SOHH HACKED BY or so we think?

27 06 2008

Young Black America if you ever thought you needed a time to stand up for something you believe in the time is now!  Forget Hip-Hop for a second and think about your lively hood as a human being, an American and finally a fan of hip-hop.  I don’t want to hear the bullshit about our government and what they are not doing but look at ourselves and the ignorance we foster on a daily basis.  The defacing of SOHH and ALLHIPHOP was ignorant, stupid and it shows that racism in this country is more than alive, it has found a way to evolve.  We as a people.  African America, this is how they think of us!  It has been no secret.  But, now Young Black America, you see how real opinions are and how much they can hurt.  Instead of being ignorant back which they think we will do, we need to respond in a way that they can’t fathom.  Let’s keep doing us!  Let’s CONTINUE to get educated, lets CONTINUE to raise our families, lets CONTINUE to be upstanding members in society and make them more upset and angry at our progress as a people.  We brag all the time about haters in hip-hop.  So this doesn’t make me all that mad when I look and think about it.  It just confirms to me how ignorant people are and that everything happens for a reason.  Someone was obviously bored, not having enough time on their hands and decided to deface a website.  Corny, next.  Big Ups to all our haters!  Lets keep doing our thang!  Fuck wit a cold dick!  Hip-Hop isn’t the problem.  It’s ignorant, racist retards who are.  Our country is progressing forward.  We are making steps in the right direction, lets leave the ignorance behind.

OBAMA 2008!!!


Here’s the news: 

The racist bullshit in the link I’m going to provide for you will piss you off as well as it did me until i managed to control myself.  Ignorant idiots will do anything for attention.  Read at your own risk.

Click the Picture to See the Article!!!




12 responses

29 06 2008

Anonymous are simply opportunists.

You do not taunt the bull with a red flag in the real world. The same applies here.

This was not a racial attack. If it were a white supremacist (google: Hal Turner Anonymous) the attacks would have been thematically suited to that.

Anonymous raids of any variety (be it Hal Turner, Scientology, SOHH, etc.) are done to provoke a reaction from people who feel they are above and beyond the rest of us without any justification other than their own arrogance. Tall poppies.

Their reactions are priceless, because how dare someone call them out. How dare someone attack the intricately crafted persona they have formed for themselves in their own little world.

Of course, they always play the victim instead of the instigator. In this case: they play the race card. Now they are humbled.

29 06 2008

classic case of bullshit, call a spade a spade. If the “attack” was garnered any other way then ok but the second a swatstika is used or people start throwing around nigger and spic to inflict verbal and racial harm on others then thats where you draw the line. please do not come onto THIS site and say that the utter use of racism and social attacks were simply vehicals for something else. whoever did it crossed the line and their actions can’t be defended. if they had an issue with the site, or got pissed of at someone on the site then handle it in the confines of that. Do not make it a bigger issue and involve more people. That is spineless and ignorant. Thats like if a child in class can’t color when it’s time to read then he throws his crayons and books everywhere to make a point. He’s disrupting the class and the learning of the entire class. Whoever did this took their disgruntled feelings out on pretty much the whole world, to prove a point and to get a reaction? Thats ignorant son. I don’t care how you shape the variables in any situation right will always be right and wrong will always be wrong. And, in this case that was plain wrong.

-Shift Love the Kids

29 06 2008

hey,watch out-that idiot that posted first is PART of 4chan, the group that did that hacking on SOHH—–a warning to any of you dudes and hiphop websites,they are moving from site to site looking for anything that is said negative about them. The beef started between members of 4chan and members of SOHH’s JBO and when the JBO members ran for cover to datpiff, AHH, and WSHH, 4chan followed them there (just like Anonymous here is going from website to website looking at responses to what’s happened to SOHH.) Anyone that shows up as anonymous is more than likely a part of their movement so be careful….

Now, this is what I want to say………..
I want to see how we as the HIPHOP COMMUNITY react to this fucking bullshit—if you are a fan–you should be pissed—–if you’re a fan of these sites——–you should be pissed——MOST OF ALL……..if you’re BLACK—you should be ready for WAR.!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I know that you may say that “I am overreacting” REALLY? That’s funny, because every day in hip-hop, I see bullshit beefs–this is beef right here muthafuckas… Have you seen the headlines on that hacked website? “50 cent marries a watermelon” ? Gimme a fucking break…. I want to see if 50 reacts/responds to that like the way he starts shit with Fat Joe, Cam or the rest of his peers. I want to see Al Sharpton speak on this bullsh—- oh, my bad–like these idiots at 4chan are saying on the Encyclopedia Dramatica website, “niggers are not on the internets”. I am Black, I am hiphop and I am a MAN—-we spend so much time feeding the negativity in hiphop, for ONCE, I want to see these studio gangstas and ringtone rappers stand for something.

29 06 2008

i’m really not scared at all seriously. but i really appreciate your comment and i whole heartedly agree with you. but, instead of declaring war on them, we should take the high road. they want us to respond like them, ignorant. we shouldnt do that. big ups to all our haters, yall aint stoppin the money or us goin to higher levels in society. ignorance keeps you stuck in the same place. not me and not i and not this community. however, that shit was offensive as the fuck. not sayin that, but i want to respond in a better way.

-Shift Love the Kids

30 06 2008
irish black




1 07 2008

That’s the best way to look at it, Shift. Anonymous are just a bunch of cyberbullies looking for a reaction.

SOHH was doing the same thing, but, Anonymous is better at it. As BLAK pointed out, this “beef” started with SOHH on the forum “Just Buggin’ Out” making an open threat to all of 4chan. Mess with the bull, you get the horns.

And, of course it’s going to be offensive, otherwise there wouldn’t be a desirable reaction.

1 07 2008

If there’s one thing you should take from this happenstance it’s thus:


Blame your site administrators for not having decent spam protection. Blame your forum denizens for provoking the ire of hundreds of thousands of bored retards. But please, please don’t blame the white man.

1 07 2008

to anon1, so with it being offensive you won? hardly…i think you have your morals in the wrong place…dont blame the white man anon2…you know its one thing to play the race card when you complain about bad credit but when you post openly racist comments…what do you expect?!? thats like me goin to the gucci store and complainin about the prices…its not meant for everyone to afford it…if the shoe fits, wear it…it was wrong, case and point…that shit was foul, i dont care what sparked it…another analogy…she talked about my mom so i killed her? wrong…lol there’s no way around this, there’s nothing you can say to me that will justify 4chan’s, ebaumsworld’s, bored tech retards, or just flat out racist ppl for the actions against SOHH. nothing…period…sorry

2 07 2008
The XFacta

I don’t like racism but SOHH is one of the WORST hip hop website!

3 07 2008

I am a Black man. I am also part of Anonymous. I want you to understand what’s REALLY good with the attacks on SOHH/AHH.

I used to frequent those sites myself back in the day when something worthwhile was actually posted on there. But soon the day came, much like everything else, when masses of young Black people came in who seemed more concerned about their hair than social and political issues. Calling each other the n-word as most uneducated-about-the-word Blacks do today, starting up internet beefs with each other just because they can, basically bringing down the forums and to me personally giving the whole site’s aura a skidmark.

When these attacks were launched (which I had NOTHING to do with, not even the planning, I just watched thinking nothing really was going to happen), they weren’t racially motivated. It was an internet beef, sans-race. But then one Anonymous got the “brilliant” idea to hack the site – since the forum users didn’t know how to admit defeat, as the message boards were spammed while people GUESSED user name passwords correctly … I mean seriously, if you have a username such as “I<3Soujaboy” then don’t have “souljaboy” as your password! – but then another Anon decided to really rile up the Black people on the site, to throw in racist images. As you see, people are STILL talking about it. All over something that was meant to be shock value. Well, thank you for playing in to them, and I say that as a Black man.

By playing in to them, it makes the entire Black community look as if we were struck with a racial attack as grand as those we had back in the early 1900’s when lynching was prevalent. This is nowhere near that caliber, but people are flying off the handle as if it is. This attack WAS NOT racially motivated, but meant to shock people. But because we’re turning it in to a racially motivated attack, it’s making us as a whole look bad. I’ve noticed this about our people for the longest time now, but a lot of us always blame Whitey for why we can’t accomplish anything, therefore we will accept the idea of not having anything. It is this mentality where people start to do dumb things, and it is this mentality where people start to think everything in life is about winning and losing.

I for one will not stand by the notion that a white man can prevent me from achieving anything. I mean come on, America as a whole has elected our very first bi-racial (Black AND White) presidential candidate EVER! And there’s a good chance he can beat out that old dustrag known better as McCain! Yet we are still clinging on to the old ideologies of a racist America, where it was written in to law for this country to be racist. America is no longer that place, but because a few individuals are biased against color (just as there are individuals who are biased against age, individuals who are biased against gender, etc) we still believe that racism was as alive as it was in the day where Black men legally couldn’t marry White women. Come on my brothers and sister, you know just as much as me that times truly have changed.

If Martin Luther King Jr were alive today, he would be shaking his head in dismay (although I must admit, if King, Jr. were alive today then we wouldn’t have HALF the problems that we do today, given his powerful role of leadership). We have young Black brothers on the street selling drugs because they’ve convinced themselves they can’t get a real job, even though they graduated at the top of their class. We have young Black sisters out here who think it’s REALLY OKAY to be a video ho, without even thinking about how she’s degrading herself and further playing in to the misogyny of the “video rap” world! We refer to ourselves as niggas, a word coined and used by white slavemasters to degrade us. We refer to our women as bitches, as hos, words used to degrade women to “put them back in their place.” I’ve heard a professor, Black whom taught Afro-American studies, say that by referring to ourselves as niggas, we are putting ourselves back in our place, the same place we were in when we were viewed as minstrels for all of society.

Let’s be real with ourselves, Black people. We can continue to think that this is a battle of either victory or defeat. We can continue to play the race card for every single instance in our lives. But will that better us as a person? Will that better us as a nation? Or will we continue to do the same thing, will we continue to ALLOW racism to exist in the mass that it does? Will we teach these issues to our children, whom will teach to their children, whom will teach to their children that everything in life is about race? While given the image of a racial attack, this one was that of shock value. And to best combat an attention whore who seeks the shock value, we must ignore them. Don’t play in to their game, because we will only become puppets. That is the Black man speaking.

As far as who’s responsible, 4chan had NOTHING to do with this. It was all’s fault. 4chan looked at it and said no, but ebaumsworld, piggybacking off the game of 4chan decided to go through with it. Now 4chan has to clean up their mess.

3 07 2008

No one from JBO has any right to complain. A bunch of dudes playing thugs on the internet thinking that if they talk smack that they can intimidate a bunch of white boys….which by the way I personally don’t want to hear any crying about racial attacks after we were called white boys, crackers, pale faces, and honkeys….you start it and then you cry because you get your shit taken? How many times did I personally read “I’ll kill you crackas” isouLja-b0y personally said himself he had aks and would kill us… if that isn’t stereotypical ghetto that you see on BET I don’t know what is.
You don’t walk up to the biggest dude and throw sand in his face because he’ll more than likely fuck you up.
I mean if we really wanted to, we could have went from site to ip and then from your ip get names, addys, bank accounts, and could keep going.

Maybe some of these big shit talkers could beat the shit out of us nerdy little white boys but first you have to find us and by the time you do it would have been years later and we would have already fucked you up waaaaaaaaaaay more.

The racist stuff was really meant to piss people off because black people cry more than anyone else on the planet when it comes to name calling. Instead of that old saying of “Only sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me” we new people we going to get butt hurt about it and act like it was the worst thing ever to happen in life.

And for the comment Blak left… don’t want war with us. We’ll come through and shut your shit down too. You’re powerless to stop us. Scientology (Which is a religion) can’t fuck with us and neither can a bunch of unorganized punks either.
We have all the colors of the rainbow in our ranks, all sexes and religions.

Also I guess I should point out that there’s a difference between racist and bigot. To label us bigots would be correct, racist no, since we don’t believe whites are better than anyone else. We just make fun of your stereotypical shit because black people freak the fuck out everytime and it’s funny as hell to watch people run around that are powerless to stop shit but steady talk smack they they’re going to do something.

6 07 2008


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