What Does DJ Khaled Do?

15 09 2008


Ok, Time for another 3rd-Shift rant.  Make sure you check out the video that is directly related to this blog above!  Ok here we go!  What does DJ KHALED do?  Does he rap?  Does he produce?  Does he make his cover art?  Does he mix his own records?  Does he write for other people?  What does he do?  Out of the list of questions I just asked, he only “did” one and that was PRODUCE.  He was cold too.  His production moniker was “Beat Novicane.”  He did alot of work on Fat Joe and Terror Squad albums.  But, what does Mr. Khaled Khaled do that garners such publicity?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!  DJ’s spin records and give exposure to artists that are hot and break records correct?  Ok, Khaled HAS put The Runners on, kept Trick Daddy relevant and had some pretty hott records, BUT YOU CANT CALL THEM HIS RECORDS!!!!!!  He offers/offered nothing to the project but a phone call to an artist and maybe a scant idea to the producer and/or the rapper.  He’s the biggest joke of all time in my opinion.  And, this whole Dade County shit is ridiculous as well.  Khaled you’re from NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!!  It’s cool that you rep the place where you work and put on for but BE REAL lmao!!!  You used to have a record store in Hollygrove I believe.  Stop fronting.  And, stop saying the N-Word like you gotta pass.  Basically, I feel as to whom much is given much is required and if you on top you need to push the bar higher and higher to set yourself away from the competition and the wolves (like me).  But, Drama smashed you if you compare DJ albums.  Jake One’s White Van Music production CD will probably shit all over We Global too from a creative standpoint.  And,DJ Clue’s albums leave you in the dust.  And, no I’m not stupid by any means.  I understand we are in the business of SELLING music and singles are designed to set up your album.  You have really hot singles and great songs from time to time.  However, you are NOT the mastermind behind ANY creative substance PERIOD.  Give the credit to the artists who are making you rich.  Khaled is a peon to me.  He’s EASILY duplicated.  His whole “SWAG” is downloaded from the rappers he’s around.  Nothing original what so ever.  His co-sign even is shaky.  OBA ROWLAND IS BETTER THAN ACE HOOD!!!!!!  I put that on CINCINNATI!  The deal Khaled managed to get from DEF JAM is amazing!  Thaz whaz up, he got his artist on.  BUT ACE HOOD IS TERRIBLE!!!  He’s no different from any other rapper as well.  He’s replaceable too.  Him and 2Pistols are right up there together.  I just wish people with great opportunities pushed themselves to separate themselves.    We Da Best?!?!?! Not hardily.  The wolves are out.  Hip-Hop is a war zone.  Everybody wants to get on and this next generation of artist who wear multiple hats to better themselves is coming to put clowns like Khaled in the dumpster where they belong.  When he begins producing again on his albums, finds better artists to push, stops dick riding and being annoying I will be more satisfied.  But, KHALED is garbage!  You wanna put an artist on who is scorching hot on the streets?!?!  Tell Khaled to mosy on over to East Atlanta Zone 6 and put Gucci Mane in the studio with Cool and Dre or The Runners and watch “the streets” to which he’s so adament about representing and being from (gaggs on finger major pause)  flock to him.  Tell him to go back to New Orleans and put The Show on or Famous Stranger.  Or go to New York, where he was dick riding back in 2003 and find a rapper there. Tell him to fly to Cincinnati and see how we get down.  If you’re going to be in the position that he’s in and represent what he “reps”, you have to put it to the test.  He’s not doing that. Oh and please tell him to stop “acting” like you’re hard and from the streets.  Thats played.  Obama for President and Coup d’Etat 2 October 7th right here @ THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM

Watch the Video If You Havent





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