What Should Win Rap Album of the Year?

4 12 2008


The Grammy Nominees were announced yesterday and the most interesting “battle” to me is the rap album of the year.  


You got:

Jay-Z American Gangster

Lil Wayne-The Carter III

Lupe Fiasco-The Cool


T.I.-Paper Trail


If I were a Grammy voter, I would use my vote for American Gangster.  But, I wouldn’t be so hard pressed to give my vote for T.I.  Wayne just isn’t getting my vote because even though C3 had some very high points, it’s not cohesive enough as American Gangster or as reflective and soul touching as Paper Trail.  If I had to rank these five albums it would be as follows:

1. American Gangster

2.Paper Trail


4.The Cool

5. The Carter III

How would you rank them?  I wanna hear this!  Dont be shy!

T.I. WILL Testify Tommorrow in The Murder Case

20 11 2008



According to AllHipHop T.I. will testify tommorrow in the case again Hosea Thomas, the alleged shooter of his best friend Philant Johnson.  Earlier THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM reported that he might or might not but T.I.P will testify in the case against Hosea.  I DEFINITLY think this is apart of his plea agreement.  It just sounds TOO fishy.  With all the “cooperating” that T.I.P. is doing it just doesn’t seem to add up to me.  Of course he could be doing this to put his best friend’s killer behind bars.  But, being with him about to go behind bars himself, it makes me think.  I definitely think that this was somewhere apart of his plea agreement.  

Peep the AHH article:

Grammy Award-winning rapper T.I. is scheduled to appear in a Cincinnati courtroom Friday to offer his testimony against Hosea Thomas, the 34-year-old man accused of killing the rapper’s childhood friend and personal assistant Philant Johnson in 2006.

The Grand Hustle/Atlantic recording artist will offer his account of the chain of events that led to a car chase and gun battle in which Thomas is accused of firing at two vans carrying T.I.’s entourage along I-75 in Cincinnati in the early morning hours of May 3.


The altercation left Johnson dead at the scene and four others injured.

T.I.’s testimony comes on the third day of witness accounts as the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office presents its case against Thomas.

So far, the jury selected on Monday (November 7), has heard from eyewitnesses, members of T.I.’s entourage and a person who was in the Jeep Cherokee with Thomas on the night in question.


No word on whether that person was the prosecution’s star witness, 40-year-old Padron Thomas, who provided authorities with incriminating evidence against his brother Hosea as part of a plea deal.

In related news, T.I. is reportedly expanding his musical repertoire as well.


Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has revealed that one of his many upcoming projects is a collaboration with the Atlanta rapper.

Sambora did not provide details as to whether the collaboration would be for Bon Jovi’s upcoming greatest hits album, which will feature new material by the rock band.

New T.I. Video-What Up, What’s Happenin Video

12 09 2008


This has to be the greatest music video ever.  Especially, the scenes with TIP sittin’ in front of the BOWEN HOMES sign.  That was a great scene.  Peep the Black on Red Dodge Challenger.  Officially jeleous…But, with the beef bein’ over how does this look??? Lowblow, personally I dont think so.  Great  Video.

T.I. No Matter What Video (My Favorite Song of 2008)

28 06 2008


After seeing this video, it makes me realize how much I really like T.I.  I love how this dude spit real shit.  He can make you feel his trials and tribulation.  He also inspires you to pull through whatever you going through.  I’m really on this song.  I know it came out months ago, but I love this record.  Its thick with content and the lyrics are amazing.  This is what makes T.I.P. better than Wayne to me.  He relates real life through his music better than anyone in the game right now even Jay-Z.  This is my favorite song out right now.  I love this song.