15 06 2008

Yea thats me in the middle with the big ass smile and big ass head.  My family minus a couple of pieces who couldnt make it to my lil brothers graduation (da big head dude in a suit).  But, nevertheless HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the fathers out there!  My step dad, pictured to the right is a heavy influence to my music.  As a matter of face, he’s an influence on why I call myself 3rd-Shift.  When I was a pre-teen he would work 2 jobs, one in the day and one at night to support my mom brother and I.  So I modeled my musical work ethic to his.  No sleep, constant grind, constant effort.  Plus, dude was up all night.  Couldn’t even scheme as a pre teen lmao!!!  Regardless, from THE CINCINNATI MONSTER to every father out there especially the black ones, KEEP TAKING CARE OF YOUR FAMILIES!!!






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