Jeezy To Make A Video For My President Is Black!!!!

19 11 2008


I was just talking about this to one of my homegirls.  It’s about fucking time.  I just saw the Crazy World video and I was thinking that it should have been the ‘My President is Black’ video in its place.   Anywho, a nigga like me is actually excited to see this come forth.  I hope Jeezy do this video right!


Hip-Hop star Young Jeezy is calling upon the local community in Atlanta, Georgia, to help him film the video for his single “My President” featuring Nas. Jeezy, who is co-directing the video with Gabriel Hart, is holding a public rally at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta this Sunday (November 23). “My President” is Young Jeezy’s chart-topping album The Recession. The video is the rapper’s latest showing of support for Barack Obama. In addition to voting for the first time, Young Jeezy volunteered at a local phone bank, where he registered voters and showed his support for Obama. The shoot for “My President,“ Jeezy’s political anthem will take place from 11:00 am until 6:00 PM.



Wow…Look At Dis Bullshit…They Put This Racist Ass Shit on CNN?

23 07 2008

Barack can’t win every single vote.  He can’t have every person in America see and follow his dream.  That is the reality of this great country.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  He has to have opposition, obstacles in which he has to overcome to make his plight to the top complete.  Lol, but one has to laugh at this ignorace!  Because of his name, he’s a muslim?  Basing a vote on a name is so retarded.  But, at least yo good ole southern boy kept it real.  He couldnt see a black man making a change?!?  Lol, its ok man.  Just know that that MAN is going to be your next president.  Lol, ignorance in any form is just a hinderance to truth.  Racism?  No.  This is just a cause of innocence at it’s best.  There doesn’t need to be any reaction to this.  This just needs to be looked at and laughed at.  Ignorance?  Seriously, get with the program or watch it from the sideline.  America is serious about changing.  Obama 2008!

What The Fuck is Wrong With The New Yorker?

15 07 2008

I could rant and rave all I want about this being racist and controversial.  It is.  I could say this is propaganda to fuse the idea of Barack being a muslim extremist.  It is.  I think this is crazy lol.  Like who in their right mind would do this.  We all know that our country’s biggest fear and enemy (right now) are Muslim extremists and terrorists who like to prey on innocent American lives.  So to portray possibly the next president as a muslim is crazy to me.  And, if the story comes out that its because of his name.  Even WORSE!  But, my intuition leads me to believe that they are going to make this out to be something about his diplomatic policy towards Iraq.  Hmmm so Barack’s policy AGAINST Iraq and the presence of American soldiers is so weak that he’s Bin Laden now?  Lol oh the things people pull to sway votes or discredit people.  I’m a fan of freedom of speech but this is retarded.  I wonder would they do this for John McCain?

The Source Is Back! I Like This Move!

2 07 2008


Honestly, I was a fan of The Source before XXL.  But, when one person or company has control of the market and/or media they control pretty much your preception.  Sort of like major media in America with CNN and MSNBC and shit like that.  So more competition, more mediums is always a plus.  In this case it goes double in Hip-Hop becuase we love to be heard and there are artists who need to be heard (cough OBA ROWLAND).  Plus, The Source is Hip-Hop.  How can they not be relevant.  Thats like Jay-Z not being the best.


Here’s the News from HipHopDx:



After years of turmoil as a result of the Dave Mays/Benzino era, The Source is finally looking to reclaim the throne in the magazine game. During the post-Mays/Benzino era, The Source has been looking to find financial footing while remaining competitive in the dwindling space of print magazines. It seems that they now have it.

B.E. Greenwich, a division of the highly successful Black Enterprise magazine, and the North Star Group, led by entertainment lawyer L. Londell McMillan (who has represented the likes of Russell SimmonsKanye WestPrince and Michael Jackson) have purchased stake in The Source and look to revitalize the self-proclaimed “Hip Hop Bible.”

With new ownership at the helm, The Source will begin its new campaign with a new magazine layout as well as looking to jump headfirst into online territory with a new website and mobile platforms.

The first issue in this new era for the magazine will feature Nelly on the cover as well as articles on Barack ObamaYung Berg, a revamped Dimepiece section, the new Hipster Rap phenomena, Immortal TechniqueRZA and more.  

“The Source belongs to Hip Hop,” says Jeremy Miller, the President of The Sourcein the magazine’s opening pages. “There is a new era at The Source and it will be exciting to be a part of its growth and evolution.”