Get Off Pac Man’s Dick!!!

24 11 2008

Ok now I for one am really getting tired of all this Pac Man Jones CRAP.  I understand the NFL is trying to clean up the league and make it more classier.  However, this is Pac Man overkill!  I don’t understand how they can be ONE STEP closer to imposing a lifetime ban on him when there is a WHITE guy named Matt Jones who was SEEN chopping up cocaine in his vehicle and has yet to serve a suspension!!!!  Where is the logic in that?  I’m definitely not calling the league racist by any means but it doesn’t shake out right to me.  Pac Man is not one of my favorite players, but I don’t see how you get suspended for fighting in your hotel room for 6 GAMES!  Chad Johnson got into a fight with Marvin Lewis and it BARELY makes headlines.  Shit happens!  This guy can’t even cuss in his house without Godell being ready to send him to the CFL.  Get off his nuts!!!!

Sources told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen on Sunday that the Cowboys defensive back must strictly adhere to the terms of his reinstatement and any missteps will lead to a lifetime ban from the NFL.


Commissioner Roger Goodell relied on the recommendations of clinical specialists who oversaw Jones’ 30 days in a rehab facility when deciding to reinstate him from his latest suspension.

Jones was suspended for the entire 2007 season because of multiple incidents while with the Tennessee Titans, then was traded to the Cowboys during the offseason and given another chance by Goodell.

But on Oct. 7, only six weeks after being reinstated, he got into an alcohol-related scuffle with one of the bodyguards during a private party at an upscale Dallas hotel. The bodyguard was part of a security detail employed by the team to help keep the player out of trouble.


Goodell suspended Jones indefinitely a week later, saying he’d put a timeframe on it after the cornerback missed at least four games. By the time Jones returns, it will likely be a six-game suspension — meaning he’ll have missed 22 of 28 games since the end of the 2006 season because of suspensions.

Jones is slated to return to practice Monday and be eligible to play Dec. 7 at Pittsburgh.

Jones must now continue intensive rehab and counseling on an outpatient basis. Even a missed appointment will mean the end of Jones’ troubled career in the NFL.




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