Lil Wayne Disses 50 Cent!

27 11 2008

Let it begin!!! If I was 50 this would be the ammunition I needed to return to relevance!  Nobody wants to hear 50 anymore.  But, now he has the spotlight.  The perfect time to return to vintage 50.  This is the time to bring out all the stops.  This is the time to capitalize and gain your fans back.  50 has to go in.  He has to find that hunger or it’s over for him.  I for one thought the lines were ok.  He just reworded Hov’s diss to him.  Nothing special, however all the blogs…INCLUDING this one are holding their breath to hear what Curtis is going to say.  And we know, no one does hip-hop beef better than Curtis Jackson.  Don’t sick Banks on him.  Tell Yayo to shut the fuck up.  Lock yourself in that studio of yours in your fucking state within a state and find the 50 that we all are used to hearing!  I thought the song “Louisianimal” had Boosie on it?!?  I for one would have loved to hear that ignorant shit from Boosie!  But, anywho…I really am interested to see how 50 responds.  And when he does…watch Interscope move his album up.  Watch his next single be fire and watch his album be…poo….




One response

27 11 2008
ice fab

man wayne u r da b00m uv jst killed boy cod 50 i digg yo shit man

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