La The Darkman and CTE Get Into It @ The Dirty Awards

25 11 2008


young_jeezy_802349I don’t know whether to believe this or not.  Frankly because T.I.P. and Shawty Lo’s camp got into it at the same award show.  However, this very well could still have happened.  Again, details are faint at this moment in time.  But, when I get some more information I will let you all know what the deal.  Until then , I’m going to let DX speak for me.

Details are emerging as two of Atlanta’s major players came to a clash at the 2008 Dirty Awards in Atlanta. A scuffle ensued that reportedly left members of Jeezy‘sCTE squad covered in blood.

A witness told HipHopDX late this evening that they saw Aphilliates President La The Darkman, presently signed to SRC Records, along with members of his entourage, responding after they were verbally taunted by Young Jeezy and members of his entourage. Over five people were reportedly involved, and although claims stated that it was the CTE side that left injured, no official word has been given.




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