50 Cent To Be On The Next XXL Cover

19 11 2008



I guess when to you to 50’s status, you don’t really need a publicist.  Either that or the one he has is simply a monster!  Everytime dude breathes in the realm of relevance he has the cover of some magazine.  He’s all over BIG time blogs, such as MTV’s.  I mean he’s not really relevant in the world of popular HIP-HOP.  However, dude’s PUBLICIST is a mega monster.  My 50 Cent fanhood is sort of on the rocks lately.  With my deep, deep Jay-Z fanhood, combined with the fact that I’m focusing more on my music, listening to underground artists and him frankly falling off, I just don’t like 50 like I used to.  He’s stale.  He’s not changing.  He’s so stuck in his ways  if his music were anything like his business moves he’s be the top MC in the game.  But, it’s not and it leaves his real fans wondering what happened to the Guess Who’s Back 50 Cent.  I’ve made myself try to like Get Up…I can’t…But, here it is just for you to check it out…





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