808s and Heartbreaks vs. Theatre of Mind

4 12 2008



After giving both albums run and vibing to them both, I am allowed to have an opinion about which one is better.  And, this is how it is.  Kanye West wanted to make “different” music.  Some tracks were really and I mean really good.  Welcome to Heartbreak and Coldest Winter, wow.  Even Bad News and Amazing were great.  However for every great song there were terrible songs.  Paranoid?  Robocop?  Street Lights?  808s isn’t consistent enough.  And what’s with these 1 minute songs with the beat looping for four minutes.  It makes for great vibing music but where’s the practicality of it?  There are periods and spurts of Kanye’s genius sprinkled throughout the album and Bad News and Say You Will are evidence of that.  He uses like one or two drum kits with the 808 kick.  He meshes his melodies and the overall sound is very spacy and futuristic.  It’s trendsetting to a point.  The theme of the album is great and the vision is amazing.  However, the album gets lost in translation.  But still its a good album.


But, with all the commotion about Kanye people just up and forget about Ludacris and Theatre of Mind.  I’m raving about this cd.  From the moment it comes on with the movie theme and The Runners’ big movie sounding soundscape I’m hooked.  Luda’s flow is smashing.  Vivid, charasmatic and on point.  He calls songs scenes or movies.  Producers are scoring it and guest appearances are co-stars.  That’s originality.  This album is a real hip-hop album from beginning to end.  It hits harder than the Kanye.  However, I have some gripes about this one as well.  Luda never really goes past punchlines.  And, boy there are some DAMN good ones on this album.  I would have liked to hear more reflective songs that stick to my ribs however his lines are so cold that I forget about that lmao.  The collaborations fit the songs which is cool.  But, the singles don’t reflect the album.  One More Drink was ehhhh and What Girls Like was wack…  But, fuck all dat…LISTEN TO LAST OF A DYING BREED WITH WAYNE.  Thats how you want Wayne to flow.  His fow is like 9.3/10 and Luda still rips him.  Luda covers alot of bases on this album pretty effortlessly.  And, that makes his album better than Kanye’s to me.  He executes his vision better than Kanye.  It’s overall a better album.  Now let the disagreements begin.  


Download Oba Rowland’s I Go Harder!!!!!!

23 09 2008

The Coup d Etat’s release is two weeks away!  Two weeks from today, it will be available for download rite here @ THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM.  Also unveiling that day is the newly designed website from Tyler Yee.  It’s going to be a great day.  We Go Hard!!!  I know most of you think Khaled coined that phrase.  You think that Kanye and Khaled got that goin huh?!? Ennnnt Not so, Oba Rowland and 3rd-Shift put that in effect last year.  Don’t believe me??? Oh fuck!  Well i have the proof to support that!!!!  So today, we showing everybody that WE GO HARDER!!!!


(Click to Download Go Harder Right Here)

Kanye West-Love Lockdown

8 09 2008


I love this idea.  Debuting singles on a MEGA stage exposing them to a huge live and television audience and then turning around and releasing it the next day.  Wow, thats smart…But, the single not sure I’m feeling it.

NEW HOV!!!! New Jay-Z “JOCKIN JAY-Z” (Produced By: Kanye West)

12 08 2008



The world just stopped, Jay-Z has a new song.  Please don’t question my Jay-Z fanhood!!!! Lmao, but yea on some real shit, The Hov song is nice.  I liked the beat at first, but I so wanted it to be more dramatic.  None the less it was hott.  Kinda wanted Hov to spit harder (pause) but he came (major pause) like Hov does, OFFICIAL.  Just download it already!  COUP D’ETAT II COMING SOON!!!

The Cincinnati Monster Top 10 for the Week of July 7th 2008

14 07 2008


I‘ve really been listening to alot of Hip-Hop right about now.  Certain summer records are growing on me others…nah!  But, my Top 10 has lightweight been shuffling.  Check it out and see whats going down!!!

1.  Nas ft. Keri Hilson Hero

2. Swizz Beatz- Where Da Cash At

3. T.I.-What Up

4.  Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West-Put On

5.  Plies-Somebody loves You

6. Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne-Girls Around the World

7.  Chip the Ripper-Fresh, Fly, Fitted

8. T.I.-Swing Ya Rag

9. Lil Wayne-A Milli

10. Red Cafe ft. Fat Joe, Jadakiss and Fabolous-Paper Touchin (remix)

The Source Is Back! I Like This Move!

2 07 2008


Honestly, I was a fan of The Source before XXL.  But, when one person or company has control of the market and/or media they control pretty much your preception.  Sort of like major media in America with CNN and MSNBC and shit like that.  So more competition, more mediums is always a plus.  In this case it goes double in Hip-Hop becuase we love to be heard and there are artists who need to be heard (cough OBA ROWLAND).  Plus, The Source is Hip-Hop.  How can they not be relevant.  Thats like Jay-Z not being the best.


Here’s the News from HipHopDx:



After years of turmoil as a result of the Dave Mays/Benzino era, The Source is finally looking to reclaim the throne in the magazine game. During the post-Mays/Benzino era, The Source has been looking to find financial footing while remaining competitive in the dwindling space of print magazines. It seems that they now have it.

B.E. Greenwich, a division of the highly successful Black Enterprise magazine, and the North Star Group, led by entertainment lawyer L. Londell McMillan (who has represented the likes of Russell SimmonsKanye WestPrince and Michael Jackson) have purchased stake in The Source and look to revitalize the self-proclaimed “Hip Hop Bible.”

With new ownership at the helm, The Source will begin its new campaign with a new magazine layout as well as looking to jump headfirst into online territory with a new website and mobile platforms.

The first issue in this new era for the magazine will feature Nelly on the cover as well as articles on Barack ObamaYung Berg, a revamped Dimepiece section, the new Hipster Rap phenomena, Immortal TechniqueRZA and more.  

“The Source belongs to Hip Hop,” says Jeremy Miller, the President of The Sourcein the magazine’s opening pages. “There is a new era at The Source and it will be exciting to be a part of its growth and evolution.”


Lollipop 2.0 Tearing Amazon Limb from Limb!

1 07 2008


Back on Father’s Day I released a track for FREE on THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM  for all the people who were supporting my website.  I was at 2,000 hits then.  Now, I’m pushing close to 5,000.  The track I released was “Lollipop 2.0”  the remix I made for Lollipop with a teaser of Oba Rowland’s new single DADDY in there, plus the verse from Kanye and the new one from Wayne.  i released it to Amazon.  And, it has become one of my most populare tracks on the digital retailer.  Out of all the tracks currently being sold on Amazon.com Lollipop 2.0 is currently, 4,194.  Pretty damn good considering the fact that Amazon is the #2 digital retailer behind Itunes.  It’s the fastest growing digital medium out there.  If you don’t have it download it from the FREE DOWNLOADS SECTION!!!!!!