808s and Heartbreaks vs. Theatre of Mind

4 12 2008



After giving both albums run and vibing to them both, I am allowed to have an opinion about which one is better.  And, this is how it is.  Kanye West wanted to make “different” music.  Some tracks were really and I mean really good.  Welcome to Heartbreak and Coldest Winter, wow.  Even Bad News and Amazing were great.  However for every great song there were terrible songs.  Paranoid?  Robocop?  Street Lights?  808s isn’t consistent enough.  And what’s with these 1 minute songs with the beat looping for four minutes.  It makes for great vibing music but where’s the practicality of it?  There are periods and spurts of Kanye’s genius sprinkled throughout the album and Bad News and Say You Will are evidence of that.  He uses like one or two drum kits with the 808 kick.  He meshes his melodies and the overall sound is very spacy and futuristic.  It’s trendsetting to a point.  The theme of the album is great and the vision is amazing.  However, the album gets lost in translation.  But still its a good album.


But, with all the commotion about Kanye people just up and forget about Ludacris and Theatre of Mind.  I’m raving about this cd.  From the moment it comes on with the movie theme and The Runners’ big movie sounding soundscape I’m hooked.  Luda’s flow is smashing.  Vivid, charasmatic and on point.  He calls songs scenes or movies.  Producers are scoring it and guest appearances are co-stars.  That’s originality.  This album is a real hip-hop album from beginning to end.  It hits harder than the Kanye.  However, I have some gripes about this one as well.  Luda never really goes past punchlines.  And, boy there are some DAMN good ones on this album.  I would have liked to hear more reflective songs that stick to my ribs however his lines are so cold that I forget about that lmao.  The collaborations fit the songs which is cool.  But, the singles don’t reflect the album.  One More Drink was ehhhh and What Girls Like was wack…  But, fuck all dat…LISTEN TO LAST OF A DYING BREED WITH WAYNE.  Thats how you want Wayne to flow.  His fow is like 9.3/10 and Luda still rips him.  Luda covers alot of bases on this album pretty effortlessly.  And, that makes his album better than Kanye’s to me.  He executes his vision better than Kanye.  It’s overall a better album.  Now let the disagreements begin.  

La The Darkman and CTE Get Into It @ The Dirty Awards

25 11 2008


young_jeezy_802349I don’t know whether to believe this or not.  Frankly because T.I.P. and Shawty Lo’s camp got into it at the same award show.  However, this very well could still have happened.  Again, details are faint at this moment in time.  But, when I get some more information I will let you all know what the deal.  Until then , I’m going to let DX speak for me.

Details are emerging as two of Atlanta’s major players came to a clash at the 2008 Dirty Awards in Atlanta. A scuffle ensued that reportedly left members of Jeezy‘sCTE squad covered in blood.

A witness told HipHopDX late this evening that they saw Aphilliates President La The Darkman, presently signed to SRC Records, along with members of his entourage, responding after they were verbally taunted by Young Jeezy and members of his entourage. Over five people were reportedly involved, and although claims stated that it was the CTE side that left injured, no official word has been given.

Nas Hits Number One With Untitled

24 07 2008


Selling 187,078 copies in it’s first week, Nas hits number one with his new album -Untitled-.  If you are reading this and you haven’t copped it yet you are doing yourself a disservice.  The album is cohesive, strong, full of content rich and amazingly relevant songs.  Nas really does it again.  If you still rock with a CD changer you really should have this number 1, The Carter III at number 2 and the rest can be some other shit.  Nas did it on this one.  Check out Sly Fox, Fried Chicken, N.I.G.G.E.R. and definitly Hero if you haven’t heard it already.  This album should get a plaque.  

Hov to Buy into the Yanks?!!?!

26 06 2008

It keeps gettin’ better and better for my nigga Hov.  He’s about to move the Nets to Brooklyn AND about to buy into the New York Yankees.  My nigga making POWER moves.  What’s next 50 buying the Mets?  Hope not…



(coutesy xxlmag.com)

First the Nets, now the Yankees? Hov recently revealed to Time Out London that he could possibly buy a share in the most decorated franchise in sports history. “Someone told me yesterday that someone else had a piece of the New York Yankees,” Jigga told Time Out. “‘We wanna talk to you, yadda yadda yadda.’ I mean, I love the Yankees so I’m in the middle of following that through, but sometimes it comes to be something and sometimes it comes to be nothing.

DJ Khaled Readies We Global!

26 06 2008


I can’t hate on Khaled.  He’s the ring leader of a new movement and he doesn’t do anything but holler on songs.  He does alot of things behind closed doors and he’s today’s music executive.  He’s everywhere, he has his hands on the best music and great relationships with today’s hottest artists.  He has a label deal with Koch and now Def Jam for his label the We The Best Music Group.  He has a new artist, Ace Hood who isn’t that bad.  He’s moving in the right direction.  I like Khaled.  I like what he’s doing.  He’s becoming a force on his own, I can’t knock the man’s hustle nor his passion for the game, I’m takin’ notes.  So here’s the news.




DJ Khaled has put together some pretty big collaborations in the past to go along with his albums laced with some of the finest Hip Hop has to offer. The trend is set to continue as DJ Khaled prepares his latest dish titled We Global on Koch/We The Best Music Group.

We Global will be Khaled’s third album and will be jump started by the lead single “Out Here Grindin” which will feature AkonLil BoosieRick RossPliesYoung JeezyTrick Daddy and Ace Hood with production by The Runners.

“’Out Here Grindin’” is the biggest record in the streets!! This will be the anthem for ‘08!” says Khaled via statement. “I do this for the streets!!! WE GLOBAL!!!! This record is for the people!!!”

video for the single is currently in the works.

We Global will feature Kanye WestFabolousFat JoeNasSean PaulBusta RhymesFlo-RidaAkonRick RossYoung JeezyTrick Daddy and many more to be announced. Production will be handled by the likes of The RunnersDanja,NastyThe IncrediblesCool and Dre and Beat Novacaine.

Look for We Global to be released on September 16th.