T.I. Will Appear At The Trial of the Men Who Killed His Best Friend…Testify?

19 11 2008




You know I’ve always been in T.I.’s corner when it came to him turning his life around.  I’ve never been on e of these ignorant fools who thought he snitched.  Or, when he came out saw him cooperating with police and law enforcement as him being an informant.  First off, its obviously apart of his plea agreement.  Second of all, what is the matter with him turning a 180 with his life after being knocked SO MANY times?  Do we knock people that do?  Paper Trail is T.I.P’s best album!  It shows his growth from Trap Muzik (which every southern dope boy with the exception of Jeezy) try to emulate to a more mature individual!  What the fuck is wrong with that?  Nothing!  And, I actually have no problem with him attending the case of the men who killed his BEST FRIEND!  Him testifying?  I don’t know what he can testify on if he can’t ID the shooters.  He was definitely on the scene and he is a superstar witness.  But, how can he help the prosecution’s case if he was ducking bullets his damn self?  Describe what happened?  But, what’s really sad is that one of the brother’s told on the other.  THAT IS SOME FIRST 48 TYPE SHIT!  The brother’s called the FEDS on the other.  Now, I can imagine the pressure to do it with EVERYONE knowing about it and the family being torn apart but wow selling out your brother and NOT GETTING ANY JAIL TIME!  And, he’s testifying in his brother’s case?!?  That’s bigger than T.I.  testifying!  That’s real life shit!!!  Anywho…Check out the press release from AHH. 


One of two men implicated in the murder of T.I.’s childhood friend Philant Johnson went on trial yesterday (November 18) in Cincinnati facing multiple charges including murder and felonious assault.


Authorities spent almost two years investigating the May 2006 chase and shoot out that left Johnson dead and three other individuals in the Grand Hustle camp wounded.


It wasn’t until this past summer that police caught a break, which lead to the arrest of 40-year-old Padron Thomas and 36-year-old Hosea Thomas, who stands on trial alone in the crime.


The elder Thomas brother, along with two others charged with federal gun crimes, contacted officials earlier this year with details of the incident, effectively pointing the finger at Hosea as the killer.


According to Padron Thomas, he and his friends confronted T.I. and his crew over gaining entry to the VIP area at Club Ritz in the Roselawn area of Cincinnati. Following the ensuing fight, the Atlanta-based rapper and his entourage left the scene in two vans.


They were chased by a green Jeep Cherokee, from which the shots were later fired.


Padron Thomas has admitted to driving the vehicle and told authorities that his brother Hosea fired shots at the vans, one which was described as a “horror scene,” with blood and brain matter dripping from the ceiling.


He also claims that at least one member of T.I.’s camp returned fire.


While Hamilton County prosecutor Heather Gosselin indicated in her opening statement that the states case would “come down to witness testimony,” Hosea Thomas’ lawyer Charles Isaly pointed out that the character of those witnesses should be questioned.


He insisted that all of the prosecution’s proposed witnesses are out to paint his client in a negative light in order to obtain reduced sentences for their own crimes.


Padron Thomas’ plea deal has guaranteed that he will serve no time behind bars for his part in the incident.


Prosecutors have allowed him to plead guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter, dropping the murder charges he originally faced alongside his brother.


They had also agreed to allow him to serve any sentence he receives concurrently with his federal prison sentence.


T.I. is expected to testify in the trial, which will most likely extend into next week.




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