The Chopper City Boyz 2 Singles: Which One Is Better?!?

8 09 2008






Personally, I’m fucking with “Keep it Real.”  Bubblegum just aint my cup of tea.  But, regardless my niggaz got two singles and two videos yaheardme??!! So check em out and cop that album, Life in the Concrete Jungle on SEPTEMBER 16TH, 2008!!!! 


1st Song From The Coup d’Etat pt. II OBA ROWLAND-WHO BETTER (A Milli 2.0)

3 09 2008

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The Coup d’Etat II comes to a computer near you OCTOBER 7TH, 2008!!!  Check out a sample of what’s to come on 10.7.08!!!!  This is some brand new OFFICIAL Oba Rowland!  As you know the Coup d’Etat II will be ALL original but you know THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM keeps an ace up his sleeve.  DOWNLOAD THIS FREE EXCLUSIVE!  And, stay posted for the Coup d’Etat pt. II on October 7th, 2008.  


The Coup d’Etat II Back to Business features:


Oba Rowland

Lil Bossy


Pay Ray

5th Child

and more!!!!!

A Surprising Analogy

19 08 2008



As I looked into yesterday’s paper, they had the High School Preview Section poppin (shout out to my cousin Cedric he writes for the Enquirer). As usual St. X was on the fornt. Niggaz got fuckin’ Addidas now!!! Shit, where was dem uni’s when me and Spyder was holdin it down?!?! Anywho, I began to get nostalgic on another level. I looked at Coach Specht’s record since becoming head coach and again went, “51-3, we had 3 losses my fucking junior year!!!!” Agh, so as the long blue line jeleousy faded I stared thinking about some of the things Coach Specht used to tell us back in the good old days. Then, something he said came into my brain that began to get the wheels turning. Coach Specht told me one time that football teaches life lessons and there is nothing that there is always a parallel to the game. 16 year old kid back then was like cool, but whatever. But, shits true. And, it is especially true to one thing in particular, Music. Hip-Hop in particular. Don’t believe the Monster? Peep dis, watch me take you to the field right quick.


Junior High or Neighborhood Superstar:


Everybody goes out for the team. Why? Because it’s popular, its the thing to do. Who wants to be in the stands? Who wants to be walking home when everybody is at the game after school? Exactly! Yall even got a couple cute lil cheerleaders too. My point? Everybody raps now! Everybody and they daddy got a mixtape, a myspace with 500 plays, throwing a party, got a lil video and a blog. Everybody’s doing it! It’s popular, its the thing to do. Be seen! Get the lil middle school cheerleader! Get the school shine. Yo daddy even still trying to coach you from the stands. Lol, but on a serious note doe there is no barrier, no buffer zone to stop the influx of people playing. In lamens term there is no combine for middle school football and no barrier for being a neighborhood superstar. Everybody plays and everybody raps. But, there is that one nigga or maybe two thats out there getting it. Running niggaz over, knocking the fuck outta niggaz, blocking doin’ whatever because he knows whats at stake and he just loves the game. Ahhh, yes that nigga…As I get nostalgic again some of North College Hill’s greatest come to mind. Lol, but wait…HIGH SCHOOL’S COMING!


High School or Dat Nigga Runnin da City:


As I get deeper into this I might lose some of you that haven’t played sports of just not interested in it. But, bear with me. Depending on the size of your high school or in the music case, your market the buffer might start to appear. Of course in smaller markets or smaller divisions and schools everybody still plays, exactly why I can go to fucking Paduca, Kentucky and find someone with a mixtape and 10,000 plays on their MYSPACE and him be fucking terrible. But, for the St. Xavier’s of the league’s this is the City Buffer. This is exactly why some niggaz are God within their city limits but go 30 miles up the road and nobody has heard of them. Humility and focus is the key. You might remember being posted in the hallway and seeing the niggaz walk down the hall with they jersey on expecting people to move and tryna be the shit. But, then you see them now and they look like huh? Yea thats that nigga with the one song on the local radio tryna stunt on you with the same car he’s had for 5 years with 5 different paint jobs to “stunt”. But, again it’s that one nigga whose lowkey making headlines. Going to all the summer mini camps, going straight home after the game, always in his playbook, working out and shit. Yea this is that nigga. He even got a couple scholarship offers. My point? Shit’s a lil more serious. There’s LOCAL press, LOCAL buzz, LOCAL fans and people start to KNOW your name. But, there’s no much more to be done. There are niggaz in this High School preview that have pictures on here that when October-November come they might be playing their last game. just because you have some local shine don’t mean the game is over. It’s high school my nigga. It’s just beginning.

College or Regional Nigga…Lowkey…National:


Just like High School depending on the school you can be dat nigga in the region and nobody knows who you are cross the river. Take for example Joe Flacko or in music….errrmmm…The Show…At Delaware nobody know who this guy was…DID YOU?!? Or last year were you talking about Darren McFadden?!? Exactly…But, now oh yea the stakes is pretty damn high. Niggaz talking bout going to the league and winning National Titles. In most regards you are a star. Things are lucrative and everything. However, remember Chris Leak? Nigga was on everybody magazine cover, nigga won a National Title and fuck was suppsed to be dat nigga. Where is he now? Ok, next…Hmmm…Remember Joe Hamilton from Georgia Tech, broke niggaz off down there…Played one season in the league…Hmmmm, how bout RYAN LEAF!!!!! Don’t even gotta say nothing bout him…My point? The analogy is like this…Look at what a regional hit did for Officer Ross (Rick Ross) and look what Party Like A Rockstar did for The Shop Boyz. Because of his grind and persistance combined with talent Officer Ross looks more like Adrian Peterson and The Shop Boyz look like Chris Leak…Alot of hip-hop is like college football. Alot of regional niggaz, either making or breaking the game. There is alot of regional press and buzz also that’s doing the same. The south is the Ohio States (GO BUCKS!!!) The USC’s, The LSU’s (fuck them!!!) and the Florida’s (Double Fuck Them!!!). And, their producing alot of good talented pros!!!! But, where did Jerry Rice go to school? Mississippi Valley State…The greats can come from anywhere with talent and a good work ethic. So again don’t get caught up in the hype.


The NFL or the Major Labels


Ok so you’ve made it right? Not hardly just because you made it to the league don’t exactly mean you dat nigga son…Ask, Mike Hart (love the player, hate MICHIGAN…) or Troy Smith or Peter Warrick or Lendale White..I mean the list goes on from talented niggaz in college that didn’t necessarily live up to their bill. Or if you want to cross over to the other part of the analogy look at Glasses Malone or Papoose. Both of dem niggaz signed 1.5 Million Dollar Mega Deals and haven’t released ONE SINGLE album. The NFL stands for Not For Long with some of the players because the average tenure in the league is like 2-3 years. And, yeah there are huge mega contracts but the average is like 200,000 thousand. And, niggaz blow that dough faster than Superhead doin well…what Superhead does best. Just like major labels fucking the majority of rappers…PAUSE…Just because you on MTV and shit dont mean you getting paid nigga…But, shit you living a dream alot of us wish we had so don’t fuck it up. I mean there are so many comparisons to the game its crazy. Mike Vick got Ja Ruled by Godell. Brett Favre pulled a Jay-Z. And, DMX is doin the PacMan Jones thing. And, just for you Saints’ fans Lil Wayne did the Marques Colston. He went from extremely talented regional nobody to probably the best in his position. And 95 on Madden…lol FUCK DAT NIGGA….WHO DEY!!!! Bengals to the Super Bowl!!!! lmao!!! I could have went on and probably should but I’ll cut it there. I guess this is why local niggaz with one song don’t really phaze me and I don’t jump on dicks. I like to see the work ethic and natural grind to the league. I wanna hear about that nigga who was a 4th round pick and slept on by everybody, hated on by everybody become something special. Thats why I show love to everybody who is doin it. But, as a competitor treat every beat, song like it’s my last sprint at practice. Ain’t no letting up and to all my other niggaz trying to break into the game I’ll leave you with this line. Coach Specht used to be on our ass (PAUSE) like everyday somebody is out there workin just like you. Are you gonna let them out work you?!? I know my answer….


Back to Business Coming Soon

Featuring: B.G.

Oba Rowland

Lil Bossy


5th Child

Pay Ray

and more…

Hosted By: DJ Redd Flash

Too Hood To Be Hollywood FINALLY Gets A Release Date!

13 08 2008

The Cincinnati Monster and Gizzle


Shout out to my homie B GIZZLE!  The number one original Hot Boy will be making a guest appearance on my debut production album The Cincinnati Monster.  However, on a different note my nigga FINALLY gets a release date.  Well, he’s had like 4.  But, due to botched singles and other label differences he’s been pushed back “like Flo-Rida’s hair line”.  But, fuck all dat son.  NOVEMBER 25TH!  Gizzle is being release NOVEMBER 25TH 2008.  No, sadly there won’t be any production from THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM.  However, future production with Gizzle, the 80’s Babies and The Chopper City Boyz is on deck believe dat.  New Orleans Hip-Hop is coming back to the light!  Wayne held it down, but Gizzle gon hold it down nigga.  If you haven’t heard the new single, Ya Heard Me with the Hot Boys and Trey Songz, then check it out right here.

My Niggaz The Chopper City Boyz Prepping: Life in the Concrete Jungle!

3 07 2008

I’m glad to see my niggaz gettin it in.  The Chopper City Boyz droppin August 26, 2008!!!!  They support the CINCINNATI MONSTER and the CINCINNATI MONSTER supports them.  Nothing but love for my niggaz!

Rapper BG is paving the way to provide more exposure for his New Orleans-based group, the Chopper City Boyz, with a forthcoming compilation album.

In addition to featuring the former Cash Money Records rapper, the release, titled Life In The Concrete Jungle, will include appearances from the Chopper City Boyz as well as Lady Dolla, C-Murder, Alfamega, Blood Raw, Rocko, Hurricane Chris and Skip.

According to B.G., the timing couldn’t be better for the Chopper City Boyz to make a bigger impression on music fans.

“Everybody knows The Chopper City Boyz in the south because they’ve made appearances on my last four studio albums before releasing their own debut album, We Got This, so people were waiting for something from them,” the former Cash Money Records rapper said. “I decided to sign them to Chopper City Records because they showed me their loyalty as artists and they were willing to put in the hard work that it takes to make it in this industry.”

Although fans are familiar with the group’s musical style, a different side emerges on “Bubble Gum,” the first single from Life in the Concrete Jungle.

“We branded ourselves a whole lot more this time with this compilation and we’re gearing up for our sophomore album,” said Chopper City Boyz member Snipe. “Now that fans are more familiar with our music, I got a lot of people coming up to me and asking when will there be another Chopper City Boyz album, so I know they’re expecting us and we gonna give them some heat to hold onto until our albums drop.”

Life in the Concrete Jungle serves as a sample of the mind state of the Chopper City Boyz as B.G. and Chopper City Records CEO Carol Dorsey revealed that “a more advanced, more mature Chopper City Boyz” will be heard on the 17-track compilation.

“The Chopper City Boyz have stepped up their game since the last album,” B.G. stated. “We got enough banga’s for their second album that we could afford to put a compilation of even more hot tracks for the streets. The streets have spoken! They’re ready for more of Snipe and Gar, so as the head n***a in charge, we gonna give ’em a little taste on how they comin’ for their second album!”

The release of Life in the Concrete Jungle comes amid the group’s new distribution deal through Asylum Records and the imminent release of B.G.’s Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood on Atlantic Records.

Life in the Concrete Jungle is slated to hit stores on Aug. 26.


2 07 2008


Out of 1019 Hip-Hop Labels represented on EMUSIC.COM 3rd-Shift’s founded 7874 Recordings ranks 112.  To do simple math The Cincinnati Monster’s Record label is ranked in the top 10 percent of Hip-Hop labels on the new digital medium.  In prespective, The Cincinnati Monster’s label is outselling:  Chopper City Records, Disturbing the Peace, Suave House Records, Rawkus, Thizznation, BME Recordings and Sick Wid It.  Thats a pretty impressive list to be ranked above!   

The Cincinnati Monster TOP 10 SONGS of the week of 6/15/2008

21 06 2008




1. Lil Wayne-A Milli

2.Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West-Put On

3. DJ Khaled ft. Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Lil Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood and Lil Wayne-Out Here Grindin

4. B.G. ft. Magnolia Chop-Keep it 100

5. Young Buck-Taped Phone Conversation

6. Oba Rowland ft. Whitney Foard-Bring The Freak Out

7. G-Unit-Straight Outta Southside

8. Chip The Ripper-Fresh, Fly

9. Doe Boy-Datts What Money Do

10. G-Eazy-I Be in the Lab