Free Audio!!! G-Eazy ft. 3rd-Shift (Produced By: 3rd-Shift) TAKE IT TO THE RACK

3 11 2008

The Coup d’Etat II:Back to Business DOWNLOAD LINK!!!!

7 10 2008


Its finally here!!!  The Coup d’Etat II: Back to Business Mixtape by 3rd-Shift!!!!  The mixtape features:  Oba Rowland


Lil Bossy

Famous Stranger

Tony Harrell

Pay Ray

and of course me!!!!



1st Song From The Coup d’Etat pt. II OBA ROWLAND-WHO BETTER (A Milli 2.0)

3 09 2008

(Click The Photos to Download)


The Coup d’Etat II comes to a computer near you OCTOBER 7TH, 2008!!!  Check out a sample of what’s to come on 10.7.08!!!!  This is some brand new OFFICIAL Oba Rowland!  As you know the Coup d’Etat II will be ALL original but you know THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM keeps an ace up his sleeve.  DOWNLOAD THIS FREE EXCLUSIVE!  And, stay posted for the Coup d’Etat pt. II on October 7th, 2008.  


The Coup d’Etat II Back to Business features:


Oba Rowland

Lil Bossy


Pay Ray

5th Child

and more!!!!!


30 07 2008



It’s no secret that G is my homeboy.  Other than being my dude on the slick, I think he’s a case study of what rappers should be these days.  Everyone says everyone is rapping now.  The input cost is way down, everyone with a dream now is rapping.  Ok coo, that means we have 1,000,000,000 Jay-Z wanna be’s and 1,000,000,000 more lazy ass no drive ass nothing to offer ass niggaz rappin.  But, peep this.  This dude, records, produces and mixes his own music.  Wait, then does his own cover art, shoots his own videos and then sells it all himself.  He’s his greatest resource.  Plus, the music he makes is real to himself.  No shoot em up, bang bang, 1000 ki’s a week type of shit.  It’s real music that he makes.  Wait, he makes it for the love?  Exactly, I fuck with him on the strength of that.  Plus, he’s white.  Fresh concepts, different spin on hip-hop but keeps it true to the art, music and himself.  Datts what up.  So that is why his mixtape is up on here.  If you gonna hate, take it up with me.  Otherwise enjoy a free mixtape from G-EAZY.  The Oakland Fresh Slap Docta.  I fuck with the Bay too.  I ain’t never been but once these royalty checks clear.  I’m there with a fresh Cincinnati Hat on!!!! YOU HEAR ME?!?  

I also contributed to this mixtape.  I produced: Gettin Mine and I’m Focused.  Between the two, I’m Focused was the more fun track to make.  We had to put a group of haters in their place rite quick and come up off their hate.  Watch me make the beat for it right here:

But look, stop fucking around and download the tape.  It’s official.


New Audio from 7874 Recordings: Jockin 2.0 Oba Rowland ft. G-Eazy

14 07 2008

Click The Album Cover To Download from: Amazon MP3


New Audio has been added to the store!  3rd-Shift produces another banger this time with Oba Rowland and G-Eazy.  The song is titled Jockin 2.0 and it is a single only download.  Check it out.  Oba and G combine to hit with some fiya verses. 

Check Out 3rd-Shift on Big Boot Radio Tonight @ 10 Eastern!

9 07 2008

Tonight @ 10pm Eastern time, 9pm Standard time, 3rd-Shift The Cincinnati Monster will be live on BIG BOOT RADIO w/ Alex McCondouit!!!  Come check out the interview as The Cincinnati Monster talks about: THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM website, his next moves and also brings new music from: Oba Rowland, Lil Bossy and Famous Stranger.  To listen to the interview simply click the picture above and the feed will begin to stream live from your computer.  To call in and ask 3rd-Shift a question simply dial (504) 865-3635.  CHECK OUT THE INTERVIEW!!!

G-EAZY BLOG! Thinking Outside the Box to get to the Center

3 07 2008

This last year has been crazy for me as an artist, I’ve come from burning and selling my own CDs working solo dolo as a kid in the bay with big dreams to headlining shows and having more people supporting and working for me than ever before. However, even with all the blessings, there’s still a line that has yet to be crossed, and that’s the line that separates the good from great. I’ve been told a thousand times though, that in order to do that you gotta find a way to distinguish yourself as an artist. In this day n age of music, every other kid you come across got a microphone and a computer and loves to make “music”. You would think that with the music being that much more accessible, you would hear that much more variation in the music being made, because of that many more heads being given the chance to put out their ideas through rap.

However it seems like the opposite, the more people there are rapping and making beats now, the more they all sound the same. It’s frustrating as an artist because this problem makes it that much harder to be noticed, and for somebody hearing you for the first time, they’re less likely to even give you a chance. It feels like standing in a damn where’s waldo puzzle sometimes I swear. I know this shit is true too, based on personal first hand experience… my myspace account gets blown up everyday with messages from other “artists” asking me if I’d be down to do a collab with them, and to be honest i give maybe 25% of them the time of day to even check out their music (Skandeles i know but its a lotta lame cats out there!). And of those 25% i give the chance to, i’m rarely moved or impressed by their shit.

However, a couple weeks ago, I was shocked! This cat hit me up, and he told me he liked my shit and to check out his band called Bedtime For Toys ( At first what caught my attention is the word ‘band’ so i’m like, ‘arright lemme check out their music, see what they sound like’… It woke me up the shit was fresh as fuck. I played their song “Cold Fever” on repeat for the rest of the day. I like to listen to all types of music, but i’m not too big on a lot of modern rock, but they had a unique sound that really impressed me. They had a unique balance between hip-hop and punk rock, but with an old-school late 80s vibe to both aspects. You already know I’m on that hype, so needless to say i liked their shit. I ended up getting to know their drummer, and he gave me green lights to do a remix, so i hopped on the song and spit a verse as soon as i got the beat cuz I was so inspired.

Meeting these cats kinda felt like the movie I Am Legend, how Will Smith felt when he met those other people that saved him. Sometimes i feel like this music shit is like that, just dead, and it’s rare you find life out there! But these cats shit is definitely live, big ups to Bedtime For Toys. You can catch the Cold Fever Remix on my new mixtape The Tipping Point coming in a couple weeks.

The Cincinnati Monster TOP 10 SONGS of the week of 6/15/2008

21 06 2008




1. Lil Wayne-A Milli

2.Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West-Put On

3. DJ Khaled ft. Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Lil Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood and Lil Wayne-Out Here Grindin

4. B.G. ft. Magnolia Chop-Keep it 100

5. Young Buck-Taped Phone Conversation

6. Oba Rowland ft. Whitney Foard-Bring The Freak Out

7. G-Unit-Straight Outta Southside

8. Chip The Ripper-Fresh, Fly

9. Doe Boy-Datts What Money Do

10. G-Eazy-I Be in the Lab

I’m Focused Now Available in Free Download Section!

23 05 2008


G-Eazy’s I’m Focused is now available in the FREE DOWNLOAD section of The Cincinnati!


Check it out

1st 1,000 Viewers

18 05 2008

I started this site in April and in May The Cincinnati has hit a 1,000 views. Thats what up! i want to thank everybody who has been comin’ to the site to check out what’s been goin on in the realm of 3rd-Shift. What I’ve been working on is The Cincinnati Monster mix album. Im aiming this to be better than the Coup d’Etat so I’ve been working to give it a totally different flavor than the Coup. Here’s what you can expect from The Cincinnati Monster. ALOT MORE OBA ROWLAND, 5TH CHILD and less remixes. I’ve been toying with the idea solely because I want to showcase more underground artists and give my brand a more serious taste. Remixes are cool, they’re attention getters (thanks M2M lmao). However, in order to make the step from beatmaker to record producer, I think it has to be 100% original. DJ Redd Flash is going to be hosting The Cincinnati Monster again. So expect some more fire skits. I’m working with a new artist. Well new to my listers but old to the people who have been following me since my ODU days. I’m working with Lil Bossy again. He’s contributed a track to The Cincinnati Monster called, “Where You Been At?”. That song is bananaz! Oba Rowland has been working extremely hard giving me material. I might have to toss one out just so you can believe me! This fat guy is a problem. But, just know I’ve been working extremely hard on this producer/mix album. I’m ready to get it popping. The first single will be released in the next 2-3 weeks. It’s going to be an Oba Rowland joint. I’m debating between 2 right now. So, haters keep hating. Supporters keep supporting and I’ll see both of you guys at the top.