The First Annual Lil Monster’s Toy Drive

1 12 2008

The year 2008 has been a roller coaster for me. Personally, i battled with a lot of issues that really took a toll on me. I went through a lot of things in the past calender year. But, one thing affected me so much that I can’t ever look past the experience. This past summer I served as a summer intern for the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School. In Freedom School I worked with a lot of children who were forgotten and misguided. I loved those kids. They were such a joy to me that I loved to come home worn out after a long day. I really affected them. Working with them was so great to me that I have decided to reach out and help more children in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. With Christmas a little more than a month away, I’ve decided to team up with the Zulu Social and Leisure Club here in New Orleans for the first annual Little Monster’s Toy Drive. Every year the Zulu Club holds a Toy Drive for children in the Sixth Ward in New Orleans and right before the Holidays they distribute the toys. This is amazing! During this time of economic hardship it may be even harder for families to give their children gifts but as a community we can come together to make sure every family has a wonderful holiday season! I signed on for this event because I believe I love helping and serving the community no matter where I’m located. My goal for this drive is 10 families. I want to help the Zulu Club help 10 families this year. And, I need ALL of your help and support. I’m calling everyone who reads this note and all of the upcoming press to reach out and help me to provide 10 families with the toys and gifts that they deserve! 

How The Drive WIll Work:

I will set up collection boxes at the following universities:

Loyola University
Tulane University
Xavier University 
Dillard University
University of New Orleans

If you have slightly used toys that are in good shape please drop them in the donation boxes at these campuses.


Give all toys to me and I will take care of it!

If you don’t have SLIGHTLY used toys, feel free to purchase new toys for these kids!
(I would prefer you purchase NEW toys. Who wants to open OLD TOYS for XMAS?!?)


If you dont want to buy toys, I will be taking donations and I will go out and shop for toys for these children. All donations will be excepted and I’m looking forward to you helping the Lil Monster’s Toy Drive reach it’s goal. 

I am looking for ENERGETIC, COMMITTED and DEPENDABLE people to assist me in reaching the community with this drive. I’m looking for people who can go out and canvas for these kids and people to go out and collect toys from drop off points. 


I am serious about reaching out into the community and being a positive influence on what people have kicked around and labeled bad for so long. How can we uplift our neighborhoods and children if they have nothing to look up to or be hopeful about. Yes, we have a black president but Barack can’t do it all. Lets be the change we want to see in the world. So I’m calling out to all fraternities, sororities, student organizations, faculty and abled man and woman to pitch in and give 10 FAMILIES gifts for the holidays! 

To help the casue:




FACEBOOK ME-Kelvin Monsta Brown (Loyola New Orleans)
CALL ME-contact me to get my number

Last but not least, if you know a family that would benefit from the Little Monster’s Toy Drive that lives outside the target area (The Sixth Ward of New Orleans) either in the New Orleans Metro Area or NATIONWIDE please submit their information and we will take care of it! Thank you!!!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Monster,



Kelvin K. Brown

3rd-Shift Reacts to The Times Piccayune and Articles

1 10 2008


Everything I can possibly say is here so enjoy and once again thank you!

The Coup d’Etat II Front Cover and Tracklisting

30 09 2008


1. Coup Intro-3rd-Shift
2. Who Better-Oba Rowland ft. 3rd-Shift
3. Where You Been-Lil Bossy
4. ABC Bounce-Uncle Monster
5. The YFL-Famous Stranger
6. I’m The Bomb-Oba Rowland ft. 3rd-Shift
7. My Niggaz-Oba Rowland
8. 3rd-Shift Speaks About Instrumentals
9. 3rd-Strumental 1
10. Be With You-Oba Rowland
11. 3rd-Shift Talks I’m Focused
12. I’m Focused-G-Eazy ft. 3rd-Shift
13. Daddy-Oba Rowland ft. Tony Harrell
14. So 100-Oba Rowland ft. Pay Ray
15. Knockin-G-Eazy
16. My Dougie (Freestyle Interlude)-Lil Bossy
17. Young Black Man-5th Child ft. 3rd-Shift
18. 3rd-Strumental 2
19. Shout Outs-3rd-Shift

***Bonus Track***
TRY ME-Oba Rowland

3rd-Shift in the New Orleans Times Piccayune!!!

30 09 2008


Ok, so I made a mistake.  Big No No, I took the fowarding address of my blog so that I could prep the actual layout on Go Daddy’s server and missed the BIGGEST PROMO of all time!!!! Stupid me, come to find out that while I’ve been running the country, LITTERALLY I’ve been missing hits like a BEEEEEEEEITH.  Lmao but, real talk I was in the New Orleans’ Times Piccayune yesterday.  The feeling was great to have so many people call me and congratulate me.  But, as the day wore on I just felt like why are they congratulating me?  I really haven’t accomplished anything.  There is still SO MUCH work to do.  Now the scope just gets bigger.  I have so much to accomplish and to get after.  I was greatful for the article, but I haven’t done shit yet.  It was just a serious wake up call.  Now, I’m beginning to be precieved as a SERIOUS individual and producer and entity in the music INDUSTRY.  Now, its time to work even harder to aquire what I desire.

1st 1,000 Viewers

18 05 2008

I started this site in April and in May The Cincinnati has hit a 1,000 views. Thats what up! i want to thank everybody who has been comin’ to the site to check out what’s been goin on in the realm of 3rd-Shift. What I’ve been working on is The Cincinnati Monster mix album. Im aiming this to be better than the Coup d’Etat so I’ve been working to give it a totally different flavor than the Coup. Here’s what you can expect from The Cincinnati Monster. ALOT MORE OBA ROWLAND, 5TH CHILD and less remixes. I’ve been toying with the idea solely because I want to showcase more underground artists and give my brand a more serious taste. Remixes are cool, they’re attention getters (thanks M2M lmao). However, in order to make the step from beatmaker to record producer, I think it has to be 100% original. DJ Redd Flash is going to be hosting The Cincinnati Monster again. So expect some more fire skits. I’m working with a new artist. Well new to my listers but old to the people who have been following me since my ODU days. I’m working with Lil Bossy again. He’s contributed a track to The Cincinnati Monster called, “Where You Been At?”. That song is bananaz! Oba Rowland has been working extremely hard giving me material. I might have to toss one out just so you can believe me! This fat guy is a problem. But, just know I’ve been working extremely hard on this producer/mix album. I’m ready to get it popping. The first single will be released in the next 2-3 weeks. It’s going to be an Oba Rowland joint. I’m debating between 2 right now. So, haters keep hating. Supporters keep supporting and I’ll see both of you guys at the top.


My Feelings on the Sean Bell Verdict

28 04 2008

I’m going to be honest, i haven’t been following this case. When the Sean Bell tragedy came out, I kinda scoffed it off and passed it up. Howver, this all changed when the verdict came out. I don’t understand how police officers can shot someone 50 TIMES and have an explanation for it. Wait a minute? He was unarmed. Regardless of reports that said, they heard him say he had a gun, or they thought he had a gun. BULLSHIT. What BLACK MAN tells the police that he has a gun in the car? Are you serious? Thats asking for a death wish. Furthermore, I sit here perplexed asking myself how they got off. They say Bell’s friends testimony was arrogant and belligerent. Ok, so thats enough to get you aquitted of murder? An arrogant testimoney can sway a jury from the facts? Right, so if a white privelaged family’s character witness was on stage being “arrogant” a child rapist would be found not-guilty. Gimme a break! I am pretty upset at this shit. I know America itself is a business. (One that’s being ran into the ground might I add). But, where are the morals in this country? Its not even about black and white anymore. How as Americans can we continue to let this slide? What are we standing for? Being a young black male in this country, I understand I am a target. Why? Because I’m black first. Second, because I am not the norm and people are scared of me. Scared of me? Are you serious? Why are you scared of me? Because you don’t understand me…Ahhh, not it comes to fruition. People fear what they don’t understand. They feared Sean Bell, they killed him. And, Michael Vick rotts in prison for fighting Lassie? Get the fuck outta here! They crucified Mike Vick for something that “they” hold true. But, had mercy on a group of cops (one was black) because purely of what Sean Bell represented. It makes me sick. I got into argument with my home girl over this. (Shout Outs to my girl Jessica Bailey). JB totally feels that America is designed to destroy the black man. She feels that the standards in America that are in place are in place to destroy the black family, the man and keep our women down. I disagreed until a couple of weeks ago. Now, I agree. But, until then I argued “for” America. I dunno, it’s only the place where I’ve known my whole life. Its only the place where I’ve grown up, loved and cherished for the past twenty one years of existance. But, how can i defend a country who allows these kinds of things to happen. Where are our morals? What do we value? This shit pisses me off on a whole different level. It’s not about black and white, but it is. America is about capitialism. WInners and losers so to speak. And, to a degree I believe that’s ok. What I don’t agree with is that African-Americans are always the losers. We’re too fucking ignorant about the things that really matter and when things like this happen to show us how the system really thinks about us we get upset. Well, this is a reality. We’re the losers in America and they don’t give a fuck about us! They throw us in jail by the hundreds of thousands to pay the bills, they continue to pump drugs in our communities but then condem it when it reaches theirs. They don’t offer a lick of help. And, what do we do? Kill each other? Ignorace is no longer bliss. Fuck ignorance. Its time as African-Americans that we stand for something. It’s time we smarten up. It’s time as a country that we put morals back into the system and offer help to those that need it. It’s time as a country that we stop praising money and praise strong moral values and put the family back into America. It’s hillarious to see every presidential candidate talk about these things yet do ABSOLUTELY nothing about it. All of them, except one. And, that one is Barack Obama. But, the system says there’s something wrong with him because “all that family shit is cool, but what about the war in Iraq?” America is fucked up! My heart and soul goes out to the Bell family, especially his fiance. What if that would have been yours that was killed the day before you got married? Tell the ones you love them while they can still hear it and appreicate them. Its time to wake up!