How Stupid Can You Be? Rap Used As Evidence

20 11 2008



Just like the Cincinnati Taliband that I posted a couple days ago, how fucking stupid can you be?!?  Why commit a crime and broadcast it so you can get caught?!?  It baffles me.  Even though I do not lead any life of crime what so ever, I KNOW that its retarded to publicize it.  Here is another reason why America thinks rappers are the most stupid musicians.  


Georgia rapper Rico Todriquez Wright shot a man twice in September 2006. According to the Associated PressWright decided to describe the shooting, and called his victim, Chad Blue, out by name.

This new evidence landed Wright in prison for the next 20 years.

Blue, 28,  told police he had known Wright before the shooting, but that they weren’t on good terms. He testified that Wright’s friends egged him on as he chased and shot Blue in the thigh and groin.

Blue later told police that he recognized Wright’s voice on a CD, where the rapper said “Chad Blue knows how I shoot.”

In addition to a sentence of 20 years for two counts of aggravated assault, Wrightwill spend another 20 years on probation.




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