I’m Back!

19 11 2008



I am back. yes, I’m back. really, I never went anywhere however my internet presence has been suffering. it seems like I’ve just been restricted to Facebook. However, I’m back on my bullshit! I’ve never been the type to show up just to sell you something. However, I’ve been the type of nigga to GIVE YOU something. LMAO!!! I’ve been sitting back looking at other people’s blogs and measuring them against mine. And, I feel as though mine is better than all these niggaz blogs. So, instead of pouting, I’m going to GUERILLA BLOG! Post about anything and everything, making it known that THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM is surely the shit! So, just know that it has been nice since I was gone. But, hey….IM BACK! 

With Love, 

The Cincinnati Monster



I’m rapping now.




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