About The Cincinnati Monster


There is nothing “lucky” about Kelvin 3rd-Shift Brown.  Luck is simply when hard work meets opportunity.  No stranger to hard work Kelvin adopted the name 3rd-Shift as a metaphor of working when his competition sleeps.  And, because of that his efforts are paying off.  3rd-Shift is a producer who is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio.  He began producing music at the age of 17 when the rap group he formed couldn’t afford any beats.  3rd-Shift fell in love with production so much he stopped rapping and solely focused on production.  He went to college and began to produce for several Midwest artists including: Akron, Ohio’s Lil Bossy, Detroit, Michigan’s Oba Rowland and began to send his music off to several A&R’s including Atlantic Records’ Damon Eden.  Damon liked his sound but not good enough to place him on any of his projects.  Instead of letting that momentary defeat define his career, 3rd-Shift worked even harder to master his craft.  He relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana and transferred to Loyola University and majored in Music Industry Studies.  In September 2007, 3rd-Shift formed his production company 7874 Productions and began contracting work to outside artists.  Multi-Platinum recording artist B.G. was the first artist to work with 3rd-Shift.  After B.G. The Chopper City Boyz followed, next came G-Eazy a fast rising independent artist from Oakland, California, then 5th Child from Jackson, Mississippi and next J-Leach from Long Island, New York.  While strengthening his discography, 3rd-Shift founded his own label 7874 Recordings in February 2008 and began financing his own records.  Utilizing digital distribution he began selling his production mixtapes and generated a stellar buzz. His first release, Redefining the Remix sold over 7,500 digital downloads and his follow up The Coup d’Etat sold another 1,000 digital downloads.  3rd-Shif then embraced the entrepreneur inside him even more and started the website, The Cincinnati Monster.com.  Founded in April 2008, the blog was an avenue for 3rd-Shift to distribute his music through and become a home for his opinion and views.  But, then it transcended its barrier and is becoming a staple in his trail blazing repertoire.  Since its inception, the website has garnered more than 90,000 hits and been re designed to accommodate its new traffic.  The press in New Orleans noticed 3rd-Shift’s never ending tenacity to succeed and in September 2008 featured him on the front page of the New Orleans Time Picayune.    Kelvin “3rd-Shift” Brown doesn’t rely on anyone to give him a break.  He makes his own lane and executes his own plans.  With a focus and a vision like his, the top is his only destination.  

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9 07 2008

Great lil’ bio right there/nice read. This ya boy Frankie reppin’ Long Island, NY (but lives in shitty-ass Northeast PA currently). Can’t wait to hear you on Crescent City Radio wit Alex McConduit tonight!

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