The Cincinnati Monster SPEEDS to 2,000 HITS!!!!

12 06 2008

Thank all of you for making THE CINCINNATI a sucess.  We just hit 2000 HITS!!!!  Hopefully everyone who has been to the site is beginning to see my vision and where I want to take my sole place on the web.  Hott music, updates, my opinion, a great place to get solid info on the game and just 3rd-shift, 3rd-shift and more 3rd-shift and the people I support.  Daily, more and more people become aware of how I get down and what I have to offer.  Since THE CINCINNATI MONSTER has been up and running, I’ve seen my fair share of love as well as hate.  I relish the hate more than love it seems.  It seems to push me.  Today I read the music to marketing article again just to get my blood pumping to plan out my next cd and bigger move.  Here’s the inside scoop straight from me.  My next move is a mixtape hosted by: DJ SMALLZ aka MR. SOUTHERN SMOKE.  13 songs, so far untitled but I’m wrapping it up with some great records on there for you guys to bump!  I expect it to be out end of July early August.  Big shouts to my man TYLER YEE!  He just showed me the layout for the NEW CINCINNATI MONSTER website.  Equipped with a music player, sleek graphics, embedded blog, video, the works!!!! That will probably launch around the same time as the new mixtape.  But, what I’m scheming on next is the ALBUM…THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.  The features themselves are going to be a beast for my first independant album.  B.G., The Show, Curren$y, K-Gates, Musa, Black Jackk, Doe Boy, Oba Rowland, 5th Child Lil Bossy and G-Eazy.  WOW!  Those are my goals for the album.  So far, everyone who I’ve contacted and hit off with the vision and the opportunity is down so lets just keep prayin cause you know the beats will be cold!  But, thats in the future, what yall should be looking out for is the NEW SINGLE FROM THE ALBUM WHICH WILL BE ON THE CINCINNATI MONSTER NEXT TUESDAY!!!! Lil Bossy and his single WHERE YOU BEEN AT??!! will be up and for sale TUESDAY JUNE 17TH!!! so make sure yall check that out its gonna be a beast!!!!  ONCE AGAIN THANK EVERYONE FOR CLICKIN!!!!  The next 1000 hits are gonna be filled with good shit in between!!! HOLLA AT CHA NIGGA MAYNE!!!! 




Coup d’Etat Single Climbing Amazon Charts

20 05 2008

3rd-Shift’s Lollipop (remix) is climbing the charts rapidly.  Currently it is the #652 top downloaded song on the entire website and 69th in Hip-Hop/R&B.  The success of the remix is due to the popularity of the original song, but also is showcasing 3rd-Shift’s talent among the elite of Hip-Hop and R&B producers worldwide.  Sales of the remix have also rapidly escalated the sales of the Coup D’ Etat on Amazon because of it’s low price (5.99 compared to 9.99 for other albums).  Overall this is a great move in the right direction.  7874 Recordings and 3rd-shift are moving in the right direction.     

3rd-Shift on Dillard Radio pt. 2

2 05 2008

3rd-Shift on Dillard Radio pt. 1

2 05 2008


30 04 2008