The Cincinnati Taliban?!? Boy Niggaz Is Actin A Fool Back Home

19 11 2008



Boy, niggaz in my city is goin’ off.  The Taliband got rounded up yesterday back home.  Niggaz had an M-16 and better vests than the police.  I really honestly could give a fuck about Cincinnati Police and/or New Orleans Police however if these niggaz is just robbin’ old people they needed to be dealt with.  The news conference said that these fools posted pictures on MYSPACE and FACEBOOK and the FUCKING chief of police said that, it made them EASIER TO CATCH!!!!  Are you serious?!?  How stupid can niggaz be do be doin some shit thats FUCKIN ILLEGAL and BRAG ABOUT IT ON MYSPACE?!?  They deserve to be caught.  I don’t care who in this shit.  Thats stupid as fuck.  Don’t rob somebody and POST IT ON THE INTERNET!!!  A year ago my niggaz got robbed by these same niggaz…I don’t wish jail on nobody however…FUCK how stupid can you be?

Here’s the article from CINCINNATI.COM


 They touted themselves as an army, not a gang.

They held meetings. They dealt dope and moved guns in and out of the region.

They had their colors. Even a song.

And throughout social networking Web sites, they touted themselves as terrors who ran the city of Cincinnati, and even posed for pictures in front of City Hall, Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher said.

Now, many of the Northside Taliband are residents of the Hamilton County jail after more than 120 police officers fanned out through this eclectic neighborhood Monday, rounding up dozens of suspected gang members.

Police said about 90 people are linked the group that has been bullying the elderly and striking fear in residents here for more than a year. They range in age from 14 to their late 20s, police said, and most live in the neighborhood.

So far, 50 people have either been arrested or are targeted for arrest as a result of the investigation. The names of those arrested were not available Monday night.

Unlike the Taliban (no “d”) in Afghanistan, which forbids movies, videos and photography, the Northside Taliband embraced social networking. They used sites such as MySpace and Facebook to post photos of themselves and brag about their exploits, officials said.

That made it easier for investigators to track them down. Three officers searched the Web sites on a regular basis during the investigation, and the University of Cincinnati constructed a database. It was this, plus police surveillance and undercover work, that helped snag most of the group, police and other leaders said Monday.

“Certainly, they are being crippled,” Streicher said. “There is no doubt about that.”

Streicher said the upper tier of the group is under indictment.

“Come hell or high water, we are going to get every one of them,” Streicher said Monday.

Police began looking into the Northside Taliband in May and said Monday that it was the most organized of any gang they had seen in the city.

“They were getting so strong and bold,” Streicher said, and were becoming a threat, especially in the Northside area. They typically preyed on the weak and elderly, “and that is something we cannot tolerate.”

The investigation is the biggest criminal gang prosecution in the history of the police department. So far, 13 people have been charged with participating in a criminal gang – a second-degree felony. At least three will face federal charges, Lt. Col. Jim Whalen said.

Whalen said many members had specific roles within the gang, ranging from running drugs to robbery.

Starting before sunrise Monday, SWAT team members used “flash-bangs” and battering rams to enter several buildings and roust the alleged gang members from their sleep. More than a dozen guns, including an M-16, have been confiscated. Also confiscated was a bulletproof vest – something Streicher described as better armor than the department has.

Monday alone, 27 arrests were made, although not all were thought to be gang members.

Officials said Northside residents cheered during the roundup.

The arrests were a big topic at the Northside Community Council’s regular monthly meeting Monday night at the McKie Recreation Center, where Whalen discussed the raids.

About 80 people showed up to hear police talk about the arrests and to ask questions about their own neighborhoods.

“It’s great that the initiatives are working. I know how targeted their focus has to be now. They’re not just doing general arrest, they know the groups that are doing the crimes,” Vivian Newstate, 24, of Northside, said.

“Our neighborhoods are under siege. A lot of people feel they’ve been making complaints, and nothing was changing,” Stefanie Sunderland, 60, said. “The community was out there in the ozone somewhere, wondering if the police was going to make a difference.”

The Northside Taliband members have been involved in robberies, burglaries, assaults, and firearms and drug trafficking – and at least one homicide, police said.

Gang member Michael Grace was gunned down Dec. 28 by fellow gang members David Johnson and Marty Levingston, police say. Murder trials for both men haven’t begun yet.

And Monday, officials said they are a lot closer to moving in on suspects in two other homicides. “That is remarkable,” Streicher said.

The gang met mainly at Reflections Jazz Lounge on Blue Rock Road and Orlando’s on Fredrick Avenue, police said. That brought those two places under scrutiny, and charges have been filed against them for liquor violations.




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18 12 2008
dat bitch!!

dyz sum crazy azz shyt. Mafuckas jus dnt give a damn no more. But hey in ca n dig dat shit doe!!! Shout out ta sum of ma talibanc niggaz….keep ya head up!!!


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