TAG Artist “Q da Kid” Bout to Explode On the Scene

8 09 2008



One on hand, I think this is a great move for the music industry.  I think by teaming a record label with another major coorperation is a great marketing idea and another way to fund an album and publicize an artist I’m skeptical of the artist choice.  I was actually one of the first people to hear about the Tag/Def Jam partnership and when I heard it I nearly collapsed.  With the right artist this could be the fast track to fame combined with some amazing music.  It sounded like the perfect plan and it was amazing because it was an idea no one had heard of or attempted.  But, when I saw who they signed I was immediately pissed.  Q da Kid doesn’t have any “wow” factor to me.  He has no superstar appeal.  To market TAG and rap you have to be lights out out of the gate to fully capture what this campaign is trying to do.  Then when I heard his song on B.G.’s Gangsta Grillz mixtape I was like this is the guy?!??  Wack!  I feel like this move was great for Jermaine Dupri and not TAG Records.  I THINK IT IS A GREAT PLAN.  But, it might be wasted with this guy.  The verdict is still out on him.  I might reconsider.  Nevertheless, I am very pleased with the new ideas being tossed around.


Peep what hiphopdx.com said about Q:


His record label is a joint venture between Def Jam and a corporation known for producing health and beauty products. His label mate is infamous for YouTubeclips which feature her scarfing down Papa John‘s pizzas. Q understands people will be skeptical of him, as he tries to establish a career on TAG Records.

“I’m a rapper at the end of the day,” Q tells Billboard magazine. “I’m not here to just promote the TAG brand. I’m an artist, and I’m here to promote my music.”

While acts such as Cool Kids and Tyga have found success using major corporations to avoid the financial risks of recording on a major label, fans can be slow to accept an artist who seems more interested in advertising products than making music.

Today TAG announced plans to move forward with promoting Q, who has been working quietly behind the scenes with TAG President Jermaine Dupri. The Brooklyn native, whose previous credits were limited to appearances on obscure projects such as the Drumline soundtrack, will appear in his own MTV special.VMA’s Livin’ the Dream, chronicles Q‘s journey from unsigned hustler to JD‘s new flagship artist. The 30-minute special, which was filmed during Sunday night’s MTVVideo Music Awards, is tentatively scheduled to air Sept. 15. There are also plans for a DJ Envy assisted mixtape and a massive print advertising campaign in the works.

While his upcoming show clearly has branding ties between Procter & Gamble(TAG‘s parent company) and the MTV network, MTV‘s senior VP of integrated marketing, Tim Rosta, tells Billboard that the network is under no obligation to spinQ‘s music video “On A Mission” on the channel. It should also be noted that VMA’s Livin’ the Dream was funded entirely by Procter & Gamble. Even if Rosta‘s words prove true, the deodorant deal is bringing Q more exposure than he ever saw during his So So Def days. During the last year he has already appeared on remixes for singles by Alicia Keys and Rihanna.

“You can’t get this type of marketing budget,” Dupri explained to People.com after the TAG partnership was announced in April. “There are endorsement deals, but not like this. There’s a lot going on in the world that makes it hard to do the old conventional record business.”




One response

18 09 2008
Kim Smith

Q is a phenomenal artist, people are so quick to pass judgement without even giving artist a real chance. You can’t render an honest assessment of an artist just based on hearing one song, you have to listen to their body of work, learn their story, music isn’t just about music; it’s about hustle and passion. Q is very talented, humble, and quite the lyricist, this was a great move by TAG joining forces with Def Jam and signing Q, who has been patiently waiting for his moment to shine. Respect his hustle and congratulate his achievement. The people with the most negative things to say are usually the most unhappy with their own lives and to the person who wrote the cincinnatimonster.com article, try using spellcheck and reviewing your grammatical errors before your next posting.

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