Famous Stranger-Yung Fella TV (Produced By:3rd-Shift)

19 11 2008




Yo its been a while since I’ve dropped a new song on my website and because of that. I’m giving you my favorite song out right now.  Its my favorite song because of the way this whole song came to pass.  The concept of the song if fire and of course the beat is as well.  I fuck with this song.  The song is called Yung Fella TV.  The concept is edgy, the lyrics are supurb and gritty and pretty much flawless.  Its totally official so check it out!!!!

The Coup d’Etat II:Back to Business DOWNLOAD LINK!!!!

7 10 2008


Its finally here!!!  The Coup d’Etat II: Back to Business Mixtape by 3rd-Shift!!!!  The mixtape features:  Oba Rowland


Lil Bossy

Famous Stranger

Tony Harrell

Pay Ray

and of course me!!!!



1st Song From The Coup d’Etat pt. II OBA ROWLAND-WHO BETTER (A Milli 2.0)

3 09 2008

(Click The Photos to Download)


The Coup d’Etat II comes to a computer near you OCTOBER 7TH, 2008!!!  Check out a sample of what’s to come on 10.7.08!!!!  This is some brand new OFFICIAL Oba Rowland!  As you know the Coup d’Etat II will be ALL original but you know THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM keeps an ace up his sleeve.  DOWNLOAD THIS FREE EXCLUSIVE!  And, stay posted for the Coup d’Etat pt. II on October 7th, 2008.  


The Coup d’Etat II Back to Business features:


Oba Rowland

Lil Bossy


Pay Ray

5th Child

and more!!!!!

Lil Wayne’s Daughter is NOT Dead!!!!

12 08 2008

Shout out to everyone who worked Freedom School 08 with me.  I had the chance of meeting Wayne’s daughter at our Summer Program. She was nieces of one of the counselors that worked there.  And, believe you and me that girl is NOT 8 years old.  She walked around the camp asking for asprin!!!! What 8 year old girl asks for asprin lol?!?!? But, she was a sweetheart.  Never brought up who her daddy was, just was a little girl GROWN AS THE FUCK!  But, yo seriously I started to get calls like Shift, Wayne’s daughter died.  My manager even called me.  No WAYNE’S DAUGHTER IS NOT DEAD.  BTW, who would make up a rumor like that?  That’s corny.  Leave people’s kids out of it.  Especially on a weekend where we lost two legends.  C’mom grow up!!!  But Wayne issued a statement on the matter check it out:



“It has come to my attention that there are recent reports circulating regarding my daughter. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who are genuinely concerned about Reginae and her safety. Please allow me to dispel any rumors or speculations and report that my daughter is alive, healthy and surrounded by family who care and love her dearly. The rumors are completely false and unfounded; neither Reginae nor any other member of my family has been involved in any car accident. My family and I truly appreciate the concern and support shown to us.”


Damn, Grow Up Ppl!

Download the New Famous Stranger Song

Yung Fella TV

Produced By:  3rd-Shift The Cincinnati Monster



21 07 2008

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Just for coming to the site today and helping break records at THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM I’m giving away free audio today!!!  This is the EXCLUSIVE Famous Stranger joint titled: The YFL Produced By: Yours Truly 3rd-Shift aka The Cincinnati Monster.  Like I said earlier I was trying to hold on to the record but, by you guys showing me so much love today, I had to show love back so download it for FREE!!!!!!  Simply by clicking the album art.  Holla @ cha nigga mayne.  I hope you enjoy the song.

Thanks For The Love!

21 07 2008

Today was a record setting day @ THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM.  Today we had our most hits in one day.  Damn near 2,000 hits for a new website, my vision and my new pride and joy.  I want to take this time out to personally thank everyone who visited today.  Most people came to the site today to check out the Rick Ross Drama thats unfolding.  I liked Ross, still do but this is crazy!!!!  But, anyway to celebrate THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM going over 10,000 hits I’m going to release a song that I was saving for my album.  It’s called The Y.F.L. by my man Famous Stranger.  YFL stands for Young Fella League andwhen you hear the song you’ll understand.  Famous is an artist from New Orleans with crazy talent, original to the T and is really fresh.  We’ve done some work in the past but this song gave a lasting impression on me and I was trying to save it but….DAMN being your own boss has its PERCS!  So check out the song when I host it via THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM!!!!! 

Check Out 3rd-Shift on Big Boot Radio Tonight @ 10 Eastern!

9 07 2008

Tonight @ 10pm Eastern time, 9pm Standard time, 3rd-Shift The Cincinnati Monster will be live on BIG BOOT RADIO w/ Alex McCondouit!!!  Come check out the interview as The Cincinnati Monster talks about: THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM website, his next moves and also brings new music from: Oba Rowland, Lil Bossy and Famous Stranger.  To listen to the interview simply click the picture above and the feed will begin to stream live from your computer.  To call in and ask 3rd-Shift a question simply dial (504) 865-3635.  CHECK OUT THE INTERVIEW!!!