30 07 2008



It’s no secret that G is my homeboy.  Other than being my dude on the slick, I think he’s a case study of what rappers should be these days.  Everyone says everyone is rapping now.  The input cost is way down, everyone with a dream now is rapping.  Ok coo, that means we have 1,000,000,000 Jay-Z wanna be’s and 1,000,000,000 more lazy ass no drive ass nothing to offer ass niggaz rappin.  But, peep this.  This dude, records, produces and mixes his own music.  Wait, then does his own cover art, shoots his own videos and then sells it all himself.  He’s his greatest resource.  Plus, the music he makes is real to himself.  No shoot em up, bang bang, 1000 ki’s a week type of shit.  It’s real music that he makes.  Wait, he makes it for the love?  Exactly, I fuck with him on the strength of that.  Plus, he’s white.  Fresh concepts, different spin on hip-hop but keeps it true to the art, music and himself.  Datts what up.  So that is why his mixtape is up on here.  If you gonna hate, take it up with me.  Otherwise enjoy a free mixtape from G-EAZY.  The Oakland Fresh Slap Docta.  I fuck with the Bay too.  I ain’t never been but once these royalty checks clear.  I’m there with a fresh Cincinnati Hat on!!!! YOU HEAR ME?!?  

I also contributed to this mixtape.  I produced: Gettin Mine and I’m Focused.  Between the two, I’m Focused was the more fun track to make.  We had to put a group of haters in their place rite quick and come up off their hate.  Watch me make the beat for it right here:

But look, stop fucking around and download the tape.  It’s official.





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