The Coup d’Etat II Front Cover and Tracklisting

30 09 2008


1. Coup Intro-3rd-Shift
2. Who Better-Oba Rowland ft. 3rd-Shift
3. Where You Been-Lil Bossy
4. ABC Bounce-Uncle Monster
5. The YFL-Famous Stranger
6. I’m The Bomb-Oba Rowland ft. 3rd-Shift
7. My Niggaz-Oba Rowland
8. 3rd-Shift Speaks About Instrumentals
9. 3rd-Strumental 1
10. Be With You-Oba Rowland
11. 3rd-Shift Talks I’m Focused
12. I’m Focused-G-Eazy ft. 3rd-Shift
13. Daddy-Oba Rowland ft. Tony Harrell
14. So 100-Oba Rowland ft. Pay Ray
15. Knockin-G-Eazy
16. My Dougie (Freestyle Interlude)-Lil Bossy
17. Young Black Man-5th Child ft. 3rd-Shift
18. 3rd-Strumental 2
19. Shout Outs-3rd-Shift

***Bonus Track***
TRY ME-Oba Rowland




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