G-Spot Boyz-Da Stanky Leg (Video)

24 11 2008


LMAO!!!  Man, I was in the Cricket Club down here in the N.O. (shout out to my nigga Mike Swift) and I heard this shit for the FIRST time and was like WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!?!?  Definitely TOM COONERY!!!  Deez niggaz hook is DO DA STANKY LEG!  BITCH IM WIRED UP DO DA STANKY LEG!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!  Then I seen the video.  This shit definitely had me in tears son.  These niggaz look kinda suspect shakin dey ass to da “booty doo”.  Them Dallas niggaz just added a totally new dimension to the Doougie.  LMAO!  Man all I can do is laugh at this shit.  It’s all in good fun I guess.  They gettin it lowkey.  I’m not a dancin nigga but I might do this shit when I’m drunk lmao!!!!!!!!  Peep these niggaz cars in the background.  Oba Rowland said my Saturn is somewhere in the background!  




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9 02 2009

this is cool is h***

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