Lil Mama Blames Jive for Low Record Sales

23 06 2008

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Lil Mama’s debut album Voice of the Young People barely made a sound when it hit the charts at No. 25, selling just under 19,000 copies last month. But the young femcee is loud and clear about what the problem was and adamant that it’ll be fixed the next go round.

SOHH caught up with the pint sized rapper and got the word on all her latest projects and why her first foray was an admitted flop.

“I was definitely disappointed with the numbers,” she told SOHH about her sales figures.

The sales were unexpectedly low, especially after the commercially successful singles “Lip Gloss” and the Chris Brown and T-Pain assisted “Shawty Get Loose.” Lil Mama blames the low sales on her label, Jive Records.

“My fan base is out of this world and the youth really look up to me and I know for a fact my album wasn’t promoted correctly because people would come up to me like, ‘Oh your album is out?’ Or, ‘This is the second one?'” She said. “It’s really disturbing to know that I signed with a company that didn’t promote my record properly. Highly disturbing.”

Lil Mama said she didn’t think Jive had a right to be all that upset about the disc’s performance.

“The number of albums that they shipped out shows their prediction,” she quipped.

But the pint sized emcee promised the problem would be corrected with her sophomore set. She plans on getting back into the studio soon to begin work on that. In the meantime, she has several other projects in the works.

She just signed on for a second season as a judge on MTV’s competition show, “America’s Best Dance Crew.” And she’ll be debuting her brand new video, “What It Is (Strike a Pose) featuring T-Pain on MTV’s new show FNMTV on June 20.

Lil Mama was also recently nominated for a Teen Choice Award.

“Knowing that Teen Choice, Nickelodeon, that the whole team could just be like, ‘Wow, Lil Mama she’s doing things. She’s the only female in the category of best rapper.’ It feels good to see that they understand that,” Lil Mama said. “Being acknowledged is very important and it shows that you have respect. Sometimes as an artist you get to the point where you think nobody really recognizes what you’re doing and how much hard work you’ve done. But it’s not true. People do recognize, you just have to keep working because nothing comes easy.”





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