Knicks About To Release Marbury…FINALLY!

27 11 2008



Please just cut this guy already.  Don’t send him home.  Don’t beat around the bush.  Please get rid of Stephon Marbury.  So he can sign with whoever and continue with his career.  I mean he’s a decent player and can have an impact with a team but this has gotten too ugly.  I’m not exactly sure is his salary is guarenteed.  But, getting rid of him takes more cap money off so they can have more of a healthy shot of gettin Lebron, Bosh or Wade.  But, bottom line he has to go.  I wasn’t sure why they didn’t cut him already as I was watching this on ESPN earlier in the month.  Check out the report just in over @ ESPN. 


Stephon Marbury will soon either be ordered to stay home indefinitely or be released by theNew York Knicks, a source told the New York Daily News.

Marbury again declined to play Wednesday night against the Pistons, the second time he had done so in six days. The same source told the Daily News that Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni considered sending Marbury home that night.

The Knicks are down to two healthy guards –Chris Duhon and Anthony Roberson — afterNate Robinson missed Wednesday’s game with a groin injury and Cuttino Mobley has not yet been cleared by team doctors.

Marbury is one of the league’s highest paid players and is scheduled to make at $20.8 million this season.




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