The Cincinnati Monster Exclusive!!! Yung Berg Chain Snatcher Pic!!!!

25 08 2008


Disclaimer:  The Cincinnati is not affliated in anyway with the Yung Berg chain snatcher!!!  We just think it’s funny as shit.  


PS…The chain snatcher is apart of Hustle Fam.  This is how the photo arrived to THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM, we just tagged it with our name lmao!!!!!


Ok, so around 1pm Eastern Time I recieve a text message from Oba Rowland (my artist from Detroit) laughing his ass off about him knowing the individual that stole Mr. YB’s chain.  The message went as follows:  

“So Y Did Yung Berg get beat up and his chain took friday…here’s the catch…

My Niggaz did it…

On Everythang”


Lol, not trusting him at all I call dis nigga to really see what’s going on.  Mr. Rowland then goes into full detail about how in the D, EVERYONE has been clownin’ Berg about his “dark butts” statement.  Even to go as far as when they play his new single “The Business” they cut the music and say, “We gon play dis next song for da bitches, but fuck dis nigga.  How dis nigga gon diss dark skinned women.  I fuck wit all my dark skinned bitches.  Fuck that nigga.”  LMAO!!!!  So, Mr. Sexy Lady himself comes to the D at Trick Trick’s club.  Pops off to club security (aka Goons) and they proceed to whoop Berg AND HIS SECURITY’S ass.  Plus, take his chain.  Detroit is a cold ass city (pun intented).  This is funny as shit.  But, real talk I hope Berg is ok.  At least that nigga won’t schedule any more stops in Detroit.  I wonder if he got his chain back.  But, THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM will have more exclusive information as it comes this way so stay tuned.


The Coup d’Etat pt. 2

Back To Business

October 7th, 2008



Oba Rowland

Lil Bossy


Famous Stranger

and More…






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