The Cincinnati Monster Out Canvasing For The Kids!

8 12 2008

This past weekend I hit the streets of New Orleans hard for The Lil Monster’s Toy Drive.  I had fun getting out and talking to people.  Alex and I hit up a mostly white section of town to make people aware of The Lil Monster’s Toy Drive.  At first people thought we were thugs or something.  But, we just kept on talking and people began to warm up to what we were talking about and began to identify with our cause.  I got to admit though, the white people who tried to play me son PISSED ME OFF!!!  I would be trying to hand them flyers and they’d look at me like I was trying to sell them crack.  One lady tucked her hand behind her back and kept saying no thank you.  So I began to start my conversation off with, “Hello my name is Kelvin, I’m a student at Loyola University and I’m sponsoring a toy drive.”  Once that barrier of communication was knocked down, the fun and real joy began.  It was cool to see people embrace those less fortunate than themselves.  Check these vids out.  Al even tried to play me on one of them lmao!   




The Lil Monster’s Toy Drive Flyer!

6 12 2008

superman-logoWE’RE IN FULL SWING!!!

The Lil Monster’s Toy Drive!

6 12 2008


Help me help the kids!

The First Annual Lil Monster’s Toy Drive

1 12 2008

The year 2008 has been a roller coaster for me. Personally, i battled with a lot of issues that really took a toll on me. I went through a lot of things in the past calender year. But, one thing affected me so much that I can’t ever look past the experience. This past summer I served as a summer intern for the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School. In Freedom School I worked with a lot of children who were forgotten and misguided. I loved those kids. They were such a joy to me that I loved to come home worn out after a long day. I really affected them. Working with them was so great to me that I have decided to reach out and help more children in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. With Christmas a little more than a month away, I’ve decided to team up with the Zulu Social and Leisure Club here in New Orleans for the first annual Little Monster’s Toy Drive. Every year the Zulu Club holds a Toy Drive for children in the Sixth Ward in New Orleans and right before the Holidays they distribute the toys. This is amazing! During this time of economic hardship it may be even harder for families to give their children gifts but as a community we can come together to make sure every family has a wonderful holiday season! I signed on for this event because I believe I love helping and serving the community no matter where I’m located. My goal for this drive is 10 families. I want to help the Zulu Club help 10 families this year. And, I need ALL of your help and support. I’m calling everyone who reads this note and all of the upcoming press to reach out and help me to provide 10 families with the toys and gifts that they deserve! 

How The Drive WIll Work:

I will set up collection boxes at the following universities:

Loyola University
Tulane University
Xavier University 
Dillard University
University of New Orleans

If you have slightly used toys that are in good shape please drop them in the donation boxes at these campuses.


Give all toys to me and I will take care of it!

If you don’t have SLIGHTLY used toys, feel free to purchase new toys for these kids!
(I would prefer you purchase NEW toys. Who wants to open OLD TOYS for XMAS?!?)


If you dont want to buy toys, I will be taking donations and I will go out and shop for toys for these children. All donations will be excepted and I’m looking forward to you helping the Lil Monster’s Toy Drive reach it’s goal. 

I am looking for ENERGETIC, COMMITTED and DEPENDABLE people to assist me in reaching the community with this drive. I’m looking for people who can go out and canvas for these kids and people to go out and collect toys from drop off points. 


I am serious about reaching out into the community and being a positive influence on what people have kicked around and labeled bad for so long. How can we uplift our neighborhoods and children if they have nothing to look up to or be hopeful about. Yes, we have a black president but Barack can’t do it all. Lets be the change we want to see in the world. So I’m calling out to all fraternities, sororities, student organizations, faculty and abled man and woman to pitch in and give 10 FAMILIES gifts for the holidays! 

To help the casue:




FACEBOOK ME-Kelvin Monsta Brown (Loyola New Orleans)
CALL ME-contact me to get my number

Last but not least, if you know a family that would benefit from the Little Monster’s Toy Drive that lives outside the target area (The Sixth Ward of New Orleans) either in the New Orleans Metro Area or NATIONWIDE please submit their information and we will take care of it! Thank you!!!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Monster,



Kelvin K. Brown

Don Cannon Splits From DJ Drama!

10 12 2008



Atlanta, GA: December 9, 2008- Don Cannon, a notable DJ and rising super
producer, is recognized for his reign over the past 7 years as one of
Atlanta’s most recognized DJs and as a member of the The Aphiliates,
which he co-founded with DJ Drama and DJ Sense in 2002. Cannon is
credited for producing Hip Hop anthems for Young Jeezy “Go Crazy,”
Outkast “The Art of Storytelling Pt. 4,” featuring Marsha Ambrosius, 50
Cent “Man Down” and Fabolous’ “Jokes on You” over the past couple of

This year alone, Cannon produced “Everybody Hates Chris” and
“Undisputed” featuring Floyd Mayweather for the recently released
Ludacris album, Theater of the Mind, and “Circulate” for Young Jeezy’s
Recession album. Cannon’s distinct sound can be heard weekly on TBS as
the producer for Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” series theme music.
Also, Cannon had the prestigious honor of creating the NBA Atlanta Hawks
anthem for this year’s basketball season.

The success and growth of Cannon Music, LLC led Cannon to seek
management from music industry moguls Chaka Zulu and Jeff Dixon of Ebony
Son Management. According to Chaka Zulu “As a leading producer in the
current and future sound of Hip Hop, Don Cannon has a diverse style and
I would put him in a line of producers such as DJ Premiere and DJ Toomp,
as far as the relevance that he can give an established artist, and the
higher level he can take a new artist.” Jeff Dixon expresses “Cannon’s
drive and determination to get to the next level, and his
professionalism” as determining factors to work with the producer. Ebony
Son Management is also responsible for molding the illustrious career of
rapper and actor Ludacris, along with offering guidance to clients,
Young Jeezy and Swizz Beats.

Don Cannon amicably parted ways from former management, La the Darkman
and DJ Sense of the Aphiliates Music Group in January, 2008, due to
business and creative differences for the vision of Cannon Music, LLC.
In regards to clarifying any speculation regarding the split with the
Aphiliates Music Group, Cannon states, “The split is merely a business
and creative difference, musically, nothing to do with the personal
relationship. We are on good terms, and speak often.”

Don Cannon has also forayed into the world of fashion as co-owner of
SK8TIQUE, a Streetwear and Skater Lifestyle Boutique co-owned by
professional skateboarder Stevie Williams. SK8TIQUE is based in the
popular Atlanta neighborhood, Little 5 Points, and is frequented by
various tastemakers including, E-40, Asher Roth and The Cool Kids.

The music industry and fans can expect a diverse array of productions
skillfully crafted for recording artists, Asher Roth, Fabolous and many
more in 2009.

New Oba Rowland Coming Friday 12.12.2008

9 12 2008

Thats right!!!  New music from Oba Rowland comes this friday @ midnight!!!  The new song, That N***a will be available to all visitors to THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM!  The song is produced by none other than 3rd-Shift so check it out!!! So, come check it out this Friday!!!

808s and Heartbreaks vs. Theatre of Mind

4 12 2008



After giving both albums run and vibing to them both, I am allowed to have an opinion about which one is better.  And, this is how it is.  Kanye West wanted to make “different” music.  Some tracks were really and I mean really good.  Welcome to Heartbreak and Coldest Winter, wow.  Even Bad News and Amazing were great.  However for every great song there were terrible songs.  Paranoid?  Robocop?  Street Lights?  808s isn’t consistent enough.  And what’s with these 1 minute songs with the beat looping for four minutes.  It makes for great vibing music but where’s the practicality of it?  There are periods and spurts of Kanye’s genius sprinkled throughout the album and Bad News and Say You Will are evidence of that.  He uses like one or two drum kits with the 808 kick.  He meshes his melodies and the overall sound is very spacy and futuristic.  It’s trendsetting to a point.  The theme of the album is great and the vision is amazing.  However, the album gets lost in translation.  But still its a good album.


But, with all the commotion about Kanye people just up and forget about Ludacris and Theatre of Mind.  I’m raving about this cd.  From the moment it comes on with the movie theme and The Runners’ big movie sounding soundscape I’m hooked.  Luda’s flow is smashing.  Vivid, charasmatic and on point.  He calls songs scenes or movies.  Producers are scoring it and guest appearances are co-stars.  That’s originality.  This album is a real hip-hop album from beginning to end.  It hits harder than the Kanye.  However, I have some gripes about this one as well.  Luda never really goes past punchlines.  And, boy there are some DAMN good ones on this album.  I would have liked to hear more reflective songs that stick to my ribs however his lines are so cold that I forget about that lmao.  The collaborations fit the songs which is cool.  But, the singles don’t reflect the album.  One More Drink was ehhhh and What Girls Like was wack…  But, fuck all dat…LISTEN TO LAST OF A DYING BREED WITH WAYNE.  Thats how you want Wayne to flow.  His fow is like 9.3/10 and Luda still rips him.  Luda covers alot of bases on this album pretty effortlessly.  And, that makes his album better than Kanye’s to me.  He executes his vision better than Kanye.  It’s overall a better album.  Now let the disagreements begin.  

What Should Win Rap Album of the Year?

4 12 2008


The Grammy Nominees were announced yesterday and the most interesting “battle” to me is the rap album of the year.  


You got:

Jay-Z American Gangster

Lil Wayne-The Carter III

Lupe Fiasco-The Cool


T.I.-Paper Trail


If I were a Grammy voter, I would use my vote for American Gangster.  But, I wouldn’t be so hard pressed to give my vote for T.I.  Wayne just isn’t getting my vote because even though C3 had some very high points, it’s not cohesive enough as American Gangster or as reflective and soul touching as Paper Trail.  If I had to rank these five albums it would be as follows:

1. American Gangster

2.Paper Trail


4.The Cool

5. The Carter III

How would you rank them?  I wanna hear this!  Dont be shy!