Busta Rhymes to Sign With Universal/Motown

19 09 2008




A while back The Cincinnati Monster.com published an article saying that Busta Rhymes had been dropped from Interscope due to an argument with Jimmy Iovine.  Well now it seems like Busta has a new recording home.  Even though no paperwork has been signed, everything is pointing toward Busta signing to Berry Gordy’s once powerhouse label Universal Motown.  Here’s what DX had to say about the matter.


Numerous sources are reporting that Busta Rhymes has moved fromAftermath/Interscope to Universal/Motown. In July, rumors of a heated exchange between Busta and Interscope President Jimmy Iovine began circulating viaThisis50.com.  At the time, neither Busta‘s management team atViolator or representatives from Interscope would officially comment on the matter. Less than a week later, Busta Rhymes would tell The Boston Herald‘s Chris Faraone that the album would in fact be released via Aftermath/Interscope.

News that Busta would release another Aftermath project originally started in October of 2007, when the heralded emcee told Rolling Stone an album entitledBack On My BS was to be released on Dec. 4Interscope released the lead single “We Made It,” which peaked at no. 47 on Billboard‘s Pop 100 chart. The album’s title was later changed to Blessed, and a second single, “Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On ‘Em),” was released.

Nile Ivey, of BET.com, reports representatives from Aftermath/Interscope have confirmed that Busta Rhymes is no longer on the label. If and whenUniversal/Motown confirms the news it will, reunite Busta with Sylvia Rhone.Rhone, who currently serves as Motown‘s president, signed Busta Rhymes to his first solo deal on Elektra Records. No release date has been set for Busta‘s eighth LP, Blessed.




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