50 Disses Kanye….Again?

15 09 2008

50 recently hopped on stage and did this thing that I thought ws funny for so many reasons.  One he’s not DISSING Kanye, people need to stop with that bullshit.  Secondly, it was HILLARIOUS caz people thought he REALLY was going to perform his new sinlge.  And, the crowd’s response was JUST like the response at the VMA’s.  He was poking fun at that.  He has a retarded sense of humor but this shit was funny as ever!  I mean I was on the floor laughing (ok not litterally).  But, you get my point.  Now, how 50’s album is going to be, I have no clue but this was hillarious.  




2 responses

15 09 2008


16 09 2008
Keepin it 3xreal

This was not funny, i mean it was funny like 50 is pathetic. But, even if he wasn’t dissing Kanye, which would make sense considering how bad he did in the infamous CD feud. But, this is 50s problem, he focuses on eveyone else in the game and not himself. Come out with something dope for the streets not this bullshit girl shit on the radio. And talke about gay songs…. “Can i be your best friend, i want u round all da time”… I mean that is GAY!!! Kanye don’t claim to be hood, thats why his music is music. Kanye and 50 don’t make the same music… Kanye makes soulfull Hip Hop and 50 makes soft R&B Rap… No one from the hood would do what he did on stage, let him get shot 9 more times, maybe that will snap some sense in him…

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