felt that people weren’t believing him anymore.  He felt like he was losing his dictatorship powers in hip-hop.  He felt that by hearing this tape YOU would side with him.  He thought this was cool.  50 is slime.  He felt played so he played BUCK.  WHAT AN ASS!  This isn’t coming from a 50 hater, GAME STAN (who is also a bitch) or any other non 50 Cent fan.  From 2003-2008 I was the BIGGEST fan of 50 Cent.  No matter how much people hated on him I still stood firm.  I still supported every UNIT released.  In music business terms, I was a true maven.  I advocated everything G-UNIT.  As an artist I even incorporated G-Unit in my music.  I did 50 Cent remixes on my cd’s!!!!!  I admired 50’s business sense and intelligence.  i admired his hungry arrogance.  I admired his passion for what he did and his business model.  I admired the man.  Now I despise the man.  And, yes it hurts because 50 was my favorite rapper and I want so much for this shit to be patched up and everybody can get back cracking but I know that CURTIS JACKSON is to prideful to do that.  BUT, PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE DOWNFALL!!!!  I believe TOS will flop even though it had some nice records on there but this is too much bad press!!!  Bra, 50 is just OMG such a bitch nigga….wait wait, bith ass nigga!  Anything for press.  I admire BUCK for waiting this long before putting his record out, and I felt that shit.  I hope that CURTIS hits rock bottom, and has to crawl up out of a ditch like a real nigga.  I want to see that hungry, out to get it, nothing is going to stop me, real ass nigga that I thought 50 Cent was and what he meant to me but FUCK….I Doubt it…I guess I’ll just pop in my Carter III and continue to make moves on my end. 

50 Cent Rumored to be Signing 360 Deal

15 05 2008

50 Cent is reportedly in negotiations with News Corp for a deal worth $300 million.

According to ThisIs50.com, the deal would begin effective 2009, at which point News Corp would take a large stake in every aspect of 50 Cent’s business: music, concerts, books, and G-Unit Records.

50 and the G-Unit crew would move under the company’s MySpace Records.

Sources also say that half of the deal is stock, which would result in 50 Cent would become one of the largest shareholders of News Corp.

ThisIs50.com would also be reportedly acquired by News Corp; the deal also includes a G-Unit book deal, and music publishing for 50 and the rest of his artists.

It should be noted that this has not been confirmed; when reports came of 50 Cent making money off of a buyout of Vitamin Water, the figures were initially significantly exaggerated.

source: hiphopdx.com