New Oba Rowland Coming Friday 12.12.2008

9 12 2008

Thats right!!!  New music from Oba Rowland comes this friday @ midnight!!!  The new song, That N***a will be available to all visitors to THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM!  The song is produced by none other than 3rd-Shift so check it out!!! So, come check it out this Friday!!!

The Cincinnati Monster Out Canvasing For The Kids!

8 12 2008

This past weekend I hit the streets of New Orleans hard for The Lil Monster’s Toy Drive.  I had fun getting out and talking to people.  Alex and I hit up a mostly white section of town to make people aware of The Lil Monster’s Toy Drive.  At first people thought we were thugs or something.  But, we just kept on talking and people began to warm up to what we were talking about and began to identify with our cause.  I got to admit though, the white people who tried to play me son PISSED ME OFF!!!  I would be trying to hand them flyers and they’d look at me like I was trying to sell them crack.  One lady tucked her hand behind her back and kept saying no thank you.  So I began to start my conversation off with, “Hello my name is Kelvin, I’m a student at Loyola University and I’m sponsoring a toy drive.”  Once that barrier of communication was knocked down, the fun and real joy began.  It was cool to see people embrace those less fortunate than themselves.  Check these vids out.  Al even tried to play me on one of them lmao!   



The Lil Monster’s Toy Drive!

6 12 2008


Help me help the kids!

The First Annual Lil Monster’s Toy Drive

1 12 2008

The year 2008 has been a roller coaster for me. Personally, i battled with a lot of issues that really took a toll on me. I went through a lot of things in the past calender year. But, one thing affected me so much that I can’t ever look past the experience. This past summer I served as a summer intern for the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School. In Freedom School I worked with a lot of children who were forgotten and misguided. I loved those kids. They were such a joy to me that I loved to come home worn out after a long day. I really affected them. Working with them was so great to me that I have decided to reach out and help more children in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. With Christmas a little more than a month away, I’ve decided to team up with the Zulu Social and Leisure Club here in New Orleans for the first annual Little Monster’s Toy Drive. Every year the Zulu Club holds a Toy Drive for children in the Sixth Ward in New Orleans and right before the Holidays they distribute the toys. This is amazing! During this time of economic hardship it may be even harder for families to give their children gifts but as a community we can come together to make sure every family has a wonderful holiday season! I signed on for this event because I believe I love helping and serving the community no matter where I’m located. My goal for this drive is 10 families. I want to help the Zulu Club help 10 families this year. And, I need ALL of your help and support. I’m calling everyone who reads this note and all of the upcoming press to reach out and help me to provide 10 families with the toys and gifts that they deserve! 

How The Drive WIll Work:

I will set up collection boxes at the following universities:

Loyola University
Tulane University
Xavier University 
Dillard University
University of New Orleans

If you have slightly used toys that are in good shape please drop them in the donation boxes at these campuses.


Give all toys to me and I will take care of it!

If you don’t have SLIGHTLY used toys, feel free to purchase new toys for these kids!
(I would prefer you purchase NEW toys. Who wants to open OLD TOYS for XMAS?!?)


If you dont want to buy toys, I will be taking donations and I will go out and shop for toys for these children. All donations will be excepted and I’m looking forward to you helping the Lil Monster’s Toy Drive reach it’s goal. 

I am looking for ENERGETIC, COMMITTED and DEPENDABLE people to assist me in reaching the community with this drive. I’m looking for people who can go out and canvas for these kids and people to go out and collect toys from drop off points. 


I am serious about reaching out into the community and being a positive influence on what people have kicked around and labeled bad for so long. How can we uplift our neighborhoods and children if they have nothing to look up to or be hopeful about. Yes, we have a black president but Barack can’t do it all. Lets be the change we want to see in the world. So I’m calling out to all fraternities, sororities, student organizations, faculty and abled man and woman to pitch in and give 10 FAMILIES gifts for the holidays! 

To help the casue:




FACEBOOK ME-Kelvin Monsta Brown (Loyola New Orleans)
CALL ME-contact me to get my number

Last but not least, if you know a family that would benefit from the Little Monster’s Toy Drive that lives outside the target area (The Sixth Ward of New Orleans) either in the New Orleans Metro Area or NATIONWIDE please submit their information and we will take care of it! Thank you!!!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Monster,



Kelvin K. Brown


30 11 2008

coup-mixtape-dunn-son1Whew, old shit alert!!! but this is the beginning of it all!  The Coup d’Etat is now available on Dat  Check it out ASAP!

You Know You Official When Jay-Z Jockin Yo Swagg

29 11 2008

Big ups to my boy Jeff Miller for pointing this out to me!  You know you official when Hov jockin you.  Jockin Jay-Z dont apply to the Monsta!!!  Fuckin rite!  Download 1900 Monsta rite here!  New Audio and Big Moves coming…



The Difference Between Asylum, Atlantic and Warner Brothers

25 11 2008


atlantic_recordsbmpI learn alot about the URBAN music industry from blogs and actual testimony from people that are in it and live it.  (Shout out to Tracey @ Chopper City) .  So i came across this blog entry @ Word of I’m not sure who its written by.  I want to give him his due, but man.  The entry is really informative.  It describes the difference between Asylum, Atlantic and Warner Brothers.  They are all the same company but have different breakdowns.  Check it out below.

A lot of people who visit my site are often confused about the relationship between Asylum Records, Atlantic Records, and Warner Bros. Records, since some of Asylum’s artists such as Paul Wall and Webbie have had the Atlantic Records logo on their albums. Well, let me try my best to explain this to you all to where it will make sense. First, let me give you a brief history on Asylum Records. Asylum Records has been around for a long time, since 1971 to be exact. However, it did not focus on Urban/Hip-Hop until 2004, when it the label was revamped into an urban music-based label independently managed by Warner Music Group (WMG). In 2006, WMG shifted Asylum to operate solely as an independent. Some of Asylums more known artists are Lil Boosie, Mike Jones, Webbie, Paul Wall, Shawty Lo, Bun B, and C-Murder. Asylum Records is an incubator to Warner Music Group and WMG operates as the parent label to Atlantic Records and Warner Bros. Records. Asylum works with independent labels that are currently buzzing regionally and help them take their records nationally. The label has a much smaller staff than Atlantic and Warner and it really helps the label when it comes to working with the acts signed to their labels. If an artist on Asylum who gains enough radio spins and the executives at the label believe that the album has legs for two or three singles, then the project potentially can be up-streamed to either Atlantic or Warner. This is what happened to Paul Wall where he was up-streamed and his album “The Peoples Champ” was released in conjunction with Atlantic Records and went on to go platinum. The same thing happened with Mike Jones and his platinum album “Who is Mike Jones?,” which was released in conjunction with Warner Bros. With some projects, Atlantic will provide help to Asylum with things that they can provide a bigger scale to. For Webbie’s last album, “Savage Life 2,” Atlantic came in and handled the radio campaign with his hit single “Independent.” Everything else with the project was strictly handled by the Asylum staff. I asked Theda Sandiford (Theda dotcom LLC) whom is an independent contractor of Asylum Records why Atlantic will not take on more Asylum artists and she told me that it all begins with the artist, the labels that they are on, and its supporting cast. Most of the artists that are on the Asylum roster are signed to independent labels such as Rap-A-Lot Records, Trill Entertainment, SwishaHouse, and D4L Records. The foundation is laid with those independent labels and then they team up with Asylum to construct the biggest situation possible for that specific artist at the time. Atlantic rarely takes a shot on an unproven artist especially when they invest lots of money in their artists, so Asylum artists need to show and prove before they receive help from the larger company. “Atlantic has a lot of Hip-Hop on their roster, so an Asylum act has to really have a great song and work ethic to break through and get up-streamed status,” says Theda. Atlantic rarely takes shots on unproven commodities, but Warner is less willing to do so, but that is not due to them not believing in Asylum. “Warner Bros doesn’t have as much Hip-Hop, but they are heavy on the rock side of things, so a certain crossover project would make more sense for them,” Theda explained to me when asked why they do not take on more artists. Mike Jones is the only artist on Asylum’s roster to be up-streamed to Warner. A factor that also weighs into the decisions on whether Atlantic or Warner takes on an Asylum artist is their current release schedule. If they already have a heavy workload of Hip-Hop acts to come out in a timeframe, then it would not make business sense for Asylum to up-stream one of their artists to one of the two labels because it would receive less attention being that they are not one of the labels artists. Theda also went on to explain to me that even though there are a lot of perks for starting out on Asylum well and moving up to Atlantic or Warner when their album is released, if that artists project does not perform up to par they can be down-streamed back to Asylum Records.

The N.O. is The Most Dangerous City In The US

24 11 2008

49272992-001a3-04cd2-400cb8e1No. 15: Youngstown, Ohio
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 85
Murder: 4
Rape: 58
Motor Vehicle Theft: 134
Robbery: 86
Burglary: 13

No. 14: Memphis, Tennessee
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 6
Murder: 33
Rape: 43
Motor Vehicle Theft: 63
Robbery: 6
Burglary: 6

No. 13: Miami Gardens, Florida
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 5
Murder: 24
Rape: 61
Motor Vehicle Theft: 39
Robbery: 12
Burglary: 32

No. 12: Baltimore, Maryland
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 13
Murder: 7
Rape: 263
Motor Vehicle Theft: 61
Robbery: 16
Burglary: 100

No. 11: Cleveland, Ohio
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 117
Murder: 30
Rape: 13
Motor Vehicle Theft: 10
Robbery: 2
Burglary: 15

No. 10: North Charleston, South Carolina
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 16
Murder: 16
Rape: 2
Motor Vehicle Theft: 40
Robbery: 11
Burglary: 67

No. 9: Richmond, California
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 57
Murder: 5
Rape: 205
Motor Vehicle Theft: 3
Robbery: 45
Burglary: 86

No. 8: Birmingham, Alabama
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 64
Murder: 10
Rape: 3
Motor Vehicle Theft: 48
Robbery: 10
Burglary: 7

No. 7: Gary, Indiana
Rankings in Crime
Murder: 2
Rape: 75
Motor Vehicle Theft: 74
Robbery: 89
Burglary: 25

No. 6: Flint, Michigan
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 1
Murder: 21
Rape: 6
Motor Vehicle Theft: 71
Robbery: 21
Burglary: 1

No. 5: Oakland, California
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 14
Murder: 14
Rape: 29
Motor Vehicle Theft: 1
Robbery: 3
Burglary: 95

No. 4: St. Louis, Missouri
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 3
Murder: 8
Rape: 35
Motor Vehicle Theft: 5
Robbery: 4
Burglary: 12

No. 3: Detroit, Michigan
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 2
Murder: 6
Rape: 150
Motor Vehicle Theft: 2
Robbery: 5
Burglary: 14

No. 2: Camden, New Jersey
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 9
Murder: 3
Rape: 15
Motor Vehicle Theft: 11
Robbery: 1
Burglary: 57

No. 1: New Orleans, Louisiana
Rankings in Crime
Assault: 18
Murder: 1
Rape: 90
Motor Vehicle Theft: 12
Robbery: 29
Burglary: 2

Wow, I mean i’m not surprised however I live down this bitch.  I mean i’m pretty good, self defended (wont delve into that).  But, fuck anybody can be caught slippin out this bitch.  The D aint no bitch neither.  Them niggaz is IGNORANT up there!  Cleveland and Youngtown on that bitch too, fuck.  Niggaz actin up everywhere!  But, at least in other cities (except Detroit) the police actually solve crime!  NOPD can suck a limp AIDS dick.  They be on some other shit down here.  If they aint shootin people, they aint gon care bout shit!  Thaz so real.  Ask any person thats from the NO ant they will tell you, FUCK THE NOPD!!!!!!!  Anywho, this shit is disturbing.  Thought I would share it with you.  Also, Louisiana is the #2 most dangeous state behind Nevada!  Dem boyz trippin in Vegas too lmao!!!

Hear The Cincinnati Monster Spit! 1900 Monster (Free Download)

24 11 2008


And so it begins!  On this day November 24, 2008, I 3rd-Shift The Cincinnati Monster have entered the realm of producer/rapper.  Who knows how long I will experiment with the MIC, but for now I’m really bored with Hip-Hop right now. I’m trying to find my next spark to push my production to the NEXT level.  I’m talking Drumma Boy, Kanye, Mannie status!  And, while my brain takes a rest from that I’m going to give you my latest creations in the studio!  One day I was listenin’ to The Dynasty and played 1900 Hustler.  Felt the Rainman moment hit and actually started writing (I Know weird).  This is what came out!  I hope you enjoy it.  It was really fun to make and I enjoyed myself holding it down!  So check out my first OFFICIAL entry into the realm of producer/rapper!  Its called 1900 Monster!  


Listen to The Coup d’Etat 2 @ Dat Piff

23 11 2008