La The Darkman and CTE Get Into It @ The Dirty Awards

25 11 2008


young_jeezy_802349I don’t know whether to believe this or not.  Frankly because T.I.P. and Shawty Lo’s camp got into it at the same award show.  However, this very well could still have happened.  Again, details are faint at this moment in time.  But, when I get some more information I will let you all know what the deal.  Until then , I’m going to let DX speak for me.

Details are emerging as two of Atlanta’s major players came to a clash at the 2008 Dirty Awards in Atlanta. A scuffle ensued that reportedly left members of Jeezy‘sCTE squad covered in blood.

A witness told HipHopDX late this evening that they saw Aphilliates President La The Darkman, presently signed to SRC Records, along with members of his entourage, responding after they were verbally taunted by Young Jeezy and members of his entourage. Over five people were reportedly involved, and although claims stated that it was the CTE side that left injured, no official word has been given.

Jeezy To Make A Video For My President Is Black!!!!

19 11 2008


I was just talking about this to one of my homegirls.  It’s about fucking time.  I just saw the Crazy World video and I was thinking that it should have been the ‘My President is Black’ video in its place.   Anywho, a nigga like me is actually excited to see this come forth.  I hope Jeezy do this video right!


Hip-Hop star Young Jeezy is calling upon the local community in Atlanta, Georgia, to help him film the video for his single “My President” featuring Nas. Jeezy, who is co-directing the video with Gabriel Hart, is holding a public rally at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta this Sunday (November 23). “My President” is Young Jeezy’s chart-topping album The Recession. The video is the rapper’s latest showing of support for Barack Obama. In addition to voting for the first time, Young Jeezy volunteered at a local phone bank, where he registered voters and showed his support for Obama. The shoot for “My President,“ Jeezy’s political anthem will take place from 11:00 am until 6:00 PM.


Young Jeezy-Crazy World (Music Video)

19 11 2008


Dope Video.  I like how Videos are getting more and more conceptually based and focused on the meaning of the song.  This video really brings out the song.  It’s low budget, but so what.  It gets Jeezy’s point across.  I’m actually waiting on Who Dat.  That video got BG in it.  I’m interested to see how that plays out!

BMF Founders Hit With 30 Years

14 09 2008


You may ask, Shift what’s the relevance of this to hip-hop of you even.  First off I think that the sheer amount of money these dudes made off coke is UPSURD!!!!  Their empire was worth close to 270 MILLION!!!!  Second of all, with all that cake why did they ONLY sign “Blu Divinci”.  I have no clue.  But, man this is like some American Gangster Frank Lucas type shit.  And, you know Hov tore this subject matter to shreds on “FALLIN”.  But, we won’t get into that here.  But, the BMF founders were sentenced to thirty years a piece.  And, Big Meech is 40 years old.  So, if he lives that long GOD WILLING, he’ll be 70 when he gets out.  His brother will be 68.  Wow, just wow.  Here’s what AHH had to say about it.



Brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory were sentenced yesterday (September 12) to 30 years in prison, for running the cocaine organization known as The Black Mafia Family.


Demetrius and Terry were apprehended in 2005 and indicted under the CCE (Continuing Criminal Enterprise) law, which like RICO charges carry life sentences.


Under the federal prison system, there is no parole option.


Seeking to avoid spending the rest of their natural lives in prison, the brothers pleaded guilty in November 2007 to the CCE charges and laundering drug money in hopes of serving the minimum 20 year sentence.


However, evidence presented by prosecutors resulted in 30 year sentences for both men. BMF was founded by the brothers in Detroit during the late 1980s.


After quickly securing valuable contacts with international coke suppliers, the organization grew to a nationwide criminal conspiracy within a few years.


The group began to draw unwanted attention from federal agents in 2003 once they established a high-profile operation in Atlanta, where they erected billboards, held lavish parties, created DVDs, and boasted of their connections with rappers Young Jeezy and Fabolous.


Also notable in the organization’s downfall was Meech’s involvement in a brazen 2003 shootout in the Buckhead nightclub section of Atlanta that left two men dead, including Sean “Diddy” Combs’ bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones.


In 2005, agents raided several key BMF operations in Georgia, Michigan, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, and California.


To date, those raids have resulted in over 150 indictments of BMF members or associates, effectively dismantling the drug empire.


According to authorities, these convictions of BMF’s top members end a 15 year investigation into the Black Mafia Family’s criminal enterprise.


At their peak, Demetrius (age 40) and Terry (age 38) Flenory are estimated to have controlled a cocaine empire worth $270 million.

The Cincinnati Monster Exclusive: Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z PUT ON REMIX

29 07 2008



Big Ups to my homie Jeezy for dis song and concept.  Big Ups for handling changing up his flow, becoming more wittier with his flow.  Big Ups for payin my nigga DRUMMA BOY.  This song wouldnt have happened wit him. Last but not least big ups for TRYING to hang wit Hov.  However, HOV did his thang on dis shit!!!!!  Thaz all Imma say…CINCINNATI MONSTER EXCLUSIVE FOR YO MUTHA FUCK’N ASS!!!!!!! 


21 07 2008


This has been my shit since it came out.  As a fan, i was waiting on the video, kinda let down by the Kanye cameo, could have been better.  But, my nigga Jeezy held it down.  I hope it don’t come out dat dis nigga fake too.  Gangsta rap would cease to exsist.  Anywho, this video is clean.  I like the black color scheme, and even the black and silver American flag.  It’s good imagery for people to familiarize themselves with Jeezy’s album and plight.  VERY GOOD MARKETING!!!! Def Jam is onto something here!  I bet you start seeing more of those flags.  Put ya royalty check on it nigga!!!! Anyway thats my two cents on the video.  Check it out and make sure you download that mutha fuckin FAMOUS STRANGER song, THE YFL.



The Cincinnati Monster Top 10 for the Week of July 7th 2008

14 07 2008


I‘ve really been listening to alot of Hip-Hop right about now.  Certain summer records are growing on me others…nah!  But, my Top 10 has lightweight been shuffling.  Check it out and see whats going down!!!

1.  Nas ft. Keri Hilson Hero

2. Swizz Beatz- Where Da Cash At

3. T.I.-What Up

4.  Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West-Put On

5.  Plies-Somebody loves You

6. Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne-Girls Around the World

7.  Chip the Ripper-Fresh, Fly, Fitted

8. T.I.-Swing Ya Rag

9. Lil Wayne-A Milli

10. Red Cafe ft. Fat Joe, Jadakiss and Fabolous-Paper Touchin (remix)

Jay-Z to Appear on Young Jeezy’s Put On Remix!

14 07 2008


Ok now everybody who is a frequent visitor to my site knows that Put On is my shit!!!! But, now that the remix is coming, you all should know if you don’t know already that GOD MC Jay-Z is going to be on the remix!!!!!  Wow, I dont care who else is going to be on it.  And, as long as Hov doesn’t use the VOCODER, we should be straight!!!!!!

DJ Khaled Readies We Global!

26 06 2008


I can’t hate on Khaled.  He’s the ring leader of a new movement and he doesn’t do anything but holler on songs.  He does alot of things behind closed doors and he’s today’s music executive.  He’s everywhere, he has his hands on the best music and great relationships with today’s hottest artists.  He has a label deal with Koch and now Def Jam for his label the We The Best Music Group.  He has a new artist, Ace Hood who isn’t that bad.  He’s moving in the right direction.  I like Khaled.  I like what he’s doing.  He’s becoming a force on his own, I can’t knock the man’s hustle nor his passion for the game, I’m takin’ notes.  So here’s the news.




DJ Khaled has put together some pretty big collaborations in the past to go along with his albums laced with some of the finest Hip Hop has to offer. The trend is set to continue as DJ Khaled prepares his latest dish titled We Global on Koch/We The Best Music Group.

We Global will be Khaled’s third album and will be jump started by the lead single “Out Here Grindin” which will feature AkonLil BoosieRick RossPliesYoung JeezyTrick Daddy and Ace Hood with production by The Runners.

“’Out Here Grindin’” is the biggest record in the streets!! This will be the anthem for ‘08!” says Khaled via statement. “I do this for the streets!!! WE GLOBAL!!!! This record is for the people!!!”

video for the single is currently in the works.

We Global will feature Kanye WestFabolousFat JoeNasSean PaulBusta RhymesFlo-RidaAkonRick RossYoung JeezyTrick Daddy and many more to be announced. Production will be handled by the likes of The RunnersDanja,NastyThe IncrediblesCool and Dre and Beat Novacaine.

Look for We Global to be released on September 16th.   





The Cincinnati Monster TOP 10 SONGS of the week of 6/15/2008

21 06 2008




1. Lil Wayne-A Milli

2.Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West-Put On

3. DJ Khaled ft. Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Lil Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood and Lil Wayne-Out Here Grindin

4. B.G. ft. Magnolia Chop-Keep it 100

5. Young Buck-Taped Phone Conversation

6. Oba Rowland ft. Whitney Foard-Bring The Freak Out

7. G-Unit-Straight Outta Southside

8. Chip The Ripper-Fresh, Fly

9. Doe Boy-Datts What Money Do

10. G-Eazy-I Be in the Lab