3rd-Shift in the New Orleans Times Piccayune!!!

30 09 2008


Ok, so I made a mistake.  Big No No, I took the fowarding address of my blog so that I could prep the actual layout on Go Daddy’s server and missed the BIGGEST PROMO of all time!!!! Stupid me, come to find out that while I’ve been running the country, LITTERALLY I’ve been missing hits like a BEEEEEEEEITH.  Lmao but, real talk I was in the New Orleans’ Times Piccayune yesterday.  The feeling was great to have so many people call me and congratulate me.  But, as the day wore on I just felt like why are they congratulating me?  I really haven’t accomplished anything.  There is still SO MUCH work to do.  Now the scope just gets bigger.  I have so much to accomplish and to get after.  I was greatful for the article, but I haven’t done shit yet.  It was just a serious wake up call.  Now, I’m beginning to be precieved as a SERIOUS individual and producer and entity in the music INDUSTRY.  Now, its time to work even harder to aquire what I desire.




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