Jeezy To Make A Video For My President Is Black!!!!

19 11 2008


I was just talking about this to one of my homegirls.  It’s about fucking time.  I just saw the Crazy World video and I was thinking that it should have been the ‘My President is Black’ video in its place.   Anywho, a nigga like me is actually excited to see this come forth.  I hope Jeezy do this video right!


Hip-Hop star Young Jeezy is calling upon the local community in Atlanta, Georgia, to help him film the video for his single “My President” featuring Nas. Jeezy, who is co-directing the video with Gabriel Hart, is holding a public rally at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta this Sunday (November 23). “My President” is Young Jeezy’s chart-topping album The Recession. The video is the rapper’s latest showing of support for Barack Obama. In addition to voting for the first time, Young Jeezy volunteered at a local phone bank, where he registered voters and showed his support for Obama. The shoot for “My President,“ Jeezy’s political anthem will take place from 11:00 am until 6:00 PM.





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