Pharrell Takes Seinfelds Place! Killer Dude

19 09 2008


Pharell continues to ad more diverse things to his career’s already thick resume.  Now he teams up with Microsoft to advertise the second phase of Window’s campaign.  Killer Dude…


After less than two weeks on the air, Microsoft’s newest advertisements with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld will be pulled from the air.

Who will be taking Seinfeld’s place? Rapper/producer PharrellDeepak Chopraand Eva Longoria, according to reports. The tech giant’s $300 million ad campaign is underway, and the Seinfeld commercials, in which Gates and the comedian engage in humorous and sometimes inane discussion, were apparently the first phase of the project.

A spokesman for Microsoft said that the advertisement campaign was “completely in accordance” with company’s plans, denying that the first batch of commercials was taken down due to a lukewarm response from viewers.

Pharrell will be taking part in the “second phase” of Microsoft’s advertising campaign, which features the tagline: “Windows. Life without walls.

This is not Pharrell’s first time working with Microsoft, as he assisted in launchingMicrosoft Xbox 360’s game Halo 3 in the United Kingdom.




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