Gorrilla Zoe ft. Gucci Mane Walk With A Waddle (video)

25 11 2008

gorilla-zoeClick HERE to Watch Video


Gucci Mane-Rich Nigga Shit

20 11 2008

I’m a Gucci Mane fan! You mad?!?  Fuck you!!

Gucci Mane-Bricks (Music Video)

19 11 2008


Definitely late for this, but who cares?!?  I had to post this shit just because Gucci is dat nigga to me.  Ok back to normal…

FREE DOWNLOAD!!! Gucci Mane and DJ Drama THE MOVIE Gangsta Grillz Special Edition

20 09 2008



I fuck with Gucci.  I dont know why I do.  But, I do.  And, for that reason and that reason alone I’m offering his latest mixtape here on The Cincinnati Monster.com.  Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah Well Dayum Lmao!!!!

Gucci Mane Thrown In Jail

13 09 2008

Over the months, Gucci has become one of my guilty pleasures with songs like “Bricks” with Yo Gotti and “My Shirt Off” but damn looks like my nigga (pause) is headed to the slammer…again.  Yesterday, a Fulton County judge revoked one year of Gucci’s probation due to numerous violations including showing up to probation meetings rollin off X and high as fuck.  That falls into the WTF were you thinking catagory.  Plus, he violated his community service.  Gucci Mane Laflare was supposed to serve 600 hours stemming from a 2005 incident with him and a Big Cat Records employee that got him charged with assult when he allegedly attacked the employee with a pool cue.  Since 2005, Gucci has served only 25 hours of the 600.  The judge wasn’t pleased and Gucci pleaded with the judge but as usual he wasn’t having it.  Gucci was sentenced to a year in the Fulton County jail and still has to complete his 600 hours of service upon his release.  Damn, Gucci.  FREE GUCCI MANE!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA UHHHH! WELL DAYUM!!!



Probably the hottest Gucci song out rite now!

Atlantic Records Sues BCD Music Group, BCD Responds!

24 06 2008


I love the idea of an independent record label selling mixtapes, it is a great hustle and it takes power away from the major record labels to profit off another artists’ hardwork and dedication.  I will FOREVER be a fan of mixtapes and I am glad someone is standing up to them.  Check out the news below!!! Thanks HIPHOPDX!



Yesterday (June 23), Urb.com reported that Atlantic Records was suingMixtrap.com and the Texas-based BCD Music Group for copyright infringement and intellectual property rights issues over material from Plies and Gucci Mane.

Today, BCD defended their actions and business in a letter sent to HipHopDX fromH. Blakeslee, the music group’s managing director.

The letter stated the following:

BCD is a reputable Texas-based independent music and video distributor engaged in the distribution of finished master sound recordings. BCD has an excellent reputation in the independent marketplace and is well-respected in the world of independent retail. BCD has over 500 titles in its catalog ranging from urban, to rock and alternative, to classical, to country, to comedy, and to children’s titles.

BCD legitimately believes that it had proper authorization from the respective artists’ representatives as well as employees of Atlantic’s marketing department to distribute the Plies Real Definitions mixtape and the Gucci Mane’s No Pad No Pencil mixtape. However, promptly after receiving notice from Atlantic’s legal department (and prior to the legal action being commenced) BCD stopped selling both mixtapes – and BCD advised Atlantic that it would cooperate to resolve the dispute without the need for litigation. Even so, Atlantic maliciously filed suit againstBCD in Federal Court in the Southern District of New York alleging copyright infringement.

Although BCD cooperated in removing the mixtapes from the distribution chain,BCD vigorously disputes Atlantic’s position in the case. BCD believes that the marketing people at Atlantic condone the sale of mixtapes to build awareness of a particular artist’s forthcoming studio album but, in a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, the Atlantic legal department then comes to court with “unclean hands” and tries to punish BCD for doing precisely what Atlantic authorized it to do.

BCD fully expects to prevail in the event that Atlantic pursues the case any further.

Atlantic Records is home to DJ Drama and his Aphilliates Music Group, who went through a very highly-publicized federal investigation with theRIAA over similar disputes.

BCD recently released Devin The Dude‘s Smoke Sessions Volume 1. The group has worked with artists such as TraeLil Flip and others in the past.


3rd-Shift’s 1ST Release Still Killing ITUNES!!!!

12 06 2008

3rd-Shift’s single from his first ever release is STILL killing ITUNES! The 3rd-Shift Project, released March 7th, 2008 with NO PROMOTION has ranks in the TOP 100 most downloaded songs on the ONLINE MEGA DIGITAL RETAILER. The 3rd-Shift produced Pillz (remix) is 39th on the entire list ahead of artists such as: Jay-Z, Ludacris and Katt Williams.