The Cincinnati Monster Top 10 for the Week of 6/21/2008

27 06 2008

There’s been some change in The Cincinnati Monster’s Top 10 Songs of the week.  Hot Styles moves in the countdown, with that infectious LOOKIN BOY track.  Lil Bossy moves in with Where You Been just in time to build hype for his mixtape Who The Fuck Is Lil Bossy…G-Unit stays in and Doe Boy clings onto his place in the countdown.  But, Wayne reigns supreme.  He’s in twice on our countdown.  B.G. kicks it in gear with his Ya Heard Me (remix) with Trey Songz, Juvy and Wayne.  Then Wayne claims our top spot with A Milli.  Check out the TOP TEN SONGS!!!


1. Lil Wayne-A Milli


2. Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West-Put On


3. Hotstylz ft. Yung Joc-Lookin Boy


4. B.G. ft. Juvenile Trey Songz and Lil Wayne-Ya Heard Me (remix)


5. B.G. ft. Magnolia Chop-Keep it 100


6.Young Buck-Taped Phone Conversation


7. G-Unit-Straight Outta Southside

8. Lil Bossy-Where You Been


9.  Oba Rowland ft. Whitney Foard-Bring the Freak Out


10. Doe Boy-Datts What Money Do


Young Buck and The Game to do a Mixtape! Am I Surprised…No!

24 06 2008


Ok seriously, I’m really not.  I knew some kind of collaboration was in the works.  Its really quite simple when I break it down.  You have two members who have been kicked out of G-Unit.  They both share some sort of scorn and now a common enemy.  The enemy of my enemy is always my friend.  Buck and Game not enemies?  Ok I dont care how long ago it was, Game was just ripping Buck a new ass on 300 Bars and Running…Buck was just going to LA to look for da nigga.  Got 50 to sign Spider Loc in response to Game leaving…hmmmm what else, almost fought then patched it up in Vegas…Hmmm…Buck dissing Game on I Got Money from Buck the World and now they’re doin’ a tape.  It makes sense though.  Because Buck needs to stay relevant and Game has an album coming out (which at time of this blog was pushed back for the SECOND TIME!)  I mean if I was Buck I would not be tryna holla at Game right now.  He’s playin’ the same games 50 played with Buck.  He’s using him!  Game needs Buck or his G-Unot campaign will fall through with his mavens.  What Buck needs to do is stand up on his own two and stop looking for handouts!  Keep doin yo own thing!!!!! I’m a fan of you Buck!!!!  I love the new music!!! Stop dick riding other niggaz!!!!  Game don’t need or want you, he’s using you!!!! 50 doesn’t need or want you, he’s using you!!!! Be a boss and establish yourself.  You started good with the label, clothing line and watches.  Continue to build that brand!  Continue to hustle, fuck deez niggaz man!!!!  If you don’t believe there about to do a tape, then peep the SOHH Exclusive below!!!



News recently hit the net that Game and Buck will be releasing joint mixtape next month. Game associate Nu Jerzey Devil hit SOHH up with the details.

“[The mixtape is] not gonna be totally Game and Buck, but Buck will have some features on there, couple of songs,” Nu Jerzey Devil told SOHH. “Not even on some disses or none of that, we just gonna go ahead and make good music, ‘You Know What It Is Volume 5.'”

Nu Jerzey Devil also confirmed that California’s DJ Skee will not be involved with the mixtape, despite prior reports that stated that he would contribute. As of yet there is no official release date but the producer offered his predictions for when the final project should hit the streets.

“We ain’t got an exact date, ’cause you never know what’s gonna happen,” he said. “Everyday is a new day and the music gets better. We’re shooting for the second week in July.”

Aside from the upcoming mixtape, the BWS producer also gave SOHH the inside scoop on how Game and Buck got together despite the constant diss records aimed at each other.

“I was reading online [about] Buck having shouted out ‘F*ck G-Unit’ at a show, and then the idea came to me,” he explained. “[I] hit up Game about Buck, saying we should get him on the mixtape. Then I hollered at Buck and he was more than happy to hear about that and I put ’em on a song. Real recognize real. They were the realest ones outta G-Unit anyway. So we went ahead and made it happen.”

In addition to the mixtape, The Game will also feature Buck amongst several other rappers on the remix to the Keyshia Cole assisted single “Game’s Pain,” off his new CD, L.A.X. The West Coast rapper plans to drop several regional remixes to the song, including a New York version, a Southern version and a West Coast mix.

“We gonna drop those on our XM Radio show this Friday.” Nu Jerzey Devil revealed. “You got Fat JoeBun B, Buck, Jadakiss – they all on there doing their thing. Until we drop it, we might just add more people to it. Expect it all.”


50 Cent Tells His Side in the Young Buck Fiasco

23 06 2008

hmmmm interesting…


The Cincinnati Monster TOP 10 SONGS of the week of 6/15/2008

21 06 2008




1. Lil Wayne-A Milli

2.Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West-Put On

3. DJ Khaled ft. Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Lil Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood and Lil Wayne-Out Here Grindin

4. B.G. ft. Magnolia Chop-Keep it 100

5. Young Buck-Taped Phone Conversation

6. Oba Rowland ft. Whitney Foard-Bring The Freak Out

7. G-Unit-Straight Outta Southside

8. Chip The Ripper-Fresh, Fly

9. Doe Boy-Datts What Money Do

10. G-Eazy-I Be in the Lab

My 50 Cent Fanhood is Officially Over…

19 06 2008

I never really liked Game, but when my nigga BUCK got “kicked out” of G-Unit I was hurt.  Buck was my nigga.  I bought both albums, listened to his mixtape shit and more recently became a fan of the music he was puttin out lately, especially the Phil Collins sampled “New York City”, Kill Me a Nigga, and I’m Out Here.  Buck was doing his thang I thought.  Even as an investment (thinking like 50 now) Buck was the shit!  He had his label, beginning to cascade his income with the Outlawz, C-Bo and the Cashville thing.  Then comes the Buck being kicked from the Unit.  WTF?! Yayo talking dumb shit, Banks being silent about everything.  Yayo pissed me off the most talking so reckless about this nigga and BUCK never did anything to that nigga!  NOT EVEN 50!  NEVER UNDERSTOOD THAT SHIT!  That was the beginning of the end of my 50 Cent fanhood.  The aftermath that ensued with 50 doing interviews saying Buck was on cocaine and unstable was like, BRA WHY YOU PUTTIN HIS BUSINESS OUT LIKE DAT?  You dry-blackballing this nigga.  YOU ON NATIONAL MEDIA SAYING A PLATINUM PLUS ARTIST IS HITTING ROCK BOTTOM, ON DRUGS AND UNSTABLE at a time when white people are looking for any type of reason to stop and shut hip-hop down.  Every promoter that was interested in booking YB now is looking at him like a liability instead of a good investment.  Then BUCK  comes out and makes an incredible song (in my opinion) and genius responding to the rumors as something he’s going through and going to triumph over.  The comes the FUCK G-UNIT video.  I knew 50 was going to say something with TOS being two weeks away and how he thrives off of FREE MARKETING.  But, what transpired was the lowest thing I’ve seen since man I don’t even know WOW.  It was that bad.  50 recorded and released a taped conversation of BUCK at his lowest moment tagging it with THIS IS 50.COM tags!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? This man is crying and spilling his guts and you get a kick out of kicking him when he’s down.  FUCK NO!  I’m glad BUCK aired his bitch ass out.  His song “Taped Conversation” drills 50 and is brilliant again (as far as I’m concerned).  Buck’s not stupid neither is 50, but this bullshit that 50 thinks that he has planned out is BULLSHIT as well.  50 WANTS you to believe that everything he plans is thought out and that he ALWAYS knows what’s coming.  NEWSFLASH!  He doesn’t.  He thought by airing that conversation, niggaz would see HIS point and see that BUCK is unstable and justifying him tossing him from the group.  He was looking for credibility because he felt that people weren’t believing him anymore.  He felt like he was losing his dictatorship powers in hip-hop.  He felt that by hearing this tape YOU would side with him.  He thought this was cool.  50 is slime.  He felt played so he played BUCK.  WHAT AN ASS!  This isn’t coming from a 50 hater, GAME STAN (who is also a bitch) or any other non 50 Cent fan.  From 2003-2008 I was the BIGGEST fan of 50 Cent.  No matter how much people hated on him I still stood firm.  I still supported every UNIT released.  In music business terms, I was a true maven.  I advocated everything G-UNIT.  As an artist I even incorporated G-Unit in my music.  I did 50 Cent remixes on my cd’s!!!!!  I admired 50’s business sense and intelligence.  i admired his hungry arrogance.  I admired his passion for what he did and his business model.  I admired the man.  Now I despise the man.  And, yes it hurts because 50 was my favorite rapper and I want so much for this shit to be patched up and everybody can get back cracking but I know that CURTIS JACKSON is to prideful to do that.  BUT, PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE DOWNFALL!!!!  I believe TOS will flop even though it had some nice records on there but this is too much bad press!!!  Bra, 50 is just OMG such a bitch nigga….wait wait, bith ass nigga!  Anything for press.  I admire BUCK for waiting this long before putting his record out, and I felt that shit.  I hope that CURTIS hits rock bottom, and has to crawl up out of a ditch like a real nigga.  I want to see that hungry, out to get it, nothing is going to stop me, real ass nigga that I thought 50 Cent was and what he meant to me but FUCK….I Doubt it…I guess I’ll just pop in my Carter III and continue to make moves on my end.