My Feelings on the Sean Bell Verdict

28 04 2008

I’m going to be honest, i haven’t been following this case. When the Sean Bell tragedy came out, I kinda scoffed it off and passed it up. Howver, this all changed when the verdict came out. I don’t understand how police officers can shot someone 50 TIMES and have an explanation for it. Wait a minute? He was unarmed. Regardless of reports that said, they heard him say he had a gun, or they thought he had a gun. BULLSHIT. What BLACK MAN tells the police that he has a gun in the car? Are you serious? Thats asking for a death wish. Furthermore, I sit here perplexed asking myself how they got off. They say Bell’s friends testimony was arrogant and belligerent. Ok, so thats enough to get you aquitted of murder? An arrogant testimoney can sway a jury from the facts? Right, so if a white privelaged family’s character witness was on stage being “arrogant” a child rapist would be found not-guilty. Gimme a break! I am pretty upset at this shit. I know America itself is a business. (One that’s being ran into the ground might I add). But, where are the morals in this country? Its not even about black and white anymore. How as Americans can we continue to let this slide? What are we standing for? Being a young black male in this country, I understand I am a target. Why? Because I’m black first. Second, because I am not the norm and people are scared of me. Scared of me? Are you serious? Why are you scared of me? Because you don’t understand me…Ahhh, not it comes to fruition. People fear what they don’t understand. They feared Sean Bell, they killed him. And, Michael Vick rotts in prison for fighting Lassie? Get the fuck outta here! They crucified Mike Vick for something that “they” hold true. But, had mercy on a group of cops (one was black) because purely of what Sean Bell represented. It makes me sick. I got into argument with my home girl over this. (Shout Outs to my girl Jessica Bailey). JB totally feels that America is designed to destroy the black man. She feels that the standards in America that are in place are in place to destroy the black family, the man and keep our women down. I disagreed until a couple of weeks ago. Now, I agree. But, until then I argued “for” America. I dunno, it’s only the place where I’ve known my whole life. Its only the place where I’ve grown up, loved and cherished for the past twenty one years of existance. But, how can i defend a country who allows these kinds of things to happen. Where are our morals? What do we value? This shit pisses me off on a whole different level. It’s not about black and white, but it is. America is about capitialism. WInners and losers so to speak. And, to a degree I believe that’s ok. What I don’t agree with is that African-Americans are always the losers. We’re too fucking ignorant about the things that really matter and when things like this happen to show us how the system really thinks about us we get upset. Well, this is a reality. We’re the losers in America and they don’t give a fuck about us! They throw us in jail by the hundreds of thousands to pay the bills, they continue to pump drugs in our communities but then condem it when it reaches theirs. They don’t offer a lick of help. And, what do we do? Kill each other? Ignorace is no longer bliss. Fuck ignorance. Its time as African-Americans that we stand for something. It’s time we smarten up. It’s time as a country that we put morals back into the system and offer help to those that need it. It’s time as a country that we stop praising money and praise strong moral values and put the family back into America. It’s hillarious to see every presidential candidate talk about these things yet do ABSOLUTELY nothing about it. All of them, except one. And, that one is Barack Obama. But, the system says there’s something wrong with him because “all that family shit is cool, but what about the war in Iraq?” America is fucked up! My heart and soul goes out to the Bell family, especially his fiance. What if that would have been yours that was killed the day before you got married? Tell the ones you love them while they can still hear it and appreicate them. Its time to wake up!




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