Pt. 1 of The Grand Hustle vs. Shawty Lo Brawl

25 11 2008

Damn, I keep finding footage of this shit!!!!  This shit wild.  I totally blame the Dirty Awards for this.  Why did they let these fools perform this song?!?!?  They asking for problems.  Anywho, Alfamega is a REAL nigga!!!!!

Too Hood To Be Hollywood FINALLY Gets A Release Date!

13 08 2008

The Cincinnati Monster and Gizzle


Shout out to my homie B GIZZLE!  The number one original Hot Boy will be making a guest appearance on my debut production album The Cincinnati Monster.  However, on a different note my nigga FINALLY gets a release date.  Well, he’s had like 4.  But, due to botched singles and other label differences he’s been pushed back “like Flo-Rida’s hair line”.  But, fuck all dat son.  NOVEMBER 25TH!  Gizzle is being release NOVEMBER 25TH 2008.  No, sadly there won’t be any production from THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM.  However, future production with Gizzle, the 80’s Babies and The Chopper City Boyz is on deck believe dat.  New Orleans Hip-Hop is coming back to the light!  Wayne held it down, but Gizzle gon hold it down nigga.  If you haven’t heard the new single, Ya Heard Me with the Hot Boys and Trey Songz, then check it out right here.


15 06 2008


THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM has new music just for the fathers out there!!!! New shit!!! This is an excerpt from the NEW MIXTAPE from the COUP D’ETAT pt. 2.  Its LOLLIPOP 2.0!  How can 3rd-Shift have a remix of a remix???? Simple, put OBA ROWLAND on dat bitch!!!  Kanye, Oba Rowland and Wayne…WHAT THE FUCK?!? datts fiya rite there!!!!  Dont forget, that JUNE 17TH, 2008  Lil Bossy and his new single comes available!!!! WHERE YOU BEEN AT?!?  




15 06 2008

Yea thats me in the middle with the big ass smile and big ass head.  My family minus a couple of pieces who couldnt make it to my lil brothers graduation (da big head dude in a suit).  But, nevertheless HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the fathers out there!  My step dad, pictured to the right is a heavy influence to my music.  As a matter of face, he’s an influence on why I call myself 3rd-Shift.  When I was a pre-teen he would work 2 jobs, one in the day and one at night to support my mom brother and I.  So I modeled my musical work ethic to his.  No sleep, constant grind, constant effort.  Plus, dude was up all night.  Couldn’t even scheme as a pre teen lmao!!!  Regardless, from THE CINCINNATI MONSTER to every father out there especially the black ones, KEEP TAKING CARE OF YOUR FAMILIES!!!



New Oba Rowland!!!!!!

25 05 2008

Head over to the FREE DOWNLOAD section of THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM and get the BRAND NEW freestyle from Oba Rowland!!!!!!