Young Jeezy-Crazy World (Music Video)

19 11 2008


Dope Video.  I like how Videos are getting more and more conceptually based and focused on the meaning of the song.  This video really brings out the song.  It’s low budget, but so what.  It gets Jeezy’s point across.  I’m actually waiting on Who Dat.  That video got BG in it.  I’m interested to see how that plays out!

New T.I. Video-What Up, What’s Happenin Video

12 09 2008


This has to be the greatest music video ever.  Especially, the scenes with TIP sittin’ in front of the BOWEN HOMES sign.  That was a great scene.  Peep the Black on Red Dodge Challenger.  Officially jeleous…But, with the beef bein’ over how does this look??? Lowblow, personally I dont think so.  Great  Video.

Man I Love This Shit: Hotstylz ft. Yung Joc LOOKING BOY

25 06 2008

Lmao!!! My nigga turned me on to this song.  This nigga started sayin, WIIILLL YOOUUU MAAARRYY MEEE SPLAT! lookingboy!  I was like man WTF is you talkin bout?  Then, I saw the slideshow video…OMG…the funniest thing ever in life.  If you don’t know about Hotstylz, they are a group out of Chicago who recently signed to Yung Joc’s new label Swagg Team Entertainment thats distributed through Jive.  I don’t know what to make of them being a serious trio in Hip-Hop but I think this song is definitly Hip-Hop.  Its creative, one of a kind, funny, lighthearted and hot.  I don’t know how the three of them are going to follow up but I definitly like what they just brought to the table.  Its fresh!  


Here’s The Dirty Original Version:


Ok and Here’s the BET Video Version

This should really win video of the year, EVERYWHERE!



-Shift Love the Kids